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Recent Submissions

Janeček, Petr , Tlučhoř, Jan
Profil turisty ve venkovské destinaci: Příklad z Dolního Poohří

We can refer to the most parts of the Czech Republic as rural area, which is determined by other characteristics and tourism development than it is the case in urbanised centres, seaside resorts or mountain resorts. Very different are rural areas close to country´s border,...

Eger, Ludvík , Egerová, Dana , Krystoň, Miroslav
Facebook and Public Relations in Higher Education. A Case Study of Selected Faculties from the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Nowadays It is essential for universities and faculties to interact on-line with their potential applicants, current students as well as other stakeholders. In recent years, social media such as Facebook has provided higher education institutions with new means of communication with their&#x...

Dvořáková, Lilia
Na cestě ke Společnosti 5.0

The article presents, analyzes and discusses the concept of Society 5.0. with a specific focus on comparing the principles, procedures and tools of Society 5.0 - Industry 5.0 and Society 4.0 - Industry 4.0. Based on the document of the Japanese Business Federation Keidanren ar...

Rozlivka, Roman , Dokoupil, Jaroslav
Srovnání vývoje cukrovarnického průmyslu v Česku a v USA na příkladu společností Tereos TTD a American Crystal Sugar

The article deals with the comparison of the two largest sugar beet producers in the Czech Republic and the USA. However, it is not only a comparison from the point of view of the size of its own production, but also from a historical, geographical and socio-economic...

Vallišová, Lucie , Černá, Marie , Hinke, Jana
Implementation of sustainability aspects in the financial reporting system: an environmental accounting standard

In the field of financial accounting, similarly to the company management, besides considering economic aspects, arises a need to incorporate the influence of enterprise’s activities on environment and society. Nevertheless, almost all accounting systems are still based on the financial view ...