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Bajtoš, Ján , Honzíková, Jarmila , Bajtoš, Michal
Hrozby plagiátorstva počas dištančného štúdia v období pandémie covid-19

In the article, the authors deal with the solution of a possible increased incidence of plagiarism in students' written work during online education at home. Online home education is a type of distance learning which was brought to school by the COVID-19 pandemic practically&#x...

Tomková, Viera , Valentová, Monika
Moodle ako forma dištančného vzdelávania počas pandémie covid-19

Electronic education with the support of teaching management has been used in the teaching of students at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra for several years. University academics have the opportunity to use the EDU Education Portal for education, which uses th...

Walat, Wojciech
Functional illiteracy of homo interneticus – result of apparent education

The article presents the characteristics of several types of functional illiteracy of a modern man – homo interneticus. In today's computerized world traditionally understood literacy is far insufficient, therefore there is an urgent need for the introduction of universal functional literacy,...

Šebo, Miroslav
Skúsenosti so vzdelávaním počas koronakrízy

The article deals with author's teaching experiences during corona crisis. The purpose of the article is to describe methods, procedures and programs used in online education. Sub-objective is to describe students' opinions on this type of education. We decided to use slightly&...

Griva, Anastasia , Kalantzi, Maria , Kanellakopouou, Sofia , Armakolas, Stefanos
Study on the development of motivations with the use of ICT in a learning environment of teachers΄trainers

The development of technology in recent years has affected all aspects of human life, including education. This is due to the fact that only through technology is it possible to meet the needs of the modern age. Although new technologies seem promising, learning is a mult...