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Wanner, Michal
John McALEER Atlantic Voyages: The East India Company and the British Route to the East in the Age of Sail Oxford 2023 ISBN: 978-0-19-289474-8, 258 pp.

Šenk, Martin
David TROJAN Tobiáš z Benešova. Biskup – hospodář – politik Praha 2023 ISBN: 978-80-200-3443-4, 348 pp

Osmonova, S. , Asankanov, A. , Karabekova, E. , Omurzakova, T. , Keneshbaeva, D. , Chynykeeva, G.
Gender Upbringing of Children in Traditional Kyrgyz Families (On the Example of South-West of Fergana Valley)

The study of the issues of children socialization in traditional culture is important for understanding the various mechanisms that ensure the formation of a person as a social personality and a representative of an ethnic group. Gender upbringing of children in traditional...

Strelko, Oleh , Pylypchuk, Oleh , Pylypchuk, Oksana
The Kyiv Society of Naturalists and its Importance in the Development of Zoology

Until recently, most of the works on the history of naturalist societies have been devoted to the Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tartu, and other societies. The study of scientific heritage and other societies has become an urgent need. Among them, a particular attention is &#...

Bene, Krisztián
The Ethnic Composition and the Participation of the Reorganized French Army in the Liberation of the Metropolitan France.

Although France suffered a crushing defeat in 1940 and was forced to sign an armistice, the war did not end for all French territories. In July 1940, General Charles de Gaulle created the Free French Forces in London to continue the fight against the Axis powe...