Katedra občanského práva / Department of Civil Right


Recent Submissions

Buriánová, Pavla
Úskalí moderačního práva soudu ve vztahu ke snížení nepřiměřeně vysoké smluvní pokuty

The subject of the article is to provide basic information on the possibility of reducing the contractual penalty by the court.

Pulkrábek, Zdeněk
Zákaz překvapivého rozhodnutí: Buď - anebo

The article deals with a court´s duty to point out possible different legal qualification. In the example of development of this duty in Germany, Austria and pre-war Czechoslovakia it demostrates recent czech approach as outdated. Its basic problem is an extreme assumption the cour...

Pulkrábek, Zdeněk
Obsah odpůrčího nároku podle občanského zákoníku

The article presents three basic theories of the fraudulent conveyance claim. Thereafter it argues against the concept of „relative ineffectiveness“ of fraudulent legal act. This concept is derived from the oldest theory and is still embedded in czech legal thinking. The article also&#x...

Fischerová, Eliška
Vybrané aspekty ochrany soukromí zaměstnance podle zákoníku práce

The Labour Code is also focused on employee privacy protection in the labour-law relationships. The submitted paper deals with the general basis of employee privacy protection and the relevant legal regulation contained in sec. 316 of the Labour Code. The attention is paid to ...

Pauly, Jan
K základním otázkám tzv. sportovního práva

Sports law (as a complex of real legal rules) should not be considered as a separate branch of law; neither in the Czech Republic, and most probably not in general either. Nevertheless, it is useful to acknowledge its existence (and its notion) both in the area of researc...