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Vinš, Martin , Dragoun, Jaroslav , Sirový, Martin
Integration of battery energy storage in thermal power plant

The paper focus on the benefits of close integration of battery based energy storage directly into thermal plants. The attention is paid to use of the energy storage for primary frequency control in cooperation with classical steam turbine control. The model topology of the tu...

Kotlan, Václav , Doležel, Ivo
Baking of thin electrically non-conductive layers by indirect induction heating

A model of baking electrically non-conductive thin layers (paints, lacquers and other covering material) is presented. The process of baking, whose purpose is to protect the metal substrate from unfavourable influences of environmental medium, is realized by indirect induction heating of the...

Sedlák, Petr , Gajdoš, Adam , Macků, Robert , Majzner, Jiří , Holcman, Vladimír , Sedláková, Vlasta , Kuberský, Petr
The effect of thermal treatment on ac/dc conductivity and current fluctuations of PVDF/NMP/[EMIM] [TFSI] solid polymer electrolyte

The experimental study deals with the investigation of the effect of diverse crystallinity of imidazolium ionic-liquid-based SPE on conductivity and current fluctuations. The experimental study was carried out on samples consisting of [EMIM][TFSI] as ionic liquid, PVDF as a polymer matrix an...

Veg, Lukáš , Skalický, Martin , Pechánek, Roman
Tuning of the thermal model of synchronous machine with PM by real measurement

This paper is dealing with the exact measurement and calculation of the equivalent thermal conduction coefficient between the winding and the slot. The main issue is how to describe and solve the thermal conduction coefficient on the handmade wired small machine with a low slo...

Jamshidi, Mohammad , Talla, Jakub , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Deep learning techniques for model reference adaptive control and identification of complex systems

Although many mathematical and analytical techniques have been presented to control and identify the dynamic systems, there are vast fields of research needing to be developed and extended through Deep Learning (DL) approaches. In this paper, we try to describe how intelligent controlle...