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Faraji, Jamal , Ketabi, Abbas , Hashemi Dezaki, Hamed , Shafie-Khah, Miadreza , Katalao, Joao P.S.
Optimal day-ahead self-scheduling and operation of prosumer microgrids using hybrid machine learning-based weather and load forecasting

Prosumer microgrids (PMGs) are considered as active users in smart grids. These units are able to generate and sell electricity to aggregators or neighbor consumers in the prosumer market. Although the optimal scheduling and operation of PMGs have received a great deal of attention...

Gundebommu, Sree Lakshmi , Rubanenko, Oleksandr , Rubanenko, Olena , Labzun, Mikhail
Dielectric properties analysis of paper capacitor

The film-impregnated dielectric under operating conditions is subject to prolonged exposure to electric and thermal fields, as well as mechanical loading. In addition to critical partial discharges, the most serious drawback that impairs the film and condenser reliability in general is the&#...

Gundebommu, Sree Lakshmi , Rubanenko, Oleksandr , Rubanenko, Olena , Hunko, Iryna
Research processes of oil and paper insulation of high-voltage equipment during operation

The article analyzes the factors that accelerate the aging process of the oil-paper insulation of the condenser type and shorten its service life. Attention is drawn to the fact that the breakdown of flat insulation made of condenser paper occurs at the location of the in...

Faraji, Jamal , Hashemi Dezaki, Hamed , Ketabi, Abbas
Multi-year load growth-based optimal planning of grid-connected microgrid considering long-term load demand forecasting: A case study of Tehran, Iran

Although much efforts have been devoted to the optimal design of the energy systems, there is a research gap about the multi-year load growth-based optimal planning of microgrids. This paper tries to fill such a research gap by developing a novel method for the optimal de...

Bergmann, Benedikt L. , Billoud, Thomas R.V. , Burian, Petr , Leroy, Claude , Mánek, Petr , Meduna, Lukáš , Pospíšil, Stanislav , Suk, Michal
Particle tracking and radiation field characterization with Timepix3 in ATLAS

Four hybrid pixel detectors of Timepix3 technology, installed in the ATLAS experiment, were continuously taking data from April 2018 until the end of the Run-2 data taking period (December 2019). These detectors are synchronized with each other and the LHC orbit clock. They are...