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Recent Submissions

Psutka, Josef , Psutka, Josef
Sample Size for Maximum-Likelihood Estimates of Gaussian Model Depending on Dimensionality of Pattern Space

Growing awareness towards the sustainability has compelled supply chain domain experts to explore its relevance in this context. As a result, a number of studies in recent years have focused on investigating sustainable supply chain practices across the globe. Short food supply chains&#...

Tomiczek, Petr
Duffing Equation with Nonlinearities Between Eigenvalues

The article is primarily concerned with the measurement of heat recovery units for different work environments. At present, great emphasis is placed on indoor air quality. The quality of the indoor environment greatly influences the concentration, response, and overall quality of work. ...

Taylor, Stephen , Brychcín, Tomáš
The representation of some phrases in Arabic word semantic vector spaces

Design of electrical machines with low carbon footprint is an actual topic in the industry. Total cost of ownership is the standardized methodology to consider the lifetime costs of a power transformer already in the pre-concept design stage. There still does not exist a widel...

Hruda, Lukáš , Dvořák, Jan , Váša, Libor
On evaluating consensus in RANSAC surface registration

The topic of the article is new insights into the load of transformers depending on their own losses. Transformers are among the most common, but important elements of the transmission and distribution networks. This is a reliable device with a guaranteed lifetime at the level...

Orosz, Tamás , Poór, Peter , Karban, Pavel , Pánek, David
Power transformer design optimization for carbon footprint

Cogeneration power plants have already been operated in the Czech Republic for several decades. These cogeneration power plants have been mostly operated with original technologies. However, these original technologies have to be continuously innovated during the entire operation time. This paper...