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Hendrych Lorenzová, Eva , Raisnerová, Irena
Being a happy midwife

The publication Being a happy midwife describes the role of midwives. The first chapter explains the change of the vocation over time, from its very beginning to the challenges of modern times. The publication emphasises community midwifery, as well as the perso...

Tenzer, Robert , Chen, Wenjin , Rathnayake, Samurdhika , Pitoňák, Martin
The effect of anomalous global lateral topographic density on the geoid-to-quasigeoid separation

The geoid can be computed from the quasigeoid by applying the geoid-to-quasigeoid separation. The geoid-to-quasigeoid separation is also needed for a vertical datum unification. Information about the actual topographic density distribution is required to determine accurately the geoid and orthometric&...

Bricín, David , Ackermann, Michal , Jansa, Zdeněk , Kubátová, Dana , Kříž, Antonín , Špirit, Zbyněk , Štafka, Jiří
Development of the structure of cemented carbides during their processing by SLM and HIP

The study focuses on microstructural evolution in a WC-Co powder mixture during Selective Laser Melting (SLM) and hot isostatic pressing (HIP) processing. This powder mixture contained a 13 plus/minus 0.6 % weight fraction of Co binder and WC particles of mean size of 3.0 ...

Rani, Priyanka , Ahamed, Basheer , Deshmukh, Kalim Abdul Rashid
Dielectric and electromagnetic interference shielding properties of zeolite 13X and carbon black nanoparticles based PVDF nanocomposites

In the present work, Zeolite 13X and carbon black nanoparticles (CBNPs) reinforced polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) nanocomposites were obtained by a simple solvent casting technique. The structural, morphological and thermal properties of PVDF/Zeolite 13X/CBNPs nanocomposites with various loadings of&#...

Růžička, Jan , Čejková, Petra , Kříž, Antonín , Balcar, Martin , Tkadlečková, Markéta , Studecký, Tomáš
Austenitické oceli s přídavkem bóru pro výrobu komponent ke skladování použitého jaderného paliva

Used nuclear fuel in the form of fuel assemblies or cartridges must be first stored in storage pools for several years after being removed from the reactor, then placed in a transport-storage package for medium-term storage, and then possibly in a permanent storage package. Th...