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Kulturní vývoj asijského a afrického kontinentu

The monograph Kulturní vývoj asijského a afrického kontinentu [The Cultural Development of Asia and Africa] presents the results of 15 scientific projects which touch various aspects of the cultural development of Asia and Africa during a long period reaching from the ...

Vybrané aspekty kulturního vývoje Asie a Afriky

Asia and Africa represent a vast territory which in course of their long historical development displays an astonishing range of local cultures and traditions. The individual cultures were often linked together and their interaction could have many forms. The civilizations ...

Historie a kultura asijských zemí

The main goal of this volume is to describe the history and culture of civilizations which developed on an extensive territory, including the Near East as well as some territories in Central and South Asia. Experts from various scientific institutions in the Czech ...

Štorková, Nela
Jiří Woitsch, Adéla Jůnová Macková a kol. – Etnologie v zúženém prostoru (2016)

Košařová, Adéla
Liisa H. Malkki – The Need to Help: The Domestic Arts of International Humanitarianism (2015)