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Burešová, Kateřina
Odpovědné veřejné zadávání

In the past, public procurement has become a government policy tool through which support has been given to certain sectors, products or groups of entrepreneurs. Such support often directed to selected regions. The current public procurement trend is also supportive, but not directly&#x...

Pulkrábek, Zdeněk
Zákaz překvapivého rozhodnutí: Buď - anebo

The article deals with a court´s duty to point out possible different legal qualification. In the example of development of this duty in Germany, Austria and pre-war Czechoslovakia it demostrates recent czech approach as outdated. Its basic problem is an extreme assumption the cour...

Pulkrábek, Zdeněk
Obsah odpůrčího nároku podle občanského zákoníku

The article presents three basic theories of the fraudulent conveyance claim. Thereafter it argues against the concept of „relative ineffectiveness“ of fraudulent legal act. This concept is derived from the oldest theory and is still embedded in czech legal thinking. The article also&#x...

Kučera, Lukáš , Peška, Jaroslav , Fojtík, Pavel , Barták, Petr , Sokolovská, Diana , Pavelka, Jaroslav , Komárková, Veronika , Beneš, Jaromír , Polcerová, Lenka , Králík, Miroslav , Bednář, Petr
Determination of milk products in ceramic vessels of corded ware culture from a late Eneolithic burial

In this study, a soil from two ceramic vessels belonging to Corded Ware culture, 2707–2571 B.C., found in a cremation grave discovered in Central Moravia, Czech Republic, was analyzed using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization–mass spectrometry (MALDI–MS) combined with advanced statistical ...

Kout, Jiří , Vlasák, Josef , Lindner, Daniel L. , Banik, Mark T.
Laetiporus lobatus (Basidiomycota, Polyporales), a new fungal species from Costa Rica

A new species of Laetiporus, L. lobatus, is described. The species is closely related to L. caribensis, having similar ITS sequence and morphology. L. lobatus has smaller pores than L. caribensis and also has a distinctively lobed edge on its basidiocarps. To date, this specie...