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Recent Submissions

Couprie, Dirk L.
Anaxagoras on the Light and Phases of the Moon

This paper is a sequel of “Anaxagoras on the Milky Way and Lunar Eclipses” (Couprie 2017). Doxographic reports state that, according to Anaxagoras, the moon receives its light from the sun. Most authors understand it as meaning “the moon reflects the light of the sun”. Th...

Funda, Otakar
Die Entstehung des Christlichen Glaubens

Benda, Libor
Collins, Harry (2017): Gravity’s Kiss: The Detection of Gravitational Waves. Cambridge (Mass.): MIT Press. 408 s. ISBN 978-0-262-03618-4.

Dach, Stefanie
Ontologická priorita vědeckého - Wilfrid Sellars, vědecký realismus a pragmatismus

My thesis focuses on the work of the 20th century philosopher Wilfrid Sellars and the tensions between his scientific realist and his pragmatist commitments. The aim of my thesis is to offer a reading of Sellars's work that can reconcile these conflicting tendencies. In th...

Chalupská, Martina
Filosofická koncepce organicistního pojetí skutečnosti

The present dissertation thesis deals with A. N. Whitehead's philosophy of organism, also known as process philosophy, which approaches all being as a dynamic process of permanent becoming and the universe as a set of interconnected actual occasions. Whitehead's metaphysics of proces...