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Recent Submissions

Civilizace Asie a Afriky od starověku po součanost

Charvát, Petr
Sumerians and their Soups

A study of inscriptions on some seal impressions of archaic Ur (c. 2900-2700 BC), pertaining to food preparation.

Charvát, Petr
Oriental Subtleties: Counter-marking of Archaic Ur Seals Again

A study of counter-marking the seal impressions of archaic Ur (c. 2900-2700 BC), and an attept at interpretation of this phenomenon.

Záhořík, Jan
Inherited Inequalities and Uneasy Transformation: Socioeconomic and Ethno-political Pitfalls of an Ongoing Crisis in Ethiopia

The article deals with socioeconomic and ethno-political challenges that current Ethiopia is facing. It takes these aspects into a historical perspective.

Šašková, Kateřina
“Place in my hands the inexhaustible craft of medicine!”: Physicians and healing at the royal court of Esarhaddon

The medicine of ancient Mesopotamia has long been the topic of investigation, but the texts explored within this field are mainly “handbooks” for persons practising medicine. This medical literature, however, comprises theoretical information rather than data on actual medical practices. Therefor...