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Hornak, Jaroslav
Interakce nehomogenního dielektrika s elektrickým polem

Dielectric materials of different forms and states are an inseparable part of high voltage applications. From the point of reliability, it is the weakest part of the reliability chain of the whole device. For this reason, there is necessary to take the effort to the ...

Kabešová, Zuzana
Metody hodnocení hluku v komunálním prostředí

As a part of everyday life, noise can influence human health, the quality of living and peace of mind. The WHO (World Health Organization) defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"...

Zemanová, Monika
Dynamická mechanická analýza elektroizolačních materiálů

The presented doctoral thesis is focused on possibilities of incorporation of a nonwoven nanofibers polymeric layers into a standard fibre/thermoset-matrix system based on glass cloth, mica paper and epoxy resin. The main purpose is composition modification of the previously mentioned compos...

Moldaschl, Jan
Impulsní výkonové síťové nabíjecí a napájecí zdroje

A massive using of switched mode power supplies causes a high harmonic pollution of the line current. The distortion is significant due to a non-linear behaviour of the rectifying diodes and bulky input capacitor of SMPSs. The behaviour causes short spikes of the line current,...

Pušman, Lukáš
Embeded systémy pro lokalizaci a určování polohy

In this thesis a design of a railway-vehicle localization system based on the inertial navigation and specific track-segment detection is described. The system offers an alternative to the traditional solution of the navigation task based on the Kalman filter and it uses primarily ...