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Vlk, Lukáš , Vránová, Miroslava , Mach, Tomáš
Das Erbbaurecht in der tschechischen Rechtsordnung

The article deals with the legal regulation of ground leases in the Czech Republic, where this issue has returned to the legal system after more than half a century. The article identifies gaps in the positive legal regulation and discusses its expected development of interpre...

Mach, Tomáš
Rizika sjednávání rozhodčích doložek a český právní řád

The article deals with the development of Czech case law in the field of arbitration, especially with the resolution of disputes by ad hoc arbitrators appointed by the appointing authority; in this sense, the article refers to the risks of development of Czech case law po...

Mach, Tomáš
Způsoby a hloubka zjišťování obsahu cizího (cizozemského) práva v českém civilním procesu

This article discusses the topic of proving foreign law in the Czech civil procedure in the light of case-law of the Supreme Court of the Czech republic. The piece analyses the shortcomings of courts that appear in decisions of the courts of lower instances, shortcomings ...

Mach, Tomáš
Elektronizace právních jednání a mezinárodní právo soukromé v české a slovenské republice v aplikační praxi přeshraničního právního styku.

This article focuses upon the arena of private international law from both the point of view of the Czech legal system and of the Slovak legal system in context of legal transaction conducted electronically. The article discusses how the two systems approach „conversion“ of pa...

Mach, Tomáš
Legitimate Expectations as Part of the FET Standard: An Overview of a Doctrine Shaped by Arbitral Awards in Investor-State Claims