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Marvan, Tomáš , Polák, Michal , Phillips, William , Bachmann, Talis
Apical amplification—a cellular mechanism of conscious perception?

The paper presents a theoretical view of the cellular foundations for network-level processes involved in producing our conscious experience. Inputs to apical synapses in layer 1 of a large subset of neocortical cells are summed at an integration zone near the top of their api...

Kratochvíl, Miloš
Pojetí etiky v raném pozitivismu

Topic in moral philosophy, such as freedom of the will, conscience, relation of facts and norms, are still alive, although nowadays it is within sciences than within philosophy. It was the 19th Century positivism what directed ethics this way. The purpose of this text is ...

Kočandrle, Radim
Space and Earth in Archaic Ionian Cosmologies

Archaic Ionian cosmologies were characterised above all by their meteorological nature and by the assumption that celestial bodies move only around a flat earth. One can, however, argue that their common foundation was the idea that the earth constitutes the lower dimension of the&...

Ehrmann, Maud , Kaše, Vojtěch , Karsdorp, Folgert , Heřmánková, Petra , Wevers, Melvin , Sobotková, Adéla , Andrews, Tara Lee , Burghardt, Manuel , Kestemont, Mike , Manjavacas, Enrique , Piotrowski, Michael , van Zundert, Joris
Classifying Latin Inscriptions of the Roman Empire: A Machine-Learning Approach

Large-scale synthetic research in ancient history is often hindered by the incompatibility of tax- onomies used by different digital datasets. Using the example of enriching the Latin Inscriptions from the Roman Empire dataset (LIRE), we demonstrate that machine-learning classification mod- els&#...

Linka, Vojtěch , Kaše, Vojtěch
Pain and the Body in Corpus Hippocraticum: A Distributional Semantic Analysis

The authors of the medical treatises collected in Corpus Hippocraticum often mention pain, its qualities and origin. At the same time, however, they do not provide any explicit definition or theory of pain, of its nature and of its relation to other important aspects of H...