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Kalný, Miroslav
Soukromý zájem ve veřejném prostoru

In my dissertation, I will focus on the public space in the broadest sense of the word. For the majority of legal public, "public space" is equal to "public realm", a term defined in the Act on Municipalities. However, my paper is based on the assumpti...

Hromada, Miroslav
Poučovací povinnost soudu v civilním řízení

The topic of the dissertation is the information duty of the court in the (contentious) civil procedure. Information duty is not the main duty of the court but currently is the stress put on it because of balance the strict requirements on participants. The regulation is&...

Kříž, Dominik
Soukromoprávní aspekty integrace a spolupráce obcí

A municipality is a legal person whose fundament can be found in relevant parts of the law of municipalities, as the fundamental public-law regulation, as well as in relevant regulations of the Civil Code, as the fundamental private-law regulation. Likewise a public-law...

Hrabák, Jan
Koncesní smlouva v komparativním pohledu

The concession agreement is the instrument for implementing public-private partnerships. Since the conceptual feature of this partnership and the concession contract itself is a long-term nature, the main task for legislation is to reflect unpredictable changes that may occur during its term...

Lamka, Roman
Procesní subjekty insolvenčního řízení

The thesis summarizes the importance and status of procedural subjects in insolvency proceeding. Dissertation is divided according to individual procedural subjects in separate chapters dealing with the insolvency court, the debtor, creditors who exercise their rights against debtors, insolvency admin...