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Boček, Martin
S iluzí za novým životem. Agitace pro vystěhovalectví do USA v habsburské monarchii

The study deals with the issue of emigration propaganda in the Habsburg Monarchy during 19th century until the outbreak of the First World War in the context of emigration issues. Specifically, it focuses on the analysis profit by selling one-way ticket to overseas, in fact&#x...

Pásztorová, Barbora
Metternich’s Peace Management, 1840–48: Anachronism or Vision?

Austrian chancellor Metternich’s Europeanism is often disputed. It has been claimed that he strove only to strengthen Austrian power within the German Confederation and to establish Austrian hegemony in Central Europe, with European interests and the Concert of only secondary concern. The&#x...

Švec, Radek
Pracovní úrazy a zdravotní péče u pomocných technických praporů (PTP)

In my contribution, I discuss the topic of work injuries and medical care in the Auxiliary Technical Battalions, which, like other internment facilities of the communist regime (such as prisons and prison camps, civilian forced labor camps, or internment monasteries), is a l...

Janák, Viktor
"Slovácko sa nesúdí" aneb konec iniciátorů moravské iredenty

The study focuses on the circumstances of the end of Moravian irredentist activities of late 1930s, grouped around a civic association called Národopisná Morava (Ethnographic Moravia). The leading figures of the initiative were prosecuted by Extraordinary People´s Court in Uherské Hradiště a...

Kodet, Roman
A nyugati külföldi közösség kialakulása Japánban

Fischerová, Eva
The National Association of East Moravia: a Contribution to the Study of Czech-German Relations and the Phenomenon of Defence Unions at the End of the Habsburg Monarchy and in the First Czechoslovak Republic

This study uses both published and unpublished sources and academic literature to look at the phenomenon of so-called defence unions, which were set up beginning at the end of the 19th century and whose objective was to contribute towards the national struggle at the Czech-Ger...

Kodet, Roman
Great Britain, the Great Powers, and the Shimonoseki Incident

The Shimonoseki Incident was a major diplomatic conflict between the Great Powers and Japan. It was initiated by the Chōshū Domain, which tried to block the Shimonoseki Straits for the foreign shipping after an Imperial edict to expel the “barbarians” was issued. Chōshū batteries&#...

Tóth, Andrej , Novotný, Lukáš
Základy zdravotního systému první Československé republiky. S ohledem na zdravotní legislativu, síť zdravotních zařízení a zdravotní stav populace na počátku 20. let 20. století

The article seeks to summarise the beginnings of the healthcare system of the newly established Czechoslovak Republic, with a short historical digression to the pe-riod prior to 1918, not only in Cisleithania but also in Transleithania, the parts of Austria-Hungary. Primary attention is...

Novotný, Lukáš
Sudeten German Party Complaint to the League of Nations and the Situation of the German Minority in Czechoslovakia

The ethnic problem had never before been such a pressing issue at the international level as it was in the initial post-war years, in particular, in the areas of Central and Southeast Europe. Based on post-war negotiations, the idea of international protection of national mino...

Janák, Viktor
Proměny etnografických časopisů Slovácka v letech 1936-1950

From the first half of 1930s until the 1950s, the society of Slovácko as well as the entire Czechoslovak Republic faced significant changes. These changes were inevitably reflected even in areas such as ethnography. Associations and groups, addressing the ethnography of Slovácko in ...

Khás, Petr
Československá branná moc v západních Čechách během mobilizace v září 1938

The article deals with dislocation, organization, preparations and war plans of the Czechoslovak Army and other armed forces (State Defense Guard, Czechoslovakian Gendarmerie) in West Bohemia during the mobili- zation in September 1938. It also describes some local engagements between Czechoslova...

Skřivan Sr., Aleš , Skřivan Jr., Aleš
British Interests and the Struggle of Russia and France for Leases and Spheres of Influence in China (1897–1898)

China found itself in massive debt after its defeat in the war with Japan (1894–1895), and it was progressively put under significant pressure by the Great Powers who were seeking to define their exclusive spheres of influence and gain economic concessions. Russia...

Pučelík, Karel
Andrew Adonis: Ernest Bevin: Labour’s Churchill

Kodet, Roman
The Importance of Geography and Natural Conditions for Japan’s Pre-Modern History

Modern scholars consider Japan as a separate civilization different from its continental counterparts. This fact is contributed mostly to the special conditions in which its society developed. The geographical and natural conditions of Japanese Islands influenced the shape of the its pre-mod...

Boček, Martin , Kozák, Vratislav
Po kolejích do nového světa: Emigrace z habsburské monarchie tzv. Jižní cestou

The study deals with the issue of emigration from the Habsburg monarchy in connection with the use of railways as a means of transport. Specifically, it focuses on the analysis of large-scale emigration from the Habsburg monarchy and the construction of a railway connection fr...

Lhoták, Jan
Výdaje českých královských měst na stavovské povstání: Sušice 1618–1619

This paper uses the example of a specific town to look at ways to calculate the costs related to the Bohemian Revolt of 1618–1620 can be cal culated. Basic information is first summarised, and an analysis is then given using the example of the Royal Town ...

Martínek, Daniel
Austria and the Papal States in the Context of the Italian Liberal-national Movement, 1838–1848

The aim of the study is to analyse Austro-papal relations in the period 1838–1848 in the context of the Italian liberal-national movement. The reactionary, backward, absolutist regime of the papal government had often been the cause of the crises in the Papal States&#x...

Klik, Jan
Dina Esfandiary, Ariane Tabatabai: Triple Axis: Iran’s Relations with Russia and China

Novotný, Lukáš
A Bund der Landwirte és a Deutsche christlichsoziale Volkspartei az 1918–1938-as években. Adalék a politikai aktivizmus történetéhez az első Csehszlovák Köztársaságban

Novotný, Lukáš , Tóth, Andrej
The Censorship Praxis and the Press Law in the First Czechoslovak Republic and the German and Hungarian Minorities

This study will examine the question of censorship and press law in the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938) and their relationship with the German and Hungarian minorities. Through research of published and unpublished sources, the authors will demonstrate that the new state adopted ...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 105