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Recent Submissions

Hofman, Jiří , Čermák, Roman
ComplexTrans—Global Rail-Road Transportation System Economical and Clustered Individual and Individualised Public Transport also Prevents the Spread of Covid 19

Land transport can no longer meet the requirements. European transport can be described by these words −crowded motorways and cities, dangerous emissions, ubiquitous traffic accidents, delays, expensive railways. Solutions are being sought to transfer a large part of passengers and especially...

Skovajsa, Michal , Sedláček, František , Mrázek, Martin
Determination of mechanical properties of composite sandwich panel with aluminium honeycomb core

This paper deal with comparison of mechanical properties of composite sandwich panel with aluminium honeycomb core which is determined by experimental measurement, analytic calculation and numerical simulation. The goal was to compared four composite sandwich panels. The composite sandwich panels ...

Skovajsa, Michal , Kroft, Roman , Sedláček, František
Numerical and experimental modal analysis of a carbon fibre monocoque

This paper deals with the comparison of experimental measurements and numerical simulation of the natural frequency and natural shape of a carbon fibre monocoque. This comparison is used to validate the numerical analysis with a real monocoque. Usually, monocoques consist of orthotropic ...

Mrázek, Martin , Sedláček, František , Skovajsa, Michal
Design of Composite Disc Spring for Automotive Suspension with using Numerical Simulation

This paper investigates the replacement of a conventional steel coil spring with a composite disc spring with the aim of minimizing its weight. Simulation in the CAD system Siemens NX 12 was used to determine the composite disc spring’s behavior. The regression functions were ...

Kepka, M. , Kepka, M. jr. , Minich, R. , Žlábek, P.
Practical notes on the evaluation of fatigue life of welded nodes of bus bodyworks