Katedra energetických strojů a zařízení / Department of Power System Engineering


Recent Submissions

Richter, Lukáš
ORC test rig with a screw expander

This paper describes the process of designing an experimental energy device based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for converting heat to mechanical or electrical energy, or processing this heat energy so that it can be used to heat living spaces. When designing an ORC ...

Mrózek, Lukáš , Tajč, Ladislav , Vimmr, Jan , Bublík, Ondřej , Sláma, Václav , Kalista, Robert
The computational study in the unloading slot of the control valve

The flow in the unloading system of the control valve is modelled using the numerical simulation. The proportional flow values for various widths of the slot and openings are evaluated. The changes of the pressure and Mach number in the space of the valve are recorded...

Kalová, Jana , Mareš, Radim
The temperature dependence of the surface tension of water

IAPS issued a release on the temperature dependence of surface tension of an ordinary water substance in 1976. The equation for the surface tension recommended in the release is used also in the revised release, that was published in 2014. But since then, there have been&...

Sláma, Václav , Rudas, Bartoloměj , Eret, Petr , Tsymbalyuk, Volodymyr , Ira, Jiří , Macálka, Aleš , Pinelli, Lorenzo , Vanti, Federico , Arnone, Andrea , Lo Balbo, Antonio Alfio
Experimental and numerical study of controlled flutter testing in a linear turbine blade cascade

In this paper, experimental testing of flutter and numerical simulations using a commercial code ANSYS CFX and an in-house code TRAF are performed on an oscillating linear cascade of turbine blades installed in a subsonic test rig. Bending and torsional motions of the blades a...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav
On 3D Flow Structure of the Boundary Layer on the Suction Side of a Plate

Experimental study of the structure of the boundary layer on the suction side of a plate is to be presented. The flat plate with rounded edges and angle of attack of 7° is used. The boundary layer flow will be explored using the time-resolved PIV technique, measuring...