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Recent Submissions

Stejskal, Marek
IGBT půlmůstek 3,3kV 1,5kA

In this paper, 3,3kV 1,5kA halfbridge, which is suitable for testing soft and hard switching losses, saturation voltage, and different configuration of LLC converter with medium frequency transformer, is mentioned. The halfbridge is suitable for short time testing with voltage up to 1,9...

Elis, Luděk , Kosturik, Karel
Architektury systémů pracujících se zvýšenými požadavky na bezpečnost

This paper deals with the structures and the architectures of the safety related systems. The assignment of architecture, which is related to the application of the system, belongs to one of the most important parts of the equipment design. The most used architectures 1oo2, 2o...

Slobodník, Karel
Návrh a počítačové modelování pulzně buzených defektoskopických sond na bázi vířivých proudů

In this paper, design and finite element modeling of different types a pulsed eddy current defectoscopy probes is presented. Influence of dimensions of artificial crack in examined body consisted of silver solder on output signal is investigated. Numerical solution was carried&#...

Mužík, Václav , Vostracký, Zdeněk
Vývoj software pro hodnocení schopnosti přechodu města do ostrovního provozu

The following paper contains a brief description of current state of software development for calculation of island operation possibility in city of Pilsen. This software is based on MATLAB frequency stability simulations and is developed in MATLAB AppDesigner environment. Runtime&#x...

Adámek, Martin
Implementace nového způsobu softwarové regulace vodní elektrárny

The paper deals with new software regulation of huge hydropower plant in third world country. The new way of regulation is based on inclusion of power pilot curves to the normal regulation via pure PID regulation. The results showed that the implementation of mentioned power&#...