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Recent Submissions

Uher, Jan
Vliv ucpávkových proudů na integrální charakteristiky turbínového stupně

The thesis is devoted to the theoretical, experimental and computational research of the effect of the mixing of parasitic and main flows in an axial turbine. The author summarizes his previous work, which focused on the theoretical analysis of turbine stages, preparation of...

Hezoučký, František
Samoregulace jaderných bloků s tlakovodními reaktory využitelná pro primární regulaci frekvence a předávaného výkonu

The presented thesis deals with analysys of phenomenon contribution on self-control processes at nuclear power units with pressurized water reactors. Application is mentioned for units with PWRs of VVER types VVER 440 a VVER 1000, operated in Czech Republik. It is possible to apply...

Duda, Daniel , Bém, Jindřich , Kovařík, Jiří , Yanovych, Vitalii , Uruba, Václav
Influence of secondary flow corner vortex to boundary layer in a channel flow

Yanovych, Vitalii , Duda, Daniel , Horáček, Vít , Uruba, Václav
Creation of recombination corrective algorithm for research of a wind tunnel parameters

Duda, Daniel , Uruba, Václav
Spatial spectrum from particle image velocimetry data