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Dvořák, Josef , Teplý, Radek
Complex Risk Analyses of the Cable winder

Hofman, Jiří , Čermák, Roman
ComplexTrans – global land transportation system: the best way ahead for railways and roads is coherent cooperation, not the competition

The land-transportation cannot meet its demands anymore. Jammed highways and cities, dangerous emissions, omnipresent traffic accidents, delays, expensive railways. Solutions are being sought to transfer a large part of passenger- and especially freight-traffic to (high-speed) rail and the efforts&#x...

null, null , Tančin, Milan
Substituting a conventional ram frame with a variants of sandwich structure

The main goal is to determine if a sandwich structure (with steel sheets as outer plates and aluminium foam as filler) is suitable for a ram in an overhead gantry. The main expected features of the new design are fewer deformations, lower weight and equal or higher&#...

Jansová, M. , Malotín, T. , Křen, J. , Votápek, P. , Lobovský, L. , Hynčík, L.
A comparative analysis of four implants used to treat a supracondylar periprosthetic fracture of ostheoporotic femur

Wurmová, Petra
Působení autosedaček na fyziologii lidského těla

The use of cars increases every year, so people spend more time at the steering wheel, overcoming ever greater distances, which often forces them to sit in the car seat for hours. Professional drivers, especially truck drivers, know about it. It is therefore very important...

Němec, Ladislav
Některé psychologické aspekty při řešení konstrukčních problémů a jejich promítnutí do výuky studentů-konstruktérů

The paper deals with the scientific model of machine design, respecting the principle of natural brain activity, so-called "problem solving" and this application in teaching of students at the Department of machine design. There are some psychological aspects of creative work as&#x...

Hrdlička, Filip
Bezdotykové ovládání servomotorů

With a combination of LEAP sensor and Arduino board is possible to recognize different gestures of human hands and use it as output signals for control.

Hofman, Jiří
Cenově efektivní náhrada dieselové trakce na nezatrolejovaných regionálních železničních tratích itermodálními bateriovými vozidly

A suitable way to the cost-effective replacement of diesel traction on non-electrified regional railways are battery vehicles with batteries located on replaceable separate low-height waggon, pushed in front of the passenger motor-car and designed as a powerful deformation zone. Thanks to th...

Hofman, Jiří , Čermák, Roman
Complextrans: spolupráce železnice a silnice je prospěšnější než jejich konkurence

Land-transportation can´t further meet its demands. Crowded highways, crowded cities, dangerous emissions, traffic accidents, delays, expensive railways. Solutions are being sought to transfer a large part of passengers- and especially freight-traffic to (high-speed) rail and to go electromobility, car-sha...

Sedláček, František , Lašová, Václava
Additive Manufacturing of PA6 with Short Carbon Fibre Reinforcement using Fused Deposition Modelling

The aim of this research was to determine the influence of the short carbon fibres in nylon PA6 polymer used for fused deposition modelling (additive manufacturing) technology. Specimens from pure PA6 and PA6 with short carbon fibres were fabricated, with both main directions of&#x...

Marek, Václav
Continuous vacuum technology for drying woodchips

This article is focused on processing of wooden biomass, especially woodchips. Production and processing of wooden biomass involve working with material of many different structures and qualities. Basic mechanical properties are defined by structure and humidity. Technological application of woodchips...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav
Design, service and testing grounds stress spectra and their using to fatigue life assessment of bus bodyworks

In the development of a road vehicle such as a bus, the input data for the assessment of the fatigue life of the body and other mechanicalparts of the vehicle are gradually refined. In the initial phase of the development of a new vehicle, so-called design stress...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav , Žlábek, Pavel , Heller, Petr , Chvojan, Jan , Mentl, Václav
Fatigue Tests - Important Part of Development of New Vehicles

In city of Pilsen (Czech Republic) modern transport engineering is developed. The Skoda Transportation (production company) has successfully been producing rail and road vehicles for many years (electric locomotives, trams, metro cars, trolleybuses, battery buses). This producer cooperates in developi...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav , Tittel, Jan
Parametric study of the potential of application of high-strength steels to increasing the service fatigue life of vehicle structures

The paper highlights the main impacts of HFMI technology on increasing the fatigue resistance and extending the fatigue life of joints and components welded from both conventional and high strength steels. Parametric calculations of the permissible stresses of a selected structural detail&#x...

Kepka, Miloslav , Kepka, Miloslav
Using design S-N curves and design stress for probabilistic fatigue life assessment of vehicle components

The contribution explains a possibility of using design S-N curves and design stress spectra for probabilistic fatigue life assessment of vehicle components. The design S-N curves can be considered on the basis of either experiments or using some standards. The design stress spectra...

Kalina, Tomáš , Sedláček, František , Kroupa, Tomáš
Determination of cohesive parameters for mode I of epoxy adhesive

The paper deals with the determination of cohesive parameters of adhesive Scotch-Weld DP490 3M. Mode I of cohesive damage were examined. Experimental testing was performed on the test specimens to determine the mechanical properties of the adhesive. The results of the experimental testi...

Polák, Roman , Zahálka, Martin
Influence of gate position during the injection moulding process

This article deals with the influence of the gate position on the final properties of a plastic product after the injection moulding process. Parameters such as temperature, fibre orientation and filling velocity are evaluated. The importance of the internal fibre orientation on the...

Sedláček, František , Kalina, Tomáš , Raab, Zdeněk
Determining the strength of composite cylindrical bonded joints using numerical simulation with cohesive elements

The adhesive joints belongs into most used connection in area of the composite components. The prediction of the strength of the bonded joints is still very problematic and many approaches can be used to dimension them. The paper deals with determining the strength of cylindri...

Limberg, Luboš , Tančin, Milan
Thermal FEM analysis of hybrid structure

This article is focuses on mechanical properties of hybrid structure, which is loaded, by a heat. The type of hybrid structure is the hybrid structure of polymer concrete in combination with steel and cast iron. There will be presented a basic information about polymer concret...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19