Katedra občanského práva / Department of Civil Right


Recent Submissions

Schwartzová, Aneta
K nicotnosti rozhodnutí orgánu obchodní korporace ve vztahu k rejstříkovému řízení, se zaměřením na vady notářského zápisu

The contribution is focused on the issue of the nullity of the decision of the body of the business corporation in relation to the registry procedure. The author first defines the concept of nullity in general. It then focuses on the problematic aspects of the ...

Mifek, Jan
Plnění splátkového kalendáře prostřednictvím smlouvy o důchodu

The contribution discusses the fulfillment of the repayment schedule of the debtor in insolvency proceedings from funds obtained on the basis of a nego tiated pension contract. The analysis is devoted to the institution of the pension contract, the fulfillment of the&...

Mach, Ondřej
Komparace institutu změny pohlaví v českém a ve slovenském právním řádu

Legal anchoring of the gender reassignment is the actual topic around the world and in the Czech republic too. Because the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic were one federal state until 1992, it is therefore beneficial to make a detailed comparison&#x...

Kulawiak, Petr
Ochrana proti bossingu ve světle aktuální judikatury

The paper discusses a recently published decision in the Collection of Judicial Decisions and Opinions of the Supreme Court under No. 84, which dealt with the issue of unequal treatment of employees and the relevant circumstances in assessing the adequacy of&#x...

Koutenský, Otakar
Postavení správce závodu

The article deals with a general outline of the position of the warden of enter prise during the execution by sale of the enterprise. The article discusses in detail who and how the warden of enterprise can be appointed, as well as the rights and o...