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Recent Submissions

Petr, Libor , Vařeka, Pavel
Palynology research of water reservoirs of later mediaeval and post-mediaeval deserted villages in West Bohemia, Czech Republic

This paper presents palynological research of sediments in artificial water reservoirs from deserted later mediaeval villages in the Pilsen Region, Czech Republic. Coring and test-pitting of these features have shown that in some cases, their preserved fills are formed by wet sediments ...

Sobotková, Veronika , Pěchota, Jan
Židé v islámu: Koncept ahl adh–dhimma a případová studie židovské menšiny v Maroku

Lhoták, Jan
„Staetlin“ a „Saelitz“. Glosy k lokalizaci dvou německých toponym z jihozápadních Čech

Two German geographic names which are difficultto localize – Staetlin and Saelitz appear in documents from 1290-1314 regulating ownership rights in relation to a church in Zdouň near Sušice (district Klatovy). Previous research identified these places with today’s Kolinec and Sedlečko (in&#x...

Šedivý, Miroslav
The Path to the Austro-Sardinian War: The Post-Napoleonic States System and the End of Peace in Europe in 1848

The aim of this article is to explain the long-term process leading to the decision of Sardinian King Charles Albert to wage war against Austria in March 1848. Moving beyond the normal stress on Italian national consciousness, the article focuses more on the King’s attitude&#x...

Pařízková, Alena , Clausen, Jette Aaroe
Women on the move: A search for preferred birth services

Background: Women and midwives travel long distances, or abroad, to receive or provide birth services. Travel for birth services is not represented in the existing literature, despite the wide scale research available on medical travel. Aim: We explored the perspectives of women who...