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Recent Submissions

Čapek, Ladislav , Militký, Jiří
Dřevěná konstrukce domu z Českých Budějovic z první poloviny 14. století

This contribution analyses a uniquely preserved wooden structure uncovered during rescue archaeological research in a plot in Radniční Street 138/11, České Budějovice in 1993. The wooden structure was interpreted as a base of a timbered house built above the ground, located on a&#x...

Čapek, Ladislav , Orna, Jiří , Slavíček, Karel , Všianský, Dalibor
Medieval white fine-grained kaolinitic ceramics in the Czech lands in finds from Pilsen and České Budějovice

In Czech and Central European archaeological literature, miniature vessels made of whitish, finegrained clay and sometimes decorated with red paint and lead glaze have long been of interest. They are considered imports, the provenance of which is assumed to be west of our borders.&...

Abstrakty zbývajících příspěvků bez článku

Zychová, Lenka
Popularizace astronomie a FameLab

International FameLab competition aims to find new talents among scientists, students and teachers who can present the latest scientific results in entertaining way. Competition has more than ten years of tradition and successfully spreads scientific knowledge among the non-scientific...

Wolf, Marek
Výuka astronomie a astrofyziky pro obor učitelství na MFF UK v Praze

The paper summarizes long-time experience in lectures on astronomy and astrophysics devoted to students of teaching combined with physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University in Prague during years 1985–2016.