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Stacke, Václav , Duffek, Václav , Kuberská, Markéta , Vočadlová, Klára , Mentlík, Pavel
Lze překonat nejkritičtější místo ve výuce zeměpisu 6. ročníku českých ZŠ?

This paper is focused on critical spots in the 6th grade geography education in Czech schools. We use semi-stru- ctured interviews and focus groups with teachers to identify critical spots and its causes. The most critical spots are: Geographic coordinates, Maps, Time zones, Atmosp...

Quinn, Justin John
W. B. Yeats and the end of the world

This article explores the connection between current ideas of ecological apocalypse and cultural form. The philosopher Timothy Morton argues that certain late modernist forms are more amenable to the imaginative representation of what he calls hyperobjects (especially, the hyperobject of global&#...

Benešová, Daniela , Švátora, Karel
Development of motion prerequisites of physically active and inactive younger school-age pupils

The lack of spontaneous physical activity in children and young people has become a very serious social problem in recent years, which negatively intervenes in a great number of areas of children's development. The movement regimen of children is influenced by a whole range...

Valach, Petr
Establishment and comparison of the current levels of acquisition of selected gymnastic skills in primary school 6th year pupils in the Czech Republic and Poland

Although the current researches confirm that gymnastic training is connected with success in many sports subjects, gymnastics, unfortunately become still less favoured by both pupils and teachers and tend to be replaced by other types of physical exercise less demanding of means, organi...

Valach, Petr , Švátora, Karel
Analysis of the level and structure of physical activity and inactivity in adolescents in the Czech Republic in the context of all-day regimen and of the level of motivation to physical activity

Physical exercise is the fundamental quality of humans which helps keep the organism in balance whether in the physical or mental point of view. Physical activity (PA) and the school regimen are connected inherently. It is just the school regimen that may take considerable par...