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Hrdlička, Milan
Mnoho žáků, nebo mnozí žáci?

We comment the differences between using the numeral mnoho (many, much) and the adjective mnohý (many, much). We claim that the language users should use these efficiently and accurately.

Aichinger, Daniel
Termografie ve výuce fyziky a techniky

This paper concerns on the use of low wavelength thermal imaging in thermodynamics lessons and technical practice for school education at secondary level. The project team consisting of scientists from the New Technologies - Research Center and the Faculty of Education at the Unive...

Pokorová, Markéta
Židovská tematika ve výuce - nové náměty

A thorough analysis of Czech educational documents has shown that all Czech students should be led to religious awareness, in a broad cultural-historical context. Compliance with this requirement is verified at the “maturita” test. The work is focused on the teaching of Jewish them...

Pokorová, Markéta
Židovská tematika ve výuce - Golem

The work is loosely linked to the previous text dealing with new topics in literature teaching, but this time it is specifically focused on the theme of Golem. Through a careful study of the chosen phenomenon, it has been found that this is an ideal cross-sectional t...

Pokorová, Markéta
Náboženská tematika ve výuce literatury na střední škole

The thesis solves the reflection of the globalization tendencies in the Czech education system, especially the role of religion in the teaching of social sciences with an emphasis on Czech language and literature - compulsory graduation subject. During the survey, the Framework Educatio...