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Recent Submissions

Špiclová, Zdeňka
Vědecké metody v religionistice a jejich aplikace v bádání o raném křesťanství

The dissertation aims to investigate what a scientific approach to the study of religion can look like (at the theoretical level) and whether new technologies can be used for computer analysis of extant sources (at the level of method). The aim is to reflect on the r...

Hečková, Petra
Náhrobek jako historický pramen pro dějiny ušlechtilé kamenické výroby: příklad západního Slezska

Dimension stone is one of the traditional materials used in sepulchral monuments. Initially, especially easy-to-work sedimentary rocks such as sandstones, arkoses (arkosic sandstones) and limestones predominated. Since the mid-19th century, we have encountered an increasing variability of rock types u...

Bílková, Jitka , Voltr, Pavel
Devastace hřbitovů na Tachovsku po roce 1945 a jejich obnova

The contribution deals with the post-war history of cemeteries in the Tachov region and, using eight localities (Bohuslav, Hošťka, Milíře, Nové Domky, Ošelín, Pavlův Studenec, Svatá Kateřina u Přimdy and Tachov), it demonstrates the process &#x...

Polák, Michal
Heat and Pain Identity Statements and the Imaginability Argument

The aim of the first part of the paper is to expose that Kripke’s argument against type-identity theory does not rigorously distinguish the meaning of individual relata entering the identity relation, and therefore his claim about the faultiness of the analogy between propositions ...

Nikki, Nina , Kaše, Vojtěch , Špiclová, Zdeňka
The Cultural Evolution of Prototypical Paul in the First Five Centuries: A Distributional Semantic Analysis of Greek Christian Texts

The article uncovers how the first five centuries of Greek Christian texts reflect a changing understanding of Paul as a prototypical character. The study joins cognitive and social psy­chological theory of categorization in defining prototype as a highly contextual, fuzzy set of qualit...