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Minich, R. , Kepka jr., M. , Kepka, M.
Assessment of the fatigue life of a city bus

Dils, Christian , Kalaš, David , Řeboun, Jan , Suchý, Stanislav , Soukup, Radek , Moravcová, Daniela , Krshiwoblozki, Malte , Schneider-Ramelow, Martin
Interconnecting embroidered hybrid conductive yarns by ultrasonic plastic welding for e-textiles

This article presents a novel approach for the electrical interconnection of embroidered conductive yarns with each other at defined cross-points using ultrasonic spot welding. The electrically conductive yarns are made of silver-coated copper microwires plied with polyester filament fibers into ...

Hirman, Martin , Navrátil, Jiří , Steiner, František , Řeboun, Jan , Soukup, Radek , Hamáček, Aleš
Study of low-temperature interconnection techniques for instant assembly of electronics on stretchable e-textile ribbons

This article addresses the research and development of a reliable interconnection technique for mounting surface mounted device components onto newly developed conductive stretchable textile ribbons. The alternative nonconductive adhesive bonding in which electrical contact is realized only by mechanical&#...

Benešová, Andrea
Řízení perspektivních technologických procesů v elektrotechnice

The presented dissertation is based on the current knowledge of the new industrial revolution, referred to as Industry 4.0, and is mainly focused on the issue of assessing the readiness of the digital transformation of the enterprise necessary to achieve the main vision of thi...

Kalaš, David
Flexibilní elektronika a smart textilie

The dissertation thesis is concerned with the novel technology of thermo-compression contacting and the realisation of interconnections of electronic components and modules with textile substrates. The introduction deals with a description of electronic contact characteristic properties and its key pa...