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Recent Submissions

Baumanová, Monika , Šmejda, Ladislav
Space as material culture: residential stone buildings on the precolonial Swahili coast in a comparative perspective

This paper develops the notion that the structure of residential spaces has long been in a dialogue with social environments. It elaborates theoretical and methodological streams in the social sciences that focus on the interplay between society and the built environment. Space, rather&...

Sobotková, Veronika , Pěchota, Jan
Židé v islámu: Koncept ahl adh–dhimma a případová studie židovské menšiny v Maroku

Civilizace Asie a Afriky od starověku po součanost

Charvát, Petr
Sumerians and their Soups

A study of inscriptions on some seal impressions of archaic Ur (c. 2900-2700 BC), pertaining to food preparation.

Charvát, Petr
Oriental Subtleties: Counter-marking of Archaic Ur Seals Again

A study of counter-marking the seal impressions of archaic Ur (c. 2900-2700 BC), and an attept at interpretation of this phenomenon.