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Recent Submissions

Burešová, Kateřina
Strategie proti diskriminaci LGBTIQ lidí

At the end of 2020, the European Union presented a five-year plan aimed at improving living conditions and equal rights for LGBTIQ people. Most of the areas where discrimination persists are in the sovereign internal legal environment of the Member States. The Union therefore ...

Dvořák, Tomáš
Participace zaměstnanců některých dualistických akciových společností po 1.1.2021

This article deals with the legal regulation of employee participation of some dualistic joint-stock companies after the amendment to the Commercial Corporations Act made by Act No. 33/2020 Coll. (effective from 1 January 2021). This legal regulation in question brings significant chang...

Burešová, Kateřina
Předpokládaná hodnota jako základní stavební kámen veřejné zakázky

The statutory obligation to determine the estimated value of a public contract is aimed at determining the regime of the procurement. Although the legislation may seem complicated at first sight, in the end it turns out that under current rules, public procurement could still ...

Špačková, Dita
Předžalobní výzva a nárok žalobce na náhradu nákladů řízení

The thesis deals with the institute of pre-trial appeal under Section 142a of Act No. 99/1963 Coll., Civil Procedure Code. According to this institute, the plaintiff´s claim for reimbursement of the costs of the proceedings is conditional on the prior sending of a pre-trial&#x...

Burešová, Kateřina
Odpovědné veřejné zadávání

In the past, public procurement has become a government policy tool through which support has been given to certain sectors, products or groups of entrepreneurs. Such support often directed to selected regions. The current public procurement trend is also supportive, but not directly&#x...