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Jareš, Adam
Smlouva podepsaná elektronickým podpisem

The aim of the thesis is to compare a commonly concluded contract in the form of a document with handwritten signature against a contract concluded by electronic mean and signed by electronic signature. Following this, the advantages or disadvantages of handwritten contracts and co...

Heřmanová, Kateřina

The topic of the dissertation is the legal institute of servitude. The thesis aims to provide a general definition of servitudes according to the current legislation. The thesis is divided into seven main chapters, where after the initial definition of the scope of the thesis,...

Buriánová, Pavla
Právní jednání se zaměřením na vady právního jednání

The aim of the dissertation was to provide a comprehensive view of the issue of legal action, especially the defects of legal action. The dissertation is divided into an introduction, 4 main chapters and a conclusion. The first chapter deals with legal proceedings in general,&...

Křivka, Tomáš
Východiska a perspektiva europeizace soukromého práva v EU

The presented thesis attempts to evaluate the ongoing process of Europeanization of private law and to articulate its development trends from a broader perspective. The thesis seeks to critically analyze whether the visible discrepancy between fruitful activity in the field...

Karel, Tomáš , Knoll, Vilém
Hrady na Chebsku jako reprezentanti moci

The Cheb region belongs to the historical areas which are distinctly and morphologically determined. It is, due to its complicated historical development, a suitable area to demonstrate links between settlements and landscape, respectively to observe the variations of symbolism created...