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Hornak, Jaroslav , Haller, Rainer , Kupka, Lukáš , Michal, Ondřej , Pihera, Josef
Inovativní postupy při diagnostice částečných výbojů při AC a DC napětí

Partial discharges are one of the most commonly occurring physical phenomena that can have a negative effect on the overall life of electrical equipment. The most basic types (besides surface and internal) are discharges occurring in places with a small radius of curvature. At ...

Kotlan, Václav , Hamar, Roman , Smolyanov, Ivan Alexandrovich , Doležel, Ivo
Induction-assisted laser welding taking into account phase changes

Purpose – The paper aims to describe the modeling of the induction-assisted laser welding process taking into account the keyhole effect and phase changes in the material. Design/methodology/approach – A sophisticated mathematical model of the above heat treatment process is presented,&...

Filgas, Robert , Malich, Milan , Kuwahara, Toshinori , Broulím, Jan , Holík, Michael , Sakal, Morokot , Murata, Yu , Tomio, Hannah , Gohl, Stefan , Pineda T., Johan M.
RISEPix - A Timepix-based radiation monitor telescope onboard the RISESAT satellite

Rapid International Scientific Experiment Satellite (RISESAT) is a small Japanese experimental Earth-observing, science and technology demonstration satellite. One of the scientific instruments onboard is a miniature radiation monitor telescope RISEPix with two Timepix detectors, developed and built at the...

Noháč, Karel , Noháčová, Lucie , Mužík, Václav
Actual possibilities of open-source applications for analysis of power systems

The paper recapitulates the current state and the assumed near future view of the possibility using opensource free software for complex simulation analysis of power systems. The declared general properties and capabilities of significant representative current tools for modeling complex power&#x...

Tupa, Jiří , Steiner, František
Industry 4.0 and business process management

Production companies are adopting new methods for the improvement of their managing production processes. The cost, quality and time are still key important attributes for process improvement. This is reason why the Business Process Management (BPM) is the core of management in differen...