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Recent Submissions

Ejdys, Joanna , Ginevicius, Romualdas , Rozsa, Zoltan , Janoskova, Katarina
The role of perceived risk and security level in building trust in e-government solutions

Increasingly, social and economic development is determined by the technologies, including ICT. Technologic development can be seen, on the one hand, as an opportunity and, on the other hand, as a threat to the socio-economic development. The substitution of human-to-human relationships with...

Li, Huamin , Zhang, Xuejing , Streimikiene, Dalia , Hipters, Zinaida
How does work pressure moderate the formation mechanism of revisit intention of leisure tourism destinations

Tourism destination choosing intention is the key field of tourism behavior research and tourism marketing. Though previous studies confirm that tourist’s perceived value has a significant impact on tourism destination choosing intention, there has been little research to date the formation ...

Dahooie, Jalil Heidary , Mohammadi, Navid , Mohammadi, Mehdi , Shahmohammadi, Parisa , Turkis, Zenonas , Šaparauskas, Jonas
A framework for valuation and prioritization of patents using a combined madm approach. Case study: nanotechnology

Patent valuation and prioritization is one of the main activities for the management of intellectual property assets in an organization. So far, numerous attempts have been made to determine the value of patents, some of which have not been efficient due to ignoring some effec...

Hlaváček, Petr , Janáček, Julius
The influence of foreign direct investment and public incentives on the socio-economic development of regions: an empirical study from the czech republic

This article investigates the impact of foreign direct investment, government financial incentives as well as science and research expenditures on different socio-economic development processes in the Czech Republic. These financial flows are important for economic growth of regions and constitute...

Tyszkiewicz, Rafał , Pawlak-Wolanin, Agnieszka , Markiewicz-Patkowska, Julita , Soňa, Jandová , Oleśniewicz, Piotr , Jáčová, Helena , Tyszkiewicz, Monika
Innovative supplier partnership assessment model in a polish trading enterprise

The relationship between a company and a supplier is a strategic resource for both parties. Therefore, the necessity to develop a mechanism of an integrated approach to cooperation with suppliers, which is based on partnership, is becoming more and more pronounced. Such an approach...