West Bohemian Historical Review


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Recent Submissions

Fabianková, Klára
International Online Conference: Treaties of the Paris Peace Conference (1919–1920) – Second edition, 4th–5th June 2021, Romania

Dryková, Blanka
Mark DUNTON Images of The National Archives: Prime Ministers of the 20th Century Barnsley 2021 ISBN 978-15-267-2949-1, 88 pp.

Oyeweso, Siyan , Oluwafunminiyi, Raheem
Becoming Olorisa: Ede Town (Nigeria) in the Making of Ulli Beier and Susanne Wenger

This paper examines the place of the historic Yoruba town of Ede, southwest Nigeria and the institution of Timi (traditional title of all Ede kings) in the evolution and development of Ulli Beier and Susanne Wenger’s thoughts on Yoruba art, culture and religion. At ...

Soile, Oluwaseun I. , Odunlami, Babatunde A.
British Colonial Administration and Inter-group Relations in Yorubaland: The Case of Remo Groups in Sagamu, Southwestern Nigeria

The appearance of the Europeans on the West African coasts as well as the establishment of colonial rule is one of the defining moments in Nigerian history. This has brought about a profound impact on the socio-economic and political development of the people of&#...

Olusegun Adeyeri, James
Social and Economic Development of Akoko Society under Colonial Rule

The Akoko people are domiciled in the eastern part of Ondo State, and northeast Yorubaland, Nigeria. In 1897, Akokoland was conquered and brought under British rule. The transformatory impact of British colonial rule, especially in relation to Akoko economy and society stil...