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Vostracký, Zdeněk , Sedláček, Jan , Mužík, Václav
Coupled tests including parameters TF and SLF of high voltage SF6 circuit breakers

Early medieval pins made of different materials belong with less common finds in a broader European context. Newly discovered specimens, especially from Kněží hora, near Katovice and Tismice, bear witness of the spreading of these artefacts and possible differences in clothing at early&...

Tomiczková, Světlana , Milsimerová, Aneta
Motivation of a student in geometry courses at the faculty of mechanics

In this article, we describe how David Hilbert (1862–1943) understood the arithmetisation of geometry in the book Grundlagen der Geometrie from 1899. First, we introduce Hilbert’s forerunners from the same period who were either asking for changes in the foundations of geometry or ...

Kumar, Vikas , Wang, Meng , Kumari, Archana , Akkaranggoon, Supalak , Garza-Reyes, Jose Arturo , Neutzling, Daiane , Tupa, Jiří
Exploring short food supply chains from triple bottom line lens: A comprehensive systematic review

Shipping in the Habsburg Monarchy is closely related to the two Austrian shipping overseas companies, on of which was Austro-Americana. This shipping company was founded in the late 19th century, but quickly settled with other shipping companies on the European continent, despite the&#x...

Rohan, Eduard , Lukeš, Vladimír
Homogenization of the vibro–acoustic transmission on perforated plates

Kněží hora near Katovice (Strakonice district) is one of the largest south-Bohemian early medieval hillforts, dating from the 9th – early 10th century. The existing information about the hillfort was chiefly based on research carried out by B. Dubský in 1946. In recent years t...

Heigl, Michael , Dörr, Laurin , Tiefnig, Nicolas , Fiala, Dalibor , Schramm, Martin
A resource-preserving self-regulating Uncoupled MAC algorithm to be applied in incident detection

Clay weights rank among frequently neglected artefacts commonly found at prehistoric settlements. However, their detailed analysis could in fact contribute to the resolution of numerous important questions, including the production technology of pottery and textiles, the handling of waste, depositiona...