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Recent Submissions

Čížek, Petr , Zemanová, Veronika
Perceived Usefulness of Various Types of Customer Feedback Viewed by Managers of SMEs in the Czech Republic

The article consists of preliminary research on different approaches to customer feedback on a product and its perceived usefulness. The research was conducted by sending a web questionnaire to selected managers of SMEs. The results show that there is a statistically significant positiv...

Preis, Jiří , Kohout, Michal
Americko-mexická hranice: bariéra proti zločinu nebo zóna humanitární krize?

The U.S.-Mexico border, the busiest border line in the world, is also a politically explosive topic attracting media attention. The public often associates it with the construction of a wall to stop international migration. However, the origins of migrants and their motivation to m...

Herzner, Alexander , Hommerová, Dita
Multi-Dimensional Assessment of a Bavarian and Czech University: A Case Study of Sustainability Implementation

Evaluating the effectiveness of sustainability implementation at Higher Education Institutions is still challenging, due to less multi-dimensional approaches. Purpose is to present a new assessment - Sustainable Maturity model (SuMa model) for evaluating the implementation of sustainability at two uni...

Scholz, Petr , Linderová, Ivica , Janeček, Petr
Hotel Guest Satisfaction and Service Quality: Evidence from Czech Safari Hotel

The development of accommodation facilities is currently (especially in the COVID-19 pandemic) accompanied by a growth in guests’ emphasis on the quality and structure of additional services. Guest satisfaction with services in tourism is thus one of the important factors affecting the ...

Choi, Jaewon , Lee, Hong Joo , Choeh, Joon Yeon
Harnessing the predictive value of online word-of-mouth for identifying market success of new automobiles: Input versus output word-of-mouth perspectives