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Sova, Libor
Výpočetní modelování proudění páry v turbíně

Computational simulation of steam flow is necessary for designing of highly efficient and reliable steam turbines. This thesis deals with some options how to improve computational methods. This topic is also in compliance with the needs of Doosan Škoda Power s.r.o. which therefore ...

Hocko, Marián , Ratkovská, Katarína
Výpočtové cvičení z předmětu Plynové trubíny a turbokompresory

Cheon, Junhong
Performance Prediction Methods of Cascade Blades in Steam Turbines

A better understanding of the mechanism of loss generation will aid steam path design and may lead to more reliable efficiency prediction when using a loss model. Loss estimation systems are still beneficial in the early stages of steam path design. A number of loss model...

Demjančuková, Kateřina
Vliv seismické události na redefinici havárie se ztrátou chladiva

The presented thesis deals with the issue of the impact of a seismic event on the frequency of occurrence of the Large Break (LB) Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) in the primary circuit of the nuclear power plant (NPP) Temelin. The topic of the thesis is extensive...

Syka, Tomáš
Vliv geometrických úprav na účinnost kompresorového stupně

The main task of this work is to find out an influence of the various design features presence on the radial compressor stage working characteristics. Specifically the influence of the cover and carrying disc seals, rotor blades transitional fillet influence and mainly the influenc...