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Recent Submissions

Blažková, Blanka , Kahounová, Eva
Tvorba výukových materiálů pro stavební obory a truhláře na příkladu odborného cizího jazyka - němčiny

The paper deals with the creation of a digital educational resource (DER) for teaching the German language for specific purposes (GSP) for building trades and carpenters, which was created within the project Professional foreign language for building trades and carpenters with the imple...

Wroblewski, Bartlomiej , Petrenko, Olesya
Descriptive and inferential statistical analysis of expectations and needs of engineering students and graduates: a case study at the University of West Bohemia

A good command of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) among Czech engineers seems to be of crucial importance since the engineering field has been developing rapidly and the Czech labour market is becoming increasingly international (Eurostat 2022). The authors of the article, who ...

Pardo Ramos, Claudia , Torres-Toukoumidis, Angel , Caldeiro Pedreira, Mari Carmen , Havránková, Tereza
The Perception of Cyberbullying by Adolescents in Rural and Urban Spain

Cases of bullying have become more serious from the use of information and communication technologies, especially with an immersion in social networks—creating the situation of cyberbullying. The objectives of our study are to analyze the relationship between cyber-victims and cyber-aggressors wi...

Caldeiro Pedreira, Mari Carmen , Castro Zubizarreta, Ana , Havránková, Tereza
Móviles y pantallas en edades tempranas:convivencia digital, derechos de la infancia yresponsabilidad adulta

In the hypermedia society the indiscriminate use of multiple screens is observed froman increasingly early age. For this reason, digital coexistence, respect for children’s rights, and asense of responsibility from the media and from families who educate children are required. Thisstudy revi...

Holubová, Radmila , Ramadanová, Jitka
Vybrané aspekty studia v kurzech anglického jazyka na U3V ZČU v Plzni

This paper deals with the study of senior citizens at the University of the Third Age (U3V) as part of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. While the issue of lifelong learning in the Czech Republic has become increasingly important in the last decades, among ot...