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Mach, Tomáš
From the balfour declaration to the creation of the state of israel: The issue of legal importance of this declaration, its historical role, and consequences of the arab attack upon the newly proclaimed state of israel on the plane of public international law

This article discusses the historical circumstances of the Balfour Declaration and its impact upon the legal framework under which the State of Israel came to existence. Furthermore, this article ventures into the legal development in the subsequent years of the existence of Israel,...

Valeš, Václav
Mnichovská dohoda z roku 1619

This article describes the origin, content and consequences of the treaty of Munich of 8th October 1619. This treaty was concluded between Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II and the Bavarian Duke Maximilian I. Under this agreement, Bavaria helped reactivatethe Catholic League, which provid...

Hrdina, Antonín
Několik úvah k obsahu a struktuře rozsudku církevního soudu

The author, judge of the Metropolitan Church Court of the Archdiocese of Prague, points out some controversial or not completely transparent points in the legal regulation of the ecclesial court judgment (incipit, citation of case law, mandatory/recommended data in passages in jure ...

Špačková, Dita
Předžalobní výzva a nárok žalobce na náhradu nákladů řízení

The thesis deals with the institute of pre-trial appeal under Section 142a of Act No. 99/1963 Coll., Civil Procedure Code. According to this institute, the plaintiff´s claim for reimbursement of the costs of the proceedings is conditional on the prior sending of a pre-trial&#x...

Mach, Tomáš
Ochrana investic v době post-achmea: Lze očekávat transatlantickou rozštěpenost ochrany investic?

The subject matter of this article is the analysis of the CJEU decision in the Achmea case as viewed by the lens of the law of direct foreign investment pursuant to bilateral investment treaties. This piece critically deals with the conceptual issues which are obvious whe...