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Recent Submissions

Mezzini, Mauro
Empirical study on label smoothing in neural networks

Neural networks are now day routinely employed in the classification of sets of objects, which consists in predicting the class label of an object. The softmax function is a popular choice of the output function in neural networks. It is a probability distribution of the ...

Legde, Katharina , Castillo, Susana , Cunningham, Douglas W.
AgeRegression: rejuvenating 3D-facial scans

The majority of virtual agents have adult bodies. There are, however, a number of reasons for using younger avatars. For example, an adult interface agent usually leads users to expect adult-level communicational and social skills. As a result, users tend to be rather i...

Kirsh, Dmitriy , Kupriyanov, Alexandr , Paringer, Rustam
Structural identification of crystal lattices based on fuzzy neural network approach

Each crystal nanostructure consists of a set of minimal building blocks (unit cells) which parameters comprehensively describe the location of atoms or atom groups in a crystal. However, structure recognition is greatly complicated by the ambiguity of unit cell choice. To solve the ...

Chan, K L
Detection of change in video based on local pattern and photometric features

The segmentation of moving objects in video can be formulated as a background subtraction problem – the detection of change in each image frame. The background scene is learned and modeled. A pixelwise process is employed to determine whether the current pixel is similar or&#x...

Tafreshi, Amir E. Sarabadani , Wicki, Adrian , Tröster, Gerhard
RDspeed: development framework for speed-based adaptation of web content on public displays

Viewers of public displays perceive the content of a display at different walking speeds. While responsive design (RD) adapts web content to different viewing contexts, so far only the characteristics of the device and recently the proximity of the viewers are taken into account.&#...