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Recent Submissions

Vychytil, J. , Špirk, S.
Numerical analysis of a passenger safety during a railway vehicle collision: The effect of safety belts

Uruba, V. , Procházka, P. , Skála, V.
On 3D dynamical structure of the wake behind circular cylinder

Spirk, S. , Vychytil, J.
The most dangerous factors for child passenger collisions in the interior of a rail vehicle

Hanzl, Pavel , Zetek, Miroslav , Rulc, Vojtěch , Purš, Hynek , Zetková, Ivana
Finite Element Analysis of a Lightweight Milling Cutter for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Previous work has proposed a process for implementing a lattice structure into a milling cutter body based on clustering in the milling cutter with modified main dimensions of a BCC cubic lattice structure cell. A finite element analysis model has been created to predict the&#...

Bunda, Zbyněk , Kučerová, Ludmila , Kepka, Miloslav
The Crack Analysis of Fatigue Tested Steel Construction

Laboratory fatigue testing is an important part of the fatigue design of machine components that are supposed to work under cyclic loading. These tests are used to confirm whether the tested component matches the required fatigue life and they also serve as a verification of&#...