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Resl, Vladimír , Soukup, Radek , Leba, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš , Řeboun, Jan , Drobičková, Klára , Bláhová, Eliška
Standardní, opomíjené i nové informace o kompesivní terapii bandážemi

The article is introduced with short summary of anatomical and pathological causative data of chronic venous insuficience. Patophysiological consequences and their influence upon indication and optimalisation of compressive treatment are closely discussed. Dependence of physical rules according to that...

Rot, David , Knedlík, Michal
Zařízení studeného kelímku pro tavení oxidů kovů

This article aims to present unique equipment of a cold crucible (CC) that allows induction melting of metal oxides (the so-called induction skull melting – ISM). Melting is based on the principle of induction heating, in which energy is transferred from the inductor to the&#x...

Rot, David
Indukční tavba oxidu hlinitého v zařízení studeného kelímku

This paper describes the experimental induction skull melting (ISM) of Al2O3 in a cold crucible (CC). The realization of the experiment consists of the preparation of segmental CC for melting. Starting-material (aluminum) overheating and initiation of an exothermic reaction. Gradual melting ...

Resl, Vladimír , Drobičková, Klára , Bláhová, Eliška , Soukup, Radek , Leba, Martin , Blecha, Tomáš , Řeboun, Jan
Nezbytnost objektivního měření dosažené léčebné komprese - nové patofyziologické úvahy a informace o terapii

The article features analysis of all noted as well as new factors that inluence treatment results by means of compression. The therapy outcome is last but not least dependent upon abilities of patient and on theoretic and practical skills of medical staff members. Selection of...

Lovecký, Martin , Gincelová, Kristýna , Haroková, P. , Jiřičková, Jana , Smutný, Vladimír , Závorka, Jiří
Performance of ENDF/B-VIII.0 library for VVER reactors criticality safety, fuel depletion and reactor dosimetry applications

The latest ENDF/B nuclear data library released in 2018 is the result of a new international approach to develop evaluated nuclear data for general purpose applications. In order to use the latest ENDF/B-VIII.0 nuclear data library in safety analyses, validation calculations for&#x...