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Pecháček, Stanislav
Czech choral music after the Second World War

The study overviews the most important choral compositions created in the Czech lands after 1945. In the introduction, it characterizes the most important milestones in the country’s development after the end of the Second World War, especially the impact of the communists &...

Váňová, Hana
František Sedlák’s legacy to Czech and Slovak music pedagogy and music psychology

The study analyses the role of František Sedlák (1916–2002) in the process of forming didactics of music education and music psychology as independent disciplines and teaching subjects at pedagogical faculties in former Czechoslovakia. It traces the significant moments in his li...

Krušinská, Martina
Music pedagogy in the context of Ethnopedagogy: Theoretical background of music education in regional culture-oriented schools in Slovakia

The paper defines the subject of Ethnopedagogy, defines the basic lines of the content of music pedagogy in the ethnopedagogical context, specifies the music-pedagogical principles inspired by the nature of folk art creation, presents examples of good practice, and defines the&#...

Söllinger, Paul
„Noten zeigen einem, wie man das spielen kann...“ Welche Bedeutung hat musikalische Notation für Grundschulkinder? .

While the German elementary school curriculum expects teachers to focus on practical elements of music like singing, dancing or playing an instrument, the study and knowledge of musical notation does not get much attention. But still, notes are generally important for prese...