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Recent Submissions

Fenclová, Marie , Horová, Helena
Titres des articles en sciences humaines : sens et structures

Rosůlek, Přemysl
The post-truth age, the fake news industry, the Russian Federation and the Central European area

In this text, I first come up with the conceptualization of the terms ‘post-truth age’, ‘news’ and ‘fake news’. I explain the difference between news and fake news in a larger context of the post-truth age. In this regard I argue that for the contemporary period...

Kastnerová, Martina
Viatori in continens: Intelektuální kruh rodiny Sidney a střední Evropa (Andreas Dudith, Johannes Sambucus)

Intellectual and literary circles, communities, and networks were a significant feature of Renaissance and early modern literary culture, playing a crucial part in nurturing intellectual communication and the circulation of knowledge. My contribution here is to focus on the particular intellectua...

Fischerová, Eva
Rozvoj spolkové aktivity v Předlitavsku od druhé poloviny 19. století s důrazem na vznik a působení Národní jednoty pro východní Moravu

The paper deals with foundation, organization and activity of the national protective association, which existed in the eastern Moravia in the period of 1885-1948. It was the National Association of Eastern Moravia and it protected the so-called "border guards" against the growing&...

Civínová, Pavlína
Cesta k Paktu čtyř velmocí, 1933

When the Great War came to an end, Europe was opened to various possibilities how to keep and ensure the peace. The concept of the collective security and disarmament won, despite of wishes and ideas of some politicians. Not every country was to keen to disarm its&#x...