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Recent Submissions

Ponížilová, Martina
China´s Risk-Averse Middle East Policy: Protecting Economic Interests while Staying out of Conflict

The strategic map of the Middle East is slowly changing with traditional powers retreating from the regional management and with the expanding power vacuum in the region. Lately, growing attention is focused on emerging powers such as China that have capabilities and potential to&#...

Zákravský, Jiří
Sports Diplomacy of the State of Qatar and Its (Lack of) Success in the Czech Republic: Analysis of the Czech Nationwide Press in 2016

The State of Qatar is a typical example of a small but rich country that uses sports diplomacy to promote itself all around the world. The main question of my chapter I try to answer is: Is Qatari sports diplomacy successful in the Czech Republic? This could be&...

Bílková, Jitka
Osvobození, vznik Československa, T. G. Masaryk a některé jeho myšlenky a ideály v tvorbě Franka Weniga

Frank Wenig was an important Pilsen regional personality, a writer, journalist and scenarist. His earliest literary activities started shortly after the establishment of Czechoslovakia. His literary works and journalistic career were influenced by Professor and later President Masaryk, whose opinions&...

Moník, Martin , Pankowská, Anna
Settlement patterns of the late paleolithic in Bohemia and Moravia

Similarly to other territories in Central and Western Europe, what is today Bohemia and Moravia (CZ) saw significant cultural change at the beginning of or during the Allerød period when Magdalenian sites disappeared from the archaeological record and typologically less pronounced Late ...

Naxera, Vladimír
“Islamophobia without Muslims”: Anti-Muslim and anti-Arab Attitudes in Czech Society (Introductory Remarks)

The issue of Islam is a crucial one in current Czech politics. These topics can be found in everyday social conversation, debates held in political institutions, and in the media. This critically poised essay consists of three main parts. Firstly, the author deals with Czech&#...