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Recent Submissions

Paitlová, Jitka , Jedlička, Petr
Objektivní poznání v kontextu naturalizace filosofie

In the paper, we analyze several key philosophical approaches to objective knowledge (Descartes, Kant), which we described as “speculative”, that is theoretical and independent of experience. Our interpretation is based on the argument that the demarcation between speculative philosophy and empir...

Papanikolaou, Elli
Walter Charleton’s Theory of Matter: How Politics and Scientific Societies Influenced his Works

This paper investigates how the politics and the scientific societies influenced Walter Charleton’s matter theory. Initially, the study refers to two different historical theories of analysis of Charleton’s theory of matter, explaining, through the analysis of his most well-known works, why ...

Špeldová, Monika
Margaret Cavendishová (1623-1673): kritička Royal Society

This dissertation analysed key aspects of the critical assessment of the new science practised by members of the Royal Society from 1660 to 1680. The research was based on the investigation of the scientific, social and political activities of Society's most important members. ...

Jiráková, Karolína
Aristotelova teorie poznání: zaměření na induktivní metodu a její reflexi současnými autory

The thesis deals with the question of how Aristotle gets to know the first principles and causes. The interpretation is influenced by the interpretation of Aristotle's method, which is connected with the understanding of substance as a compound of matter and form. The presented...

Zeman, Jan
Vybrané kapitoly z dějin matematiky konce 19. a začátkem 20. století: Hilbertovy Grundlagen der Geometrie v kontextu doby

This thesis presents the first Czech translation of David Hilbert's book Grundlagen der Geometrie (1899). In our succeeding text we first present the book from a historical perspective, and we introduce Hilbert's work together with the work of his colleagues, mainly at Göttingen...