Katedra teorie práva / Department of Theory of Law


Recent Submissions

Šejvl, Michal
Když se práva berou vlažně: Přímá aplikace katalogu základních práv z Ústavní listiny v judikatuře prvorepublikového Nejvyššího správního soudu

This article analyzes case­law of Czechoslovak Supreme Administrative Court between 1921 and 1938 to find out, whether this court directly applied the 1920 Czechoslovak Constitutional Charter catalogue of fundamental rights. For the purposes of this article, direct application covers situations w...

Mucha, Ivan

The article deals with the developments in modern western society that have influenced the formation of the world civilisation. It points out that the promotion of western cultural patterns was uneasy. Instability as the state of the contemporary civilisation is marked by the loss&...

Novák, František
Legislativa ČR v roce 2015: kvantitativní přehled I

This study provides a regular presentation of results of a basic statistical description and an initial analysis of 2015 legislation in the Czech Republic. It provides basic quantitative description of structure of the Czech legislation, especially in terms of its formal typology and&#x...