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Recent Submissions

Kodet, Roman
Incident Namamugi v britsko-japonských vztazích

The conclusion of unequal treaties with Western Powers caused unrest in Japan. Adherents of the sonno joi movement demanded expulsion of the foreigners and return of the political power into the hands of the Emperor. They therefore initiated a series of attacks against influential&...

Kodet, Roman
Úvod do dějin každodennosti vojenské vrstvy předmoderního Japonska

The military class of pre-modern Japan – samurai – created a rich urban culture in the 17th century. Huge castle cities were established in that time, which changed the everyday life of Japanese warriors. From the land-nobility, samurai became the inhabitants of cities. Due to...

Pásztorová, Barbora
Metternich a německá otázka v letech 1840-1848

The aim of this dissertation thesis is the analysis of Austrian Chancellor Metternich's attitude to the German question between 1840 and 1848. The period under review is logically defined by two significant events, the Rhine Crisis in 1840 which stimulated the development in Ge...

Boček, Martin
Soupeření lodních společností o zákazníky z Předlitavska na přelomu 19. a 20. století

The goal of presented dissertation thesis is competitive analysis of shipping companies for customers in the Habsburg Monarchy. At the same time there is a possibility to compare chosen shipping companies and their attitude to customers in the Habsburg Monarchy. The thesis primarily...

Fischerová, Eva
Národní jednota severočeská 1918-1938

The topic of the PhD thesis is an analysis of selected aspects of activities of the National Association of the Northern Bohemia in years 19181938 and before year 1914 and also after year 1938. National Association of Northern Bohemia was a protective national association foun...