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Recent Submissions

Zahálka, Martin , Ráž, Karel
Completing and refining of the material library for forming simulations

The paper deals with the software DEFORM, which is used for forming simulations at the Regional Technological Institute in University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, and with the issue of acquisition and validation of material data. Material library is an essential part of a softwa...

Marek, Václav
Topology optimization of horizontal crossbeam of portal milling machine

Displacements caused by cutting forces, gravity or mass inertia influent the overall precision and productivity of milling machines. Economic pressure leads to cost reduction of milling centers. Reduction of weights should decrease prime-material costs of milling center. However, non-conception materi...

Polák, Roman , Ráž, Karel , Vaněk, Václav
Determination of the Measurement Deviation

This article deals with the determination of deviations measurement in mechanical testing laboratories. The main problem is in calculation of these measurement deviations in acceptable time and creation of the record of this process. Most measurements contain multiple deviations, which are a...

Kubátová, Dana , Melichar, Martin
Influence of the number of points on the evaluated element when measuring on CMM

Coordinate measuring machines (CMM) have been a major advance in the field of engineering measurement in recent decades. They were constructed based on the need to measure complex shaped parts in the automotive and aerospace industries. The rapid development of CMM is based on ...

Habrman, Martin , Ráž, Karel , Kalina, Tomáš
Effect of the Cascade Injection Molding on the Filling Behaviour

This paper deals with different ways of injection molding. A plastic part can be generally filled many ways. Use of more than one gate is common in a plastic industry. Cascade molding can affect the final properties of the product, especially by the number of gates, ...