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Recent Submissions

Nedbal, Pavel
Speciální RTG vyšetření u pacienta se zácpou

Vintrová, Martina
Kanonická ustanovení ohledně sexuálního zneužívání nezletilých v historii latinské církve

Lewis, Carenza , Vařeka, Pavel , Londen, van Hellen , Verspay, Johan , Marciniak, Arkadiusz , Kajda, Kornelia , Kobiałka, Dawid
Test Pit Excavation Within Currently Occupied Rural Settlements in the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland and UK – Results of the CARE Project 2020

Mergl, Michal
First record of Podichnus in byronid shell from the Lower Devonian (Pragian) of the Prague Basin, Czechia

Brachiopod etching trace Podichnus, typically with centrifugally arranged clusters of holes or slits, has hitherto been known only in calcium carbonate substrates. The similar etching trace is newly described on calcium phosphate substrate. The trace Podichnus isp. in a wall of a phosph...

Jandová, Hana
Povaha rozhodnutí o nárocích na náhradu nemajetkové újmy z titulu práva na ochranu osobnosti

The article deals with the consequences of claims for compensation for non-pecuniary damage under the right to protection of personality. Its primary aim is to answer the question whether the decisions on these claims are constitutive or declaratory in nature. The correct classification...