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Kunešová, Marie , Zajíc, Zbyněk , Radová, Vlasta
Experiments with segmentation in an online speaker diarization system

In offline speaker diarization systems, particularly those aimed at telephone speech, the accuracy of the initial segmentation of a conversation is often a secondary concern. Imprecise segment boundaries are typically corrected during resegmentation, which is performed as the final&...

Vávra, František , Ťoupal, Tomáš
Financování obnovy majetku z odpisů

Depreciation has its cost and financial aspect. Depreciation can be taken as a source of funds in company in case of profit and is used to cover operating expenses. This leads to their appreciation by rate of return costs and generates fund. There are two forms of&#x...

Šedivá, Blanka , Marek, Patrice
Časová struktura úrokových sazeb: porovnání výnosových křivek pro Českou republiku a Německo

The aim of the paper is to demonstrate the possibility of using parametric and nonparametric methods for estimating the term structure of interest rates. First, the principles of several yield curves construction are described and later, advantages and disadvantages of parametric models ...

Šedivá, Blanka , Pavelec, Josef
Adaptivní odhady parametrů Markowitzova modelu pro optimalizaci portfolia

This article is focused on a stock market portfolio optimization. The used method is a modification of traditional Markowitz model which extends the original one for adaptive approaches of parameter estimations. One of the basic factors which significantly influence optimal portfolio is ...

Šedivá, Blanka
Wonderland population-development-environment model (PDE)

The Wonderland Population-Development-Environment Model (PDE) allows to study the interactions between the economic, demographic and environment factors of an idealized world, thereby enabling them to obtain insights transferable to the real world. This model was first introduced by Sanderson in ...

Ťoupal, Tomáš , Vávra, František
Possibilities of Trend Component Estimation

This paper deals with the problem of time series prediction, particularly for the economic time series. In real-life situations, there are many macroeconomic indicators affecting operating and strategic decisions of a company (Unemployment, Inflation, Gross Domestic Product, etc.). This approach ...

Marek, Patrice , Ťoupal, Tomáš , Vávra, František
Efektivní rozložení investovaného majetku

Kelly showed in his well-known paper that if a result of a bet or an investment is uncertain, it is not advisable to bet or invest the whole capital as this leads, with certainty, to bankruptcy. Instead of investing the whole capital Kelly proposed to invest a f...

Zajíc, Zbyněk , Hrúz, Marek
Fisher vectors in PLDA speaker verification system

The goal of this paper is to examine the Fisher Vec- tor and incorporate this vector in the PLDA based speaker veri- fication system. The PLDA based system utilizes the Supervector of Statistics extracted from a Gaussian Mixture Model (adopted from the speaker adaptation task)...

Zajíc, Zbyněk , Kunešová, Marie , Radová, Vlasta
Investigation of segmentation in i-vector based speaker diarization of telephone speech

The goal of this paper is to evaluate the contribution of speaker change detection (SCD) to the performance of a speaker diarization system in the telephone domain. We compare the overall performance of an i-vector based system using both SCD-based segmentation and a naive con...

Srbová, Hana , Bureš, Lukáš , Pirner, Ivan , Zemčík, Robert
Algorithm for visual fiber detection from composite cross-section

Skala, Václav
A Comparison of a New O(1) and the Cyrus-Beck Line Clipping Algorithms in E2

Skala, Václav
Modular Visualization Environment and Parallel Processing

Skala, Václav
Hash Function in Computer Graphics

Emelyanov, Alexander , Skala, Václav
Surface Reconstruction from Problem Point Clouds

Skala, Václav
Duality and Intersection Computation in Projective Space with GPU support

Emelyanov, Alexander , Skala, Václav
A Method for Repairing Triangulations

Uhlíř, Zdeněk , Skala, Václav
Reconstruction of Damaged Images using Radial Basis Functions

Skala, Václav
GPU Computation in Projective Space using Homogeneous Coordinates

Skala, Václav
Mathematical Foundations of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Computation in Projective Space

Skala, Václav
Mathematical Foundations for Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Computation in Projective Space

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 83