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Recent Submissions

Svobodová, Pavla
Odpovědnost statutárních orgánů akciové společnosti

The master thesis deals with the issue of liability of members of the statutory bodies of business corporations, which is regulated by the Civil Code and the Act on Business Corporations. The liability of the members of the statutory bodies is derived from the observance ...

Papp, Zsófia Helga
Die internationale Konferenz Post-war Period in Central and Eastern Europe and in World – Continuities and Discontinuities

Wanner, Michal
Constantin ARDELEANU The European Commission of the Danube, 1856–1948: An Experiment in International Administration Balkan Studies Library: Volume: 27 Leiden, Boston 2020 ISBN 978-90-04-41253-8 (hardback), 394 pp.

Ogunode, Sunday Abraham
The Military Foray into Nigerian Politics and Nation-Building: Historical Reflections on Murtala/Obasanjo Military Regime

The Nigerian military, after each successful coup d’état in the second half of the twentieth century, advanced no reasons to justify their intervention in the nation’s politics beyond corruption and mismanagement of the economy. While these reasons were obvious, the ...

Adetiba, Adedamola Seun
Tensions and Adaptation in Tropical Medicine: Lagos in the Networks of Malaria Science, 1890s–1906

This paper probes into the wide array of networks that shaped malaria control in the colonial Lagos during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It highlights the role of...