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Recent Submissions

Marek, Václav , Křížek, Michal , Kavalír, Tomáš
Study on cooling of high performance SIC features

High-performance electronic parts are vital features in almost all modern motorized machines. These silicon components are significantly minimised, especially in transportation branch. Concentration of performance requires perfect cooling conditions. A fluid flow cooling by an active cooling circuit with&#...

Habrman, Martin , Chval, Zdeněk , Ráž, Karel , Streit, Philipp , Stümpfl, Dominik
Preventing flash occurrence in the injection plastic mould

This article deals with the injection moulding into the plastic mould. This is an unconventional approach to injection moulding, especially because the 3D printing is used to produce the mould. The mould with the same shape was made of a conventional material (aluminium) for c...

Ráž, Karel , Štěpánek, Martin , Chval, Zdeněk
Topological optimization of the milling head

This article describes the usage of the topological optimization in the process of designing a milling head. A modern milling head (innovative design with the beam structure) with an internal coolant supply was chosen. The useful properties of the head were increased with the ...

Nozar, Martin , Rosenthal, Jakub
Print speed and its importance for metal additive manufacturing

The article deals with issues which occur when using different types of basic print speeds in metal additive manufacturing. It describes their importance, mutual relationships and their influence on the quality of pieces manufactured using this technology. The ability to manage the spee...

Ráž, Karel , Chval, Zdeněk , Štěpánek, Martin , Vyhnal, Ondřej
Mechanical Analysis of the Newly Developed 3D Printed Prosthetic Socket from PA12GB

This paper is focused on the complex evaluation of the prosthetic socket (of a hand) manufactured by the usage of additive technologies. Main advantage of this method is a significantly shorter production time and lower production cost. The durability of the socket is generally...