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Recent Submissions

Pučelík, Karel
Vznik a vývoj poválečného politického konsenzu ve Velké Británii (1945-1955)

This dissertation examines the emergence and development of the post-war political consensus in Britain from 1945 to 1955. This concept suggests a deep consensus on key political issues such as the economy, social and health policy, the organisation of trade unions. There are vario...

Civínová, Pavlína
Pakt čtyř velmocí (1932-1933) jako prostředek italského revizionismu

The Four-Power Pact, proposed by Benito Mussolini in March 1933, was to represent the cooperation of Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany. Mussolini first mentioned the idea of cooperation in a speech to supporters in Turin in the autumn of 1932, but at that time it&#...

Lhoták, Jan
Women Credit Activities in a Rural Town in Bohemia in the 18th Century. The Case of Lidmila Löschová

The role of widows in the artisan-agrarian urban society in East-Central Europe was usually narrowed down to the position of provisional manager of the bequeathed property until a male heir reached adulthood. However, some individual stories show us that women often times were also...

Khás, Petr
Josef Beran a Josef Hlouch - dvě vůdčí osobnosti západočeského katolicismu a jejich společné vězení

This paper focuses on two leading figures of West Bohemian Catholicism - Bishop Josef Hlouch and Archbishop Josef Beran. The main part of the text is focused on their joint internment in the years 1952-1963 in the secret government buildings of Růžodol, Myštěves and Paběnice.

Kotva, Aleš
Aspekty britsko-německého jednání o alianci z roku 1901

The aim of the study is to summarise several factors which greatly infl uenced the course of British-German relations on an alliance and at the same time explain the foundations for the actual emergence of these negotiations. Within the framework of the established goals, it&#...