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Drábek, Pavel , Robinson, Stephen
Convergence to higher-energy stationary solutions of a bistable equation with nonsmooth reaction term

In this paper, we investigate the local stability of critical points with energy that is higher than the ground-state energy of the functional associated with the bistable equation. We assume that a double-well potential lacks C^2 regularity at the global minimizers. Previous work ...

Chrášťanská, Dana , Böhmová, Hana , Marek, Patrice
Rapid palatal expansion in mixed dentition, stability

Aims: The study focused on the evaluation of changes in upper and lower dental arch following rapid palatal expansion (RPE) in mixed dentition and the expansion stability into the permanent dentition. Material: The first sample (HYRAX group) included 31 patients with RPE in mixed&#...

Agudelo Rico, Oscar Iván , Drábek, Pavel
Anisotropic semipositone quasilinear problems

We present the existence of positive solutions for a degenerate (or singular) quasilinear equation in a ball or in the entire space. As differential operator we consider a weighted p-Laplacian with a continuous cofficient satisfying a mild integrability condition towards the boundary of...

Bobkov, Vladimír , Drábek, Pavel
On some unexpected properties of radial and symmetric eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the p-Laplacian onadisk

We discuss several properties of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the p-Laplacian on a ball subject to zero Dirichlet boundary conditions. Among main results, in two dimensions, we show the existence of nonradial eigenfunctions which correspond to the radial eigenvalues.

Bizzarri, Michal , Lávička, Miroslav
Rational adaptive blends among obstacles in 3D by contour method

In this paper we will continue in investigating ‘contour method’ and its using for the computation of rational parameterizations of canal surfaces without a need of sum of squares (SOS) decomposition. Further approaches for constructing flexible smooth transitions between canal surfaces will...

Bizzarri, Michal , Lávička, Miroslav , Kosinka, Jiří
Skinning and blending with rational envelope surfaces

We continue the study of rational envelope (RE) surfaces. Although these surfaces are parametrized with the help of square roots, when considering an RE patch as the medial surface transform in 4D of a spatial domain it yields a rational parametrization of the domain’s boundar...

Bizzarri, Michal , Lávička, Miroslav , Šír, Zbyněk , Vršek, Jan
Hermite interpolation by piecewise polynomial surfaces with polynomial area element

This paper is devoted to the construction of polynomial 2-surfaces which possess a polynomial area element. In particular we study these surfaces in the Euclidean space R^3 (where they are equivalent to the PN surfaces) and in the Minkowski space R^{3,1} (where they provide th...

Cibulka, Radek , Dontchev, Asen L. , Veliov, Vladimir M.
Lyusternik-Graves Theorems for the Sum of a Lipschitz Function and a Set-valued Mapping

In a paper of 1950 Graves proved that for a function f acting between Banach spaces and an interior point x in its domain, if there exists a continuous linear mapping A which is surjective and the Lipschitz modulus of the difference f-A at x is sufficiently smal...

Drábek, Pavel , Kuliev, Komil , Marletta, Marco
Some criteria for discreteness of spectrum of half-linear fourth order Sturm–Liouville problem

We prove a necessary and sufficient conditions for discreteness of the set of all eigenvalues of half–linear eigenvalue problem with locally integrable weights. Our conditions appear to be equivalent to the compact embedding of certain weighted Sobolev and Lebesgue spaces.

Karatodorov, Stefan , Mihailov, Valentin I. , Křenek, Tomáš , Grozeva, Margarita
Optical emission spectroscopy of plasma produced by laser ablation of iron sulfide

Optical emission spectroscopy studies are reported of laser ablation plasma from an iron sulphide (FeS) target in vacuum. The plasma emission is characterized with spatial and tempoal resolution. The spectral observations are used to calculate the electron plasma parameters. The electron tem...

Svoboda, Miloš , Beneš, Jan , Vobecká, Lucie , Slouka, Zdeněk
Swelling induced structural changes of a heterogeneous cation-exchange membrane analyzed by micro-computed tomography

3D reconstruction of heterogeneous ion-exchange membranes when swollen in an appropriate electrolyte by micro-computed tomography (μ-CT) can provide important information on structural changes caused by their swelling or shrinkage and used this knowledge along with their electrochemical characteristics for...

Al-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
Revealing the influence of the compression mechanism on the electronic structure and the related properties of CrF3

The influence of the compression mechanism on the unit cell of CrF3 is investigated by means of density functional theory. The experimental lattice parameters under different pressure values starting from the ambient pressure up to 9.12 GPa were optimized so as to relax the cr...

Bača, Martin , Millerová, Miroslava , Ryan, Joe , Semabičová-Feňovčíková, Andrea
On H-antimagicness of disconnected graphs

A simple graph G admits an H-covering if every edge in E(G) belongs to a subgraph of G isomorphic to H. An (a, d)-H-antimagic total labeling of a graph G admitting an H-covering is a bijective function from the vertex set V(G) and the edge set E(G) of the&#...

Semaničová-Feňovčíková, Andrea , Bača, Martin , Lacsáková, Marcela , Millerová, Miroslava , Ryan, Joe
Wheels are cycle-antimagic

A simple graph G admits an H-covering if every edge in E(G) belongs to a subgraph of G isomorphic to H. An (a, d)-H-antimagic total labeling of a graph G admitting an H-covering is a bijective function from the vertex set V(G) and the edge set E(G) of the&#...

Smazalová, Eva , Houdková-Šimůnková, Šárka
The Potential of AE Sensing in the Indentation Fracture Toughness Measurement

In this study, an attempt is made to characterize the brittleness of the material by crack formation with the Vickers indenter. To assess the critical load, the sensor of AE signal was used. After preliminary tests on a silica glass, the methodology was applied to HVOF&#x...

Šipr, Ondřej , Minár, Jan , Ebert, Hubert
Influence of spin-orbit coupling on the magnetic dipole term Tα

The influence of the spin-orbit coupling (SOC) on the magnetic dipole term Tα is studied across a range of systems in order to check whether the Tα term can be eliminated from analysis of x-ray magnetic circular dichroism spectra performed via the spin moment sum rule.&#x...

Lindstedt, Lukasz , Vychytil, Jan , Dziewoński, Tomasz , Hynčík, Luděk
Numerical tests of the virtual human model response under dynamic load conditions defined in federal aviation regulation part 23.562 andD 25.562: preliminary study.

The main aim of the presented research was to check mechanical response of human body model under loads that can occur during airplane accidents and compare results of analysis with some results of experimental tests described in literature. In simulations the VIRTHUMAN model was&#...

Abjavay, J. , Kelarev, A.V. , Millerová, Miroslava , Ryan, Joseph
Rees semigroups of digraphs for classification of data

Recent research has motivated the investigation of the weights of ideals in semiring constructions based on semigroups. The present paper introduces Rees semigroups of directed graphs. This new construction is a common generalization of Rees matrix semigroups and incidence semigroups of digr...

Loewenhoff, Thorsten , Linke, Jochen Max , Matějíček, Jiří , Rasiński, Marcin , Vostřák, Marek , Wirtz, Marius
Laser re-melting of tungsten damaged by transient heat loads

In the current study, a solid state disc laser with a wavelength of 1030 nm and maximum power of 5.3 kW was used to melt the surface of pure tungsten samples (manufactured according to ITER specifications by Plansee SE). Several combinations of laser power and traverse&#x...

Čibera, Václav , Matas, Richard , Sedláček, Jan
Parametric model of ventilators simulated in OpenFOAM and Elmer

The main goal of presented work was to develop parametric model of a ventilator for CFD and structural analysis. The whole model was designed and scripted in freely available open source programmes in particular in OpenFOAM and Elmer. The main script, which runs or generates&#...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 65