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Čechová, Marie
Proměny v současné češtině

The current Czech is socially stratified and regionally differentiated, although there are also the processes of the opposite character in it, the unification and equalization. Language development includes in itself the antinomies opposing each other, but mutually complementary and converting in...

Čechová, Marie
Eliptičnost a redundantnost v řeči

Ellipticity and redundandy in speech are two mutually exlucive, opposing concepts, but they sometimes combine in a single text. Ellipticity refers to bouth the process of omitting something or the result of doing so. Ellipticity converges with the concepts of sentence equivalent, single...

Čechová, Marie
Příprava bohemistů-cizinců na tvorbu odborného textu

This study aims to help students with writing their bachelor´s thesis, master´s thesis or doctoral dissertation. It offers advice on selecting a topic, formulating aims and hypotheses, using different methods and conducting research, from analysing the research material to describing the out...

Čechová, Marie
Vybrané psychodidaktické aspekty zkoušení a hodnocení v českém jazyce

Examinig and grading in teaching Czech is often subjected to excited and emotional response of students and parents. Therefore it needs to be observed and reflected. The author reviews her teaching experience from the sixties of the 20th century and her research from the seven...

Čechová, Marie
Zakladatel teorie vyučování češtině (30 let od úmrtí Jaroslava Jelínka)

The contribution concerns life and works of a leading specialist in the field of linguodidactics, doc. Jaroslav Jelínek, CSc., who changed a practical field into a scientific one and laid the foundations of the Czech language teaching theory by the set of his works. The t...