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Ráž, Karel , Chval, Zdeněk , Sedláček, František
Compressive strength prediction of quad-diametral lattice structures

Additive manufacturing is rapidly developing technology in all areas of industry. It is reducing the delivering time of each prototype from the manufacturer to the final user. This paper deals with mechanical properties of lattice structures. They are produced by additive technologies f...

Chval, Zdeněk , Ráž, Karel , Sedláček, František
Design of Injection Mold from Plastic Material

This paper deals with the use of plastics for making injection molds. Mold production times reduced by 90% and costs cut by up to 75% are some of the benefits of prototype molds from plastic materials. Today, materials with melt temperatures above 300 °C are used for...

Zoubek, Michal , Poór, Peter , Šimon, Michal
A maturity model for evaluating and increasing the readiness of the company within the concept of industry 4.0 with a focus on internal logistics processes

The essence of Industry 4.0 is digitization, expansion of the high-speed Internet, development of smart technologies, communication and many other topics. Today, businesses that want to remain competitive and market-driven must take first steps towards digitization. The Industry 4.0 concept was&#...

Sedláček, František , Kalina, Tomáš , Ráž, Karel
Determination of interlaminar fracture toughness of cfrp composite in mode i using numerical simulation with cohesive elements

This paper deals with the determination of parameters of the interlaminar failure of the CFRP composite laminate in mode I using numerical simulation with cohesive elements. Knowledge of these parameters is crucial to enable prediction of interlaminar strength of laminates using numerical&#x...

Atay, Hüsnügül Yilmaz , Aišman, David , Jirková, Hana , Behulová, Mária , Mašek, Bohuslav
Use of Thixoforming as a Manufacturing Method for Metallic Composites

Thixoforming is one of the members of the family of semi-solid forming processes. It is possible to obtain complex shape of materials by this method and unconventional microstructures can be achieved due to its thixotropic properties. However, in this study thixoforming was used no...

Sedláček, František , Kalina, Tomáš , Ráž, Karel
Determination of Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of CFRP Composites Using Numerical Simulations

This paper deals with a numerical simulation of the interlaminar fracture toughness of woven carbon fibre reinforced polymer. Composite materials are increasingly used for their unique properties in many branches of engineering. They are also used for flexible components such as springs,...

Ráž, Karel , Sedláček, František
Effect of melt temperature on weld line strength

This article deals with the influence of the melt temperature on weld line strength in injection-molded plastic parts. A special mold was created for this investigation to make specimens with a central weld line. The experimental material was polypropylene Sabic PP 90910. Its stres...

Bureš, Marek , Čadková, Věra , Altunpinar, Ali
Exploration of the adverse effects of shift work in a multicultural environment

Given that shift work spreads across many different business sectors, studies of its adverse effects are very topical. Much research has been done on the negative impact of shift work, but many researchers have not focused on its impact in a multicultural environment. OBJECTIVE:&#x...

Bublíková, Dagmar , Jirková, Hana , Rubešová, Kateřina , Peković, Michal , Volkmannová, Julie , Graf, Marcel
Effects of Cooling Rate on the volume fraction of retained austenite in high-strenght MN-SI steels

Various ways are sought today to increase mechanical properties of steels while maintaining their good strength and ductility. Besides effective alloying strategies, one method involves preserving a certain amount of retained austenite in a martensitic matrix. The steel which was chosen as&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 9 of 9