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Recent Submissions

Urban, Marek
Zefektivnění výroby, měření a funkčnosti nesymetricky zatěžovaného ložiska v energetice

In this Ph.D thesis is solved complete problematic of technological design of self-equalizing thrust bearing with thrust pads with focus on optimal function and effectivity of manufacturing. After finding optimal solution resulting from experiments were designed and manufactured prototypes of&#x...

Farský, Jindřich , Bakša, Tomáš , Zetek, Miroslav
Grinding of maraging steel 1.2709 with SiC grinding wheels and effect of grinding conditions on the surface roughness and wear of the wheels

Grinding is one of the basic finishing operations which can be used for parts made from different materials where high quality and surface accuracy is required. One of these materials is maraging steel 1.2709, which is used for the test samples for tensile testing. In thi...

Farský, Jindřich , Bakša, Tomáš , Zetek, Miroslav
Grinding maraging steel VACO 180 with SIC grinding wheels - grinding force and wheel wear

Grinding is a technology which is used as a surface finishing operation. Therefore it is important for achieving good dimensions of accuracy. This accuracy can be affected by the size of wear of the grinding wheel. The size of the grinding wheel wear can be affected ...

Zatloukal, Tomáš , Gombár, Miroslav , Fulemová, Jaroslava , Řehoř, Jan , Povolný, Michal
Optimization of the thermal spraying process depending on the surface roughnes

Nowadays, the requirements for the properties of machine parts are increasing. With this trend, the application of thermal spray coatings is also increasing in practice, with the aim of increasing resistance towards mechanical wear, corrosion, and oxidation, even at elevated temperatures. Re...

Šambergerová, Štěpánka , Bícová, Kateřina
Analysis of time fluctuation on selected workplace in terms of automotive industry

This paper focuses on time analysis and optimization of selected process, which is subject to IATF 16949 standard for automotive industry. Each company has its own production system, according to which it tries to optimize production and thus meet the requirements of ISO 9000 ...