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Khan, Wilayat
Teoretický výzkum spektroskopických, elektronických a magneticýych vlastností nových nískodimensionálnch sysémů

The important aspects of photocatalytic materials like Nb3O7(OH) and Fe2O3 were investigated in this thesis, like the electronic structure, band gap, optoelectronic and spectroscopic properties. The effects of the doping elements in these materials were also investigated. These properties were ca...

Khan, Saleem Ayaz
Interralationship between structural, optical and transport properties of renewable energy materials

Two technologically important aspects of FePt magnetism were investigated in the thesis, namely, the magnetocrystalline anisotropy and the influence of the disorder. For this purpose we used ab initio quantum mechanical calculations. The calculated magnetocrystalline anisotropy energy significantly differs...

Vančura, Filip
Vývoj nových technologií pro semi solid state

With the help of innovative technological procedures, even conventional and well-tried materials can acquire atypical structures with specific mechanical and physical properties. One such dynamically developing area is the field of various semi-solid forming technologies. However, due to its technolog...

Chvostová, Eva
Aplikace miniaturizovaných zkušebních těles při hodnocení mechanických vlastností a odolnosti proti křehkému lomu

The presented thesis deals with further development of small sized specimens techniques for mechanical properties assessment. These tests are being applied for cases when there is shortage of the experimental materials (new materials development, severe plastic deformation processes, residual service&...

Azam, Sikander
Zásadní studie optických, termoelektrických a elektronických vlastností komplexníxh materiálů

Advancement in optical telecommunications and optical computing devices has increased the demand for materials with greater optical coefficients. For that reason, several materials with suitable optical properties have been designed, some of which are based on the family of quaternary chalcogenid...