Katedra technologie obrábění / Department of Machining Technology


Recent Submissions

Hanzl, Pavel , Zetková, Ivana
Benefits of a new approach to designing milling cutter using Metal Additive Manufacturing

Topological optimization is the process of reducing part weight while respecting strength requirements. This paper focuses on its possible positive consequences for the machining process. The main aim is to carry out a survey to obtain knowledge that will be applied during the topo...

Melichar, Martin , Kubátová, Dana , Kutlwašer, Jan
Influence of Temperature Compensation for Evaluation by Continuous Scanning

The paper describes the experimental verification of the influence of temperature compensation for the CMM machines. To confirm the initial theoretical consideration an experiment was carried out - repeated evaluation of a reference component. The obtained values were then used as an in...

Daňa, Milan , Zetková, Ivana , Hanzl, Pavel
The Influence of a Ceramic Recoater Blade on 3D Printing using Direct Metal Laser Sintering

This paper deals with 3D printing of metal parts. There are many principles of 3D printing, for example, DMLS, SLS, CLADDING, etc. This paper is limited to 3D printing using DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering). 3D printing using DMLS can create complex geometries that cannot&#...

Melichar, Martin , Kubátová, Dana , Kutlwašer, Jan
The Influence of Humidity on ABS Plastic Measurement Result

-This paper deals with effect of changing humidity in metrology lab during measuring process. Team of researchers simulated different conditions in metrology lab = stabile temperature and different humidity. During experiment CMM Carl Zeiss Prismo was used. The main question was, if the...

Kubátová, Dana , Melichar, Martin
Uncertainty of Surface Measurement

Article describes methodology and practical use of measurement uncertainties. Measurement uncertainties are an integral part of all higher measurement systems and are used in all accredited testing or calibration laboratories, including official measurements as a mandatory output and part of the&...