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Jirková, Hana , Opatová, Kateřina , Kučerová, Ludmila , Zetková, Ivana , Jeníček, Štěpán , Burdová, Karolína
Effects of heat treatment on microstructural evolution in additively-manufactured parts of various heights from maraging steel

Parts made by 3D printing must be subjected to heat treatment to achieve the required mechanical properties. With the development of additive manufacturing in various areas of industry, more and more complex components are being printed, which, in addition to their complicated shape,&#x...

Lee, Seungjong , Shao, Shuai , Wells, Douglas N. , Zetek, Miroslav , Kepka, Miloslav , Shamsaei, Nima
Fatigue behavior and modeling of additively manufactured IN718: The effect of surface treatments and surface measurement techniques

In this study, the effect of various surface treatments, including sand-blasting, drag-finishing, turning, grinding, and grinding + drag-finishing, on surface roughness (SR) and fatigue properties of laser beam powder bed fused Inconel 718 was examined. SR values obtained from two surface me...

Kučerová, Ludmila , Račický, Antonín , Tichá, Iveta
Analysis of Affected Surface Zone Created by Different Cutting Technologies

Three cutting technologies, plasma, laser, and acetylene, were used to produce the same geometry of a hole with 33 cm diameter. The plates of the same steel St-37 (1.0038, ČSN 11375) with a thickness of 50 mm were used in all three cases and the aim of the ...

Dittrich, Fabian , Kars, Jonny , Mašek, Bohuslav , Jeníček, Štěpán , Wagner, Martin Franz-Xaver , Mayr, Peter
HAZ characterization of welded 42SiCr steel treated by quenching and partitioning

An experimental steel 42SiCr was heat treated with a quenching and partitioning treatment in order to achieve high strength and at the same time acceptable ductility. This crucial combination requires the formation of a martensitic microstructure with a small volume fraction of retained...

Dewa, Rando Tungga , Kim, Seon.Jin , Kim, Woo-Gon , Kim, Eung-Seon
Uniaxial Low-Cycle Fatigue Study of Alloy 800H Weldments at 700 °C

Alloy 800H is currently under consideration to be used in a very high temperature reactor system. This paper describes the experimental low-cycle fatigue study on Alloy 800H base metal and weldments in the air with fully-reversed strain control at 700 degrees C. The recommended...