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Kurajda, Marek
Optimal power flow considering operation of wind parks and pump storage hydro units under integration of renewable energy sources

The purpose of this article is to describe a module that solves the optimal power flow in a power system, which includes wind parks and pump storage hydro units owned by Independent Power Producers (IPP) under large-scale integration of dispatchable renewable energy sources&...

Mészáros, Alexander
Price-based unit commitment

There are two major objectives in establishing an electricity market: ensuring a secure operation and facilitating an economical operation. Security is the most important aspect of the power system operation be it a regulated operation or a restructured power market. In a re...

Džmura, Jaroslav , Petráš, Jaroslav , Balogh, Jozef
Solid particles separation from smoke streams with the help of electrostatic precipitators powered by AC voltage

This paper deals with the possibility of charging and transporting macroscopic particles in AC electric field. The model of electric precipitator with dielectric collector electrode powered by AC high voltage was constructed and tested in a great number experiments. The precipitation&...

Zvolenský, Eduard
The biomass

Biomass is considered an important energy resource in many developing countries. The investigation of biomass supply options is often an integrated part of regional development projects all over the world. Increased environmental-political opposition to the use of fossil fuels and nuc...

Bánes, Miroslav
Technology trends of wind energy

This paper deals with achievements of wind technology and evolution of commercial wind technology. Next it deals with a challenge of wind technologies and running up to commercial technology. In this paper are described wind turbine vertical-axis, or "egg-beater" style, and&...