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Recent Submissions

Jirásko, Jakub
Metody optimalizace spolehlivosti a renovace výrobních zařízení

This work is focused on the theory and methodology for achieving higher precision in presses for the automotive industry. In the first part of the thesis is an introduction to the area of presses and a theory related to the accuracy. The next part of the thesis ...

Tříska, Ladislav
Výzkum a vývoj hybridních skříní pro kolejová vozidla - hmotnostně úsporné prvky větracího systému

The project involves designing and testing a new concept of the ventilation system for urban mass transit vehicles. The key merits sought include weight savings in the entire system, straightforward installation and reduced noise of the ventilation system. This dissertation focuses on c...

Hájíček, Zdeněk
Využití virtuálního prototypingu v průběhu vývoje obráběcích strojů

This dissertation deals with the usage of virtual prototyping during the development of Machine Tools. It is focused on the problems of using simulations for heavy Machine Tools. It described the current process of the developing phases and include a virtual machine as ...

Marek, Václav
Continuous vacuum technology for drying woodchips

This article is focused on processing of wooden biomass, especially woodchips. Production and processing of wooden biomass involve working with material of many different structures and qualities. Basic mechanical properties are defined by structure and humidity. Technological application of woodchips...

Sedláček, František , Lašová, Václava
Additive Manufacturing of PA6 with Short Carbon Fibre Reinforcement using Fused Deposition Modelling

The aim of this research was to determine the influence of the short carbon fibres in nylon PA6 polymer used for fused deposition modelling (additive manufacturing) technology. Specimens from pure PA6 and PA6 with short carbon fibres were fabricated, with both main directions of&#x...