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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Buried pipelines influenced by transmission linesŠroubová, Lenka; Hamar, Roman; Kropík, Petr
2007Convergence problems of integral modeling of 3d electrostatic fields with singularitiesHamar, Roman; Doležel, Ivo
2013Electromagnetic Field along the Power Overhead Line at Point Where the Line Route Changes DirectionHamar, Roman; Šroubová, Lenka; Kropík, Petr
2018Hybrid realization of fillet weldKotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman; Šroubová, Lenka; Doležel, Ivo
2012Induced losses in linear equipment buried near an overhead power lineHamar, Roman; Kropík, Petr; Šroubová, Lenka
2018Induction heating-assisted laser welding of stainless cylindrical pipesKotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman; Doležel, Ivo
2011The influence of overhead lines on buried cablesŠroubová, Lenka; Hamar, Roman; Kropík, Petr
2013The Influence of Suspension Towers on the Directional Energy Flux Density along a Transmission RouteHamar, Roman; Šroubová, Lenka; Kropík, Petr
2003Integral solution of electrostatic fields in 3D arrangementsHamar, Roman; Doležel, Ivo; Ulrych, Bohuš
2017Model of depositing layer on cylindrical surface produced by induction-assisted laser cladding processKotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman; Pánek, David; Doležel, Ivo
2013Modeling and Control of Laser HardeningDoležel, Ivo; Pánek, David; Kotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman
2018Numerical solution of electroheat problems with time-varying geometriesDoležel, Ivo; Kotlan, Václav; Hamar, Roman; Pánek, David