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Murgaš, Jaromír
Výukový experiment k myšlenkovým dovednostem studentů vysokých škol a role proto-filosofické výuky pro kulturu jejich myšlení

A pedagogical experiment, which I describe in this text and whose partial yet considerably significant outcomes I present, revealed a number of problems considering how students are able to deal with a philosophical example (or rather a sophism), though at a simple lev...

Kastnerová, Martina
Sidney, Spenser, Puttenham: tři typy alžbětinské poetiky a utváření profesní a národní identity prostřednictvím pozeie

The study deals with the main tenets of the Elizabethan Poetics, as 1) the concept of poesy as creating fictional worlds and the concept of poet as a “maker”, 2) moral and social role of poetry and the concept of “doctrine by ensample”, 3) unity of poetic...

Bíba, Ondřej
Karl Popper a problém indukce

Can we justify the opinion that the future will be to a significant extent similar to the past? That is the tone in which David Hume defined the nowadays traditional version of the problem of induction in the 18th century England and the striving for justification of...

Chalupská, Martina
Filosofická koncepce organicistního pojetí skutečnosti

The goal of the present PhD thesis is to analyze and evaluate a system of the philosophy of organism introduced by Alfred North Whitehead in which a term substance is superseded by a term organic synthesis. In implementing this goal, contemporary scientific knowledge which inf...

Paitlová, Jitka
Transformace platónského pojetí sofrosyné

Disertation thesis deals in six chapters with intelectual development, methodological foundations and epistemological and science-philosophical problems of critical rationalism of German philosopher Hans Albert.