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Marvan, Tomáš , Polák, Michal , Phillips, William , Bachmann, Talis
Apical amplification—a cellular mechanism of conscious perception?

The paper presents a theoretical view of the cellular foundations for network-level processes involved in producing our conscious experience. Inputs to apical synapses in layer 1 of a large subset of neocortical cells are summed at an integration zone near the top of their api...

Kratochvíl, Miloš
Pojetí etiky v raném pozitivismu

Topic in moral philosophy, such as freedom of the will, conscience, relation of facts and norms, are still alive, although nowadays it is within sciences than within philosophy. It was the 19th Century positivism what directed ethics this way. The purpose of this text is ...

Kočandrle, Radim
Space and Earth in Archaic Ionian Cosmologies

Archaic Ionian cosmologies were characterised above all by their meteorological nature and by the assumption that celestial bodies move only around a flat earth. One can, however, argue that their common foundation was the idea that the earth constitutes the lower dimension of the&...

Linka, Vojtěch , Kaše, Vojtěch
Pain and the Body in Corpus Hippocraticum: A Distributional Semantic Analysis

The authors of the medical treatises collected in Corpus Hippocraticum often mention pain, its qualities and origin. At the same time, however, they do not provide any explicit definition or theory of pain, of its nature and of its relation to other important aspects of H...

Paitlová, Jitka
Stoletý solitér Hans Albert v kontextu evropské filosofie (nejen) 20. století

On the occasion of the hundredth birthday of an important proponent of critical rationalism, Hans Albert, this article maps the key moments of his intellectual development and above all outlines his relationship to selected philosophical currents of (not only) the twentieth century. Alb...

Fišerová, Nicole
Feyerabend’s Alternative Theories within Goodman’s Worldmaking

Kastnerová, Martina
Jak setkání se středoevropskými intelektuály podnítilo zájem Philipa Sidneyho o přírodní vědy: případ Carola Clusia

On his travels through Central Europe during which he became acquainted with several prominent intellectual figures, Philip Sidney (1554-1586) might have developed a growing interest in botany and medicine, disciplines that had begun to flourish during the period. I intend to shed light...

Kastnerová, Martina
Johannes Crato: zapomenutý mentor Philipa Sidneyho?

This article is focused on introducing of the manipulation system, which is used to insert equipment or measuring probes into the chamber of a cold crucible during experimental induction skull melting. The measuring probe could be, e.g., calorimeter for measuring heat flux from a&#...

Bílková, Jitka
Osvobození, vznik Československa, T. G. Masaryk a některé jeho myšlenky a ideály v tvorbě Franka Weniga

Frank Wenig was an important Pilsen regional personality, a writer, journalist and scenarist. His earliest literary activities started shortly after the establishment of Czechoslovakia. His literary works and journalistic career were influenced by Professor and later President Masaryk, whose opinions&...

Černá, Jana
Escribir las cartas, contar las historias naturales. Naturaleza novohispana en la correspondencia de los jesuitas de la Provincia de Bohemia (siglos XVII-XVIII)

Marvan, Tomáš , Polák, Michal
Generality and content-specificity in the study of the neural correlates of perceptual consciousness

The present paper was written as a contribution to ongoing methodological debates within the NCC project. We focus on the neural correlates of conscious perceptual episodes. Our claim is that the NCC notion, as applied to conscious perceptual episodes, needs to be reconceptualized. ...

Ševčík, Miloš
Význam humoru v kontextu úvah Louise Cazamiana

The study interprets and develops Louis Cazamian’s theory of humor. It presents the outlines of the theory, which was created in connection with Bergson’s general theory of the comic and his remarks on humor. In the process of zeroing in on Cazamian’s conception of the me...

Ševčík, Miloš
Afinita laskavosti a humoru v úvahách Louise Cazamiana

This article focuses on Louis François Cazamian’s considerations upon the relation between kindness and humour. At the outset, it is shown that in general, Cazamian’s concept of humour is inspired by Henri Bergson’s concept of what is perceived to be comic, as an automatism in...

Paitlová, Jitka
New Styles of Reasoning in Contemporary Philosophy and Science

The paper discusses the unexpected trends in the most modern forms of philosophy and science. The traditional differences in the roles of philosophy and science can be traced back to Kant: natural sciences refer to possible experience; philosophy as metaphysics does not affect expe...

Špiclová, Zdeňka , Kaše, Vojtěch
Distant Reading of the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of John: Reflection of Methodological Aspects of the Use of Digital Technologies in the Research of Biblical Texts

The aim of this study is to demonstrate the applicability of selected methods of the so-called distant reading from the area of digital humanities for the interpretation of early Christian texts, specifically for approaching similarities and differences between the Gospel of Thomas and&...

Kočandrle, Radim
Země jako kosmické těleso v předsókratovské kosmologii

Interpretations of the Earth in Ionic archaic cosmologies usually revolve around the idea of it being a flat disc lying on water or air. In them, the Earth is also conceived as a concrete body situated in the space of the universe. However, due to the meteorological&...

Míchalová, Zdeňka , Kruntorád, Matěj
Madona velkomeziříčská mezi reformací a restaurováním

Tois study deals with the 'second life' of the Madonna of Velké Meziříčí, a gothic sculpture that originated in the second quarter of the 14th century and belongs to a body of work created by the Master of the Michle Madonna. Attention here f ocuses on two&#x...

Kočandrle, Radim
Infinite Worlds in the Thought of Anaximander

Ancient authors ascribe to Anaximander of Miletus a conception of infinite worlds. That could be interpreted to mean either coexistent or successive worlds, or even just changes within one world. However, various references to temporal cycles found in Anaximander correspond either to a&...

Kočandrle, Radim
Prostor pod Zemí v iónských archaických kosmologiích

Among the characteristic features of Ionic archaic cosmologies we can usually find, alongside a flat Earth, the meteorological nature of the heavenly bodies together with the fact that these bodies only orbit above the Earth. It is, however, possible to suppose that a further, ...

Kastnerová, Martina
Johannes Sambucus at the Imperial Court and His Ties to the Sidney Circle

Intellectual and literary circles, communities, and networks were a significant feature of Renaissance and early modern literary culture, playing a crucial part in nurturing intellectual communication and the circulation of knowledge. Moreover, the literary culture and intellectual circles of the ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 107