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Recent Submissions

Novotný, Lukáš
Sudeten German Party Complaint to the League of Nations and the Situation of the German Minority in Czechoslovakia

The ethnic problem had never before been such a pressing issue at the international level as it was in the initial post-war years, in particular, in the areas of Central and Southeast Europe. Based on post-war negotiations, the idea of international protection of national mino...

Janák, Viktor
Proměny etnografických časopisů Slovácka v letech 1936-1950

From the first half of 1930s until the 1950s, the society of Slovácko as well as the entire Czechoslovak Republic faced significant changes. These changes were inevitably reflected even in areas such as ethnography. Associations and groups, addressing the ethnography of Slovácko in ...

Khás, Petr
Československá branná moc v západních Čechách během mobilizace v září 1938

The article deals with dislocation, organization, preparations and war plans of the Czechoslovak Army and other armed forces (State Defense Guard, Czechoslovakian Gendarmerie) in West Bohemia during the mobili- zation in September 1938. It also describes some local engagements between Czechoslova...

Skřivan Sr., Aleš , Skřivan Jr., Aleš
British Interests and the Struggle of Russia and France for Leases and Spheres of Influence in China (1897–1898)

China found itself in massive debt after its defeat in the war with Japan (1894–1895), and it was progressively put under significant pressure by the Great Powers who were seeking to define their exclusive spheres of influence and gain economic concessions. Russia...

Kaarbaeva, Zhyldyz
Vývoj kyrgyzsko-uzbeckých vztahů v Kyrgyzstánu od 80. let 20. století do současnosti (na příkladu měst Oš a Džalal-Abad)

The dissertation is devoted to the study of interethnic relations in the south of Kyrgyzstan on the example of relations between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks ethnic groups, where the former represents the titular ethnic group, and the latter are the largest minority in the country. The&#...