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Ratkovská, K. , Čerňan, J. , Cúttová, M.
Selection of protective coatings for increasing operational life of small jet engine

Gašpár, R.
Parametrization of the centrifugal fan segment

Yanovych, Vitalii , Duda, Daniel , Rubanenko, Olena , Uruba, Václav
Development of vibration equipment for the production of polycomponent phytomixtures

Kučera, Jiří
Material challenges of steam turbine blades operated in wet steam region - part 1

Condensing tails of almost all steam turbines operate in wet steam region. The impacts of water droplets on material of the steam turbine moving blades are causing the erosion of the material. The situation is even worse for steam turbines which already have saturated or ...

Richter, Lukáš
ORC test rig with a screw expander

This paper describes the process of designing an experimental energy device based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for converting heat to mechanical or electrical energy, or processing this heat energy so that it can be used to heat living spaces. When designing an ORC ...

Mrózek, Lukáš , Tajč, Ladislav , Vimmr, Jan , Bublík, Ondřej , Sláma, Václav , Kalista, Robert
The computational study in the unloading slot of the control valve

The flow in the unloading system of the control valve is modelled using the numerical simulation. The proportional flow values for various widths of the slot and openings are evaluated. The changes of the pressure and Mach number in the space of the valve are recorded...

Kalová, Jana , Mareš, Radim
The temperature dependence of the surface tension of water

IAPS issued a release on the temperature dependence of surface tension of an ordinary water substance in 1976. The equation for the surface tension recommended in the release is used also in the revised release, that was published in 2014. But since then, there have been&...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav
On 3D Flow Structure of the Boundary Layer on the Suction Side of a Plate

Experimental study of the structure of the boundary layer on the suction side of a plate is to be presented. The flat plate with rounded edges and angle of attack of 7° is used. The boundary layer flow will be explored using the time-resolved PIV technique, measuring...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav
On the structure of the boundary layer under adverse pressure gradient on an inclined plate

The presented study is focused on experimental investigation of a boundary layer on a flat plate in adverse pressure gradient. The flat plate is placed in regular flow, the pressure gradient is generated by the plate inclination. The study [9] deals with structure of the ...

Uruba, Václav , Pátek, Zdeněk , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav , Zacho, David , Kulhánek, Robert
Flow Structure behind a Wing at High Reynolds Numbers

The stereo PIV measurement were performed behind a wing in the plane perpendicular to the flow to study the vortical structures oriented in the streamwise direction, which take place both in suction and pressure sides of the wing. The Reynolds numbers during the experiments in...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav
Dynamics of flow in a branch of a branching channel

Flow in a branched channel is studied experimentally using the PIV technique. The branches are issuing from the main channel perpendicularly, all channels are of rectangular cross-section. The flow dynamics in one particular branch is investigated using the OPD method.

Uruba, Václav , Kaduchova, null , Lenhard, null , Banski, null , Dzurenda, null
On Reynolds number physical interpretation

The physical interpretation of Reynolds number in laminar and turbulent flows is studied in details. Understanding to its real physical meaning is the necessary condition for proper and meaningful explanation of the processes behind. The Reynolds number is interpreted in the paper as&#x...

Procházka, Pavel , Uruba, Václav , Skála, Vladislav
On the 3D structure of the flow-field in the vicinity of inclined plate

The motivation of the presented study is supporting new ideas about principle of flight by Hoffman and Johnson, see [1]. The new hypothesis of physical mechanism of flight relies on existence of streamwise vortical structures on the suction side of the airfoil and within its&#...

Procházka, Pavel , Uruba, Václav , Skála, Vladislav
Evolution of vortical structures behind an inclined flat plate

2D3C TR-PIV technique was utilized to investigate streamwise-oriented vortical structures behind an inclined flat plate. The angle of attack was set to 7 deg, several fields of view in the wake were investigated. The instantaneous velocity vector fields were captured, dynamics of the&#x...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav
On 3D structure of wake behind an inclined plate

The flow-field behind an inclined plate was investigated experimentally using stereo PIV method providing all 3 velocity vector components in the measuring plane. Flow structure in several measuring planes perpendicular to the main flow was studied. Statistical characteristics were evaluated in&#...

Gnatowska, Renata , Kelnerová, Radka , Uruba, Václav
Flow Dynamics in the Vicinity of Tandem Buildings

The flow-field in the vicinity of tandem building model in a wind tunnel will be subjected to analysis of dynamics. The model is 3D consisting of the two blocks of different sizes arranged in a streamwise direction. Experiments were performed using time-resolved PIV technique ...

Sláma, Václav , Rudas, Bartoloměj , Ira, Jiří , Macálka, Aleš , Eret, Petr , Tsymbalyuk, Volodymyr
Experimental and CFD Investigation of Aerodynamic Forces and Moments in a Linear Turbine Blade Cascade

In order to eliminate occurrences of flutter of low pressure turbine blades it is necessary to understand the associated unsteady aerodynamics. For this reason, an experimental and numerical study of controlled flutter (travelling wave mode) in a linear turbine blade cascade oscillating ...

Sláma, Václav , Rudas, Bartoloměj , Ira, Jiří , Macálka, Aleš , Eret, Petr , Tsymbalyuk, Volodymyr
The Validation of Flutter Prediction in a Linear Cascade of Non-Rigid Turbine Blades

In low-pressure steam turbines, aerodynamic and structural design of the last stage blades is critical in determining the power plant efficiency. The development of longer last stage blades which are recently over 1 meter in length is an important task for steam turbine manufacture...

Sláma, Václav , Rudas, Bartoloměj , Ira, Jiří , Macálka, Aleš , Eret, Petr , Tsymbalyuk, Volodymyr
CFD prediction of flutter of turbine blades and comparison with an experimental test case

Last stage blades are a key element of steam turbines and in many ways determine the turbine configuration alongside with the overall turbine performance. The total efficiency of the low pressure turbine section can be increased by extending the last stage blades. The design p...

Duda, Daniel
Preliminary PIV measurement of an air jet

The planar Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) technique has been used to study a jet flow of air. The nozzle diameter is 5 cm and output velocity ranged from 8 to 160 m/s corresponding to diameter based Reynolds number 2.6·104 – 5.5·105. The spatial resolution is 0.9&#...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 25