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Recent Submissions

Koláříková, Dagmar
À propos des formations néologiques construites sur la base d’un nom propre

Sobotková, Veronika
Boundaries of Life and Death from the Viewpoint of Shi’i Islamic Jurisprudence and the Consequences in the Field of Islamic Bioethics

The article provides an overview of the various opinions, theories and debate concerning the boundaries of human life (the beginning and end of human life) in Shi‘i Islam and the important consequences in terms of the use of different medical technologies. It considers this is...

Paitlová, Jitka , Jedlička, Petr
Objektivní poznání v kontextu naturalizace filosofie

In the paper, we analyze several key philosophical approaches to objective knowledge (Descartes, Kant), which we described as “speculative”, that is theoretical and independent of experience. Our interpretation is based on the argument that the demarcation between speculative philosophy and empir...

Papanikolaou, Elli
Walter Charleton’s Theory of Matter: How Politics and Scientific Societies Influenced his Works

This paper investigates how the politics and the scientific societies influenced Walter Charleton’s matter theory. Initially, the study refers to two different historical theories of analysis of Charleton’s theory of matter, explaining, through the analysis of his most well-known works, why ...

Váně, Jan , Dirga, Lukáš
The prison chaplain as a part of penitentiary care? Transformation of the Czech prison system after the fall of communism

The prison system in the Czech Republic has been carrying out a reform process since the end of the communist regime, and has gone through more than 30 years of transformation, based on an effort to make it a modern European correctional system. Part of this change&#...