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Maňák, Martin
Voronoi-Based Detection of Pockets in Proteins Defined by Large and Small Probes

Students often ask what theoretical subjects will teach them for their future careers. It is advisable to show real problems during their courses which are solved by experts in practice or doctoral students. One such problem is the sharpening of a hobbing worm milling cutter.&...

Melichar, Martin , Kubátová, Dana , Kutlwašer, Jan
Influence of Temperature Compensation for Evaluation by Continuous Scanning

The paper describes the experimental verification of the influence of temperature compensation for the CMM machines. To confirm the initial theoretical consideration an experiment was carried out - repeated evaluation of a reference component. The obtained values were then used as an in...

Bebr, Lukáš , Bícová, Kateřina
SPC in Joint Application with FMEA,

In present turbulent times the product requirements are ever increasing. From this fact the perpetually heightening demand on processes and their quality ensues. Many tools are used for statistical process control and analysis of the causes and consequences is one ofthese. This tool...

Melichar, Martin , Kubátová, Dana , Kutlwašer, Jan
The Influence of Humidity on ABS Plastic Measurement Result

-This paper deals with effect of changing humidity in metrology lab during measuring process. Team of researchers simulated different conditions in metrology lab = stabile temperature and different humidity. During experiment CMM Carl Zeiss Prismo was used. The main question was, if the...

Kubátová, Dana , Melichar, Martin
Uncertainty of Surface Measurement

Article describes methodology and practical use of measurement uncertainties. Measurement uncertainties are an integral part of all higher measurement systems and are used in all accredited testing or calibration laboratories, including official measurements as a mandatory output and part of the&...

Farský, Jindřich , Bakša, Tomáš , Zetek, Miroslav
Influence of grinding parameters on forces when grinding maraging steel X3NICOMO 18 9 5 with SIC grinding wheels

This work deals with the influence of the grinding parameters on the forces when grinding maraging steel X3NiCoMo 18 9 5 using SiC grinding wheels. This steel is used for mechanically stressed tools, for which it is necessary to select a material with a high strength ...

Hronek, Ondřej , Zetek, Miroslav , Bakša, Tomáš
The Influence of Cutting Edge Radius on Force Load when Milling Inconel 718

The cutting edge radius of a cutting tool plays a significant role in its durability. Durability is even more important when heavy duty materials are machined, including nickel alloy Inconel 718. The tool’s durability influences the overall efficiency of the cutting process, both t...

Hanzl, Pavel , Zetková, Ivana , Daňa, Milan
Uniaxial Tensile Load of Lattice Structures Produced by Metal Additive Manufacturing

Lightweight constructions are in demand for applications which require low weight accompanied by rigidity. From this perspective, lattice structures are an interesting design solution in conjunction with additive manufacturing technology. This study addresses promising lattice topologies. A range of m...

Farský, Jindřich , Bakša, Tomáš , Zetek, Miroslav , Adámek, Pavel
Evaluation of grinding wheel wear when grinding VACO 180 steel under variable grinding conditions

This work is focused on the size of the grinding wheel wear when grinding maraging steel VACO 180 with variable grinding parameters such as grinding speed and depth of cut. Maraging steel VACO 180 is a company marking for steel very similar to 1.2709 or DIN X3NiCoMo&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 9 of 9