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Recent Submissions

Nazarenková, Viktorie
Ruský dětský filmový týdeník Jeralaš

The work is devoted to learning the history of the film weekly "Jeralaš" and to examining its general perception today. The work is structured into three parts. The first part is dedicated to the general characteristics of the film weekly. In the second chapter, vari...

März, Jan
Podnikání vybrané firmy

The presented bachelor thesis analyses the current marketing activities of Wolt Česko, s. r. o. The first part of the thesis deals with theoretical concepts in the field of services, selected subjects and marketing analyses, which are subsequently applied to the selected company. I...

Benediktová, Eva
Jazyková komika v blogu (vybraný autor)

In the bachelor's thesis, we focus on the issue of utilizing the means of language comedy in a blog. We describe the theory of comedy and its various configurations, namely irony, naivety, absurdity, and humor. We also examine the meaning of comedy and its structuring ...

Čížková, Eliška
Stezka se čtenářským zaměřením v okolí Přeštic

This bachelor's thesis deals with the design of an educational trail with a reader orientation in Přeštice and its surroundings. The theoretical part is devoted to the evaluation of the potential of the selected territory in which the trail route is designed, the concept o...

Stehlíková, Anna
Rozmary počasí v raném středověku

My bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of natural motives in the oldest Czech historiography. I have excerpted references to nature from the Chronicle of Kosmas and from the works of his followers (Mnich sázavský, Kanovník vyšehradský, Vincencius and Jarloch). I mainly dealt wi...