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Bartoň Klufová, Pavla , Kříž, Antonín , Tittel, Jan , Doležalová, Kamila
Protikorozní povrchová ochrana oceli C45 kompozitním laserovým návarem na bázi měď-čedič

The present contribution explores the corrosion resistance of a composite copper-basalt laser clads. The substrate was a C45 steel sheet 20 mm in thickness. The filler materials were two mixtures of Oerlikon METCO 55 powder (high-purity copper) and basalt dust. These two constituents&#x...

Kalina, Tomáš , Špirk, Stanislav , Sedláček, František
Experimental Testing of Basic Crash Elements Made of CFRP by Additive Technologies

This paper deals with the experimental testing of the basic crash elements which are made of PA6 with short carbon fiber reinforcement by additive technology. Additive technologies allow the production of very complex, thin-walled and hollow shapes, which can be used to tune the&#x...

Čechura, Milan , Hlaváč, Jan , Volejníček, Martin , Kubec, Václav
The thermal balance of forging press and influence of its thermal state to machine and its operation

The paper deals with the influence of the thermal state of the machine on its function and product accuracy. The results of the experimental measurement on a particular machine are presented and consequently a virtual simulation of the thermal state of the working space depend...

Ráž, Karel , Čechura, Milan , Kubec, Václav
Unconventional Design of the Mechanical Crank Press Developed by the Topology Optimization

This article deals with the design optimization of the mechanical crank press. These presses have not any significant development changes in a long time. Mechanical press LDC 250 with nominal force 2.5 MN (250 tons) was considered as an example. This type of press can be&...

Skovajsa, Michal , Sedláček, František , Mrázek, Martin
Design of Multi-Part Mould for Production of a Medium-Large Carbon Fibre Component

This paper deals with the design of a multi-part mould for the production of a carbon fibre medium-large compo-nent. The design and forming of a medium-large component which is defined by a closed structure and has high demands on dimensional accuracy is a very complex pr...

Kalina, Tomáš
Determination of Cohesive Parameters for Mode II of Epoxy Adhesive

The paper deals with the determination of cohesive parameters of adhesive Scotch-Weld DP490 3M. Mode II of cohesive damage were examined. Experimental testing was performed on the test specimens to determine the mechanical properties of the adhesive according to ASTM D7905. The results&...

Čechura, Milan , Kubec, Václav
Among the world’s leaders in forging machines: CKV 17000 DOOSAN Press

This paper presents the largest hydraulic press for open-die forging ever made in the Czech Republic. Its capacity of 170 MN combines with a workspace of 8.5-metre height and 9.8-metre width. In each case, the result is a unique machine, a prototype made to customer requi...

Čechura, Milan , Volejníček, Martin
Development and specifics of the construction of a LKMK 8000 large crank press

The article deals with the development of large forging presses for die forging. It analyses individual aspects of the development of large presses. This is followed by market analysis and a search of design solutions by individual manufacturers. Set of design recommendations has b...

Beránek, Václav , Šťastný, Petr , Nováček, Vít , Votápek, Petr , Formánek, Josef
Upper Limb Strikes Reactive Forces in Mix Martial Art Athletes during Ground and Pound Tactics

Athletes of mixed martial arts use a ground and pound strategy with the strikes in the dominant ground position. The aim of this study was to compare the average peak force (Fpeak) among three punches and to estimate the probability of achieving a skull bone fracture ...

Kubec, Václav , Čechura, Milan
Successful outcomes of collaboration between a university-based research and development facility and manufacturing factory

University facilities often have extensive technical equipment for complex high-accuracy engineering calculations. These facilities strive to verify their results in practice. Such an opportunity arose in collaboration between the Centre for Forming Machine Design Research (CFMDR, Centrum výzkumu konstrukc...

Hrdlička, Filip , Kratochvíl, Martin , Mazínová, Ivana , Florian, Pavel
Use of Material-Shape Factors in Mechanical Design

During design process materials and their shapes selection is usually performed unsystematically, selection is mostly based on previous experience, although this is the most influencing part during mechanical design. This paper is devoted to the application of the material-shape factors and ...

Kalina, Tomáš , Sedláček, František
Design and Determination of Strength of Adhesive Bonded Joints

The paper deals with methodology of prediction of adhesive bonded joints strength. Problematics of adhesive bonded joints is a very complex task. There are several different (different precision and different complexity) mathematical models of adhesive bonded joints, which attempts to describe&#x...

Čechura, Milan , Hlaváč, Jan , Chval, Zdeněk , Kubec, Václav
Přínosy řešení nových prototypů tvářecích strojů navržených CVTS na ZČU v Plzni se Šmeral Brno a.s. a TS Plzeň a.s.

The content of the paper is a presentation of results of long-term monitoring and analysis of design solutions of selected forming machines and description of methods of practical implementation of acquired knowledge in design solutions of newly proposed prototypes. The purpose is to&#x...

Čechura, Milan , Hlaváč, Jan , Zahálka, Martin , Ráž, Karel
Problematika konstrukce a provozu moderních víceoperačních kovacích lisů

To simplify the forging of large numbers of forgings, for example, new forging presses are proposed for five operations. This, however, represents a significant interference with its design solution. There is a need to address the problems that have not previously been encountered ...

Vaněk, Josef
The electrical radiant panels and radiant floor heating

This article deals with radiant heating systems. It also deals with the heating of wall-mounted radiant panels, ceiling-mounted radiant panels and radiant floor heating. Advantages of radiant floor heating are showed as well. Various types of radiant floor heating are mentioned a...

Volínová, Lucie
Environmental assessment using Meco matrix: case study

The paper deals with the definition of Life Cycle Check, it is very practical and usage tool for environmental assessment of products. In the first part of the paper there is described the instruction on how to proceed step by step. The Life Cycle Check helps to ...

Švantner, Michal , Klepáček, Jan , Lang, Vladislav
Static and modal analysis of the brake stand

Kochová, Petra , Klepáček, Jan , Hlubocký, Jaroslav , Mokráček, Aleš , Špaténka, Jaroslav , Nováček, Vít
Heart valve viscoelastic properties: a pilot study

Vaněk, Josef
Sálavé vytápění a tepelná pohoda

In this project I deal with thermal comfort and radiant component conversion efficiency of high temperature and low temperature radiant panels. Then I deal with components, that influence thermal comfort and with heat transfer coefficient for varions possibilities of panel suspension.

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 19 of 19