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Recent Submissions

Novák, Petr , Nedvědová, Lucie , Kozák, Tomáš , Šotová, Petra , Bláhová, Olga , Jansa, Zdeněk , Medlín, Rostislav , Netrvalová, Marie , Minár, Jan
Investigation of carrier transport in ZnO and ZnO:Al thin films sputtered at different oxygen conditions

Undoped and doped zinc oxide in film form is used in a wide range of applications. Its electrical and optical properties depend on the oxide conditions during preparation, which are influenced by many deposition parameters. The aim of this work was to experimentally investigate...

Palán, Marek
Svařování speciálních materiálů aplikovaných v energetice

The dissertation deals with the issue of welding with weld metal type 25Cr13Ni (used brands of additive materials Böhler AWS ER 309 LSi, ESAB OK Autrod 309LSi, Oerlikon INERTFIL 309LSi a Sv-07Ch25N13) for applications in nuclear energy. The work focuses on solving the&...

Janoušek, Jaromír
Porušování korozí pod napětím v přehřáté páře

Acceleration the oxidation kinetics while keeping the electrochemical conditions similar to those of the primary water in a pressurized water reactor. Comparison with results from pressurized water and determination of equivalence between water and steam environment. Creation of a computational m...

Bricín, David , Průcha, Vojtěch , Jansa, Zdeněk , Kříž, Antonín
Changes in Structure and Corrosion Resistance of Cryogenically Treated WC-Co Cemented Carbides

Deep cryogenic treatment (DCT) of WC-Co cemented carbides (CC) was experimentally explored. Four types of cemented carbides were studied. They had different WC grain sizes and the volume fractions of the cobalt binder. Some specimens were deep-cryogenic-treated (DCT) at -186°C in dry va...

Mohammad Reza, Shishesaz , Moslem, Ghobadi , Najmeh, Asadi , Alireza, Zarezadeh , Ehsan, Saebnoori , Hamed, Amraei , Schubert, Jan , Chocholatý, Ondřej
Surface Pretreatments of AA5083 Aluminum Alloy with Enhanced Corrosion Protection for Cerium-Based Conversion Coatings Application: Combined Experimental and Computational Analysis

The effects of surface pretreatments on the cerium-based conversion coating applied on an AA5083 aluminum alloy were investigated using a combination of scanning electron microscopy (SEM), energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), polarization testing, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. Two steps...