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Lhoták, Jan
„Staetlin“ a „Saelitz“. Glosy k lokalizaci dvou německých toponym z jihozápadních Čech

Two German geographic names which are difficultto localize – Staetlin and Saelitz appear in documents from 1290-1314 regulating ownership rights in relation to a church in Zdouň near Sušice (district Klatovy). Previous research identified these places with today’s Kolinec and Sedlečko (in&#x...

Šedivý, Miroslav
The Path to the Austro-Sardinian War: The Post-Napoleonic States System and the End of Peace in Europe in 1848

The aim of this article is to explain the long-term process leading to the decision of Sardinian King Charles Albert to wage war against Austria in March 1848. Moving beyond the normal stress on Italian national consciousness, the article focuses more on the King’s attitude&#x...

Kodet, Roman
Incident Namamugi v britsko-japonských vztazích

The conclusion of unequal treaties with Western Powers caused unrest in Japan. Adherents of the sonno joi movement demanded expulsion of the foreigners and return of the political power into the hands of the Emperor. They therefore initiated a series of attacks against influential&...

Kodet, Roman
Úvod do dějin každodennosti vojenské vrstvy předmoderního Japonska

The military class of pre-modern Japan – samurai – created a rich urban culture in the 17th century. Huge castle cities were established in that time, which changed the everyday life of Japanese warriors. From the land-nobility, samurai became the inhabitants of cities. Due to...

Hejkrlíková, Jana
TESAŘ, Jan – SERYNEK, Josef. Česká cikánská rapsodie, svazek I. Praha: Tiráda, 2016. 502 s. ISBN 978-80-87256-84-8.

Šedivý, Miroslav
Vliv rakouské anexe Krakova v roce 1846 na vývoj italského národního hnutí

The article deals with the interaction between the functioning of the European states system and the development of European society in the 19th century. Using the example of Austria's annexation of the Free City of Cracow in November 1846, it is possible to prove that...

Urban, Martin
The Tradition of Examining the Effect of the Natural Environment on Human Society, or Environmental Determinism in Pre-Modern History

The issue of the effect of the natural environment on human society has been (and still is being) an important topic in geographical literature since ancient times. Scholars have queried to what degree natural conditions influence the human population, its character and history, fo...

Valkoun, Jaroslav , Urban, Martin
Kanada ve Společnosti národů a její postoj k článku 10 Paktu Společnosti národů

After the First World War, Canada, together with other dominions and their motherland became a member state of a newly established intergovernmental organization, the League of Nations, which was supposed to guarantee peaceful coexistence of the nations on a basis of the principles ...

Skřivan, Aleš , Skřivan, Aleš
Paroplavební společnost Rakouského Lloydu. Vznik, počáteční aktivity a problémy

Steamship Company, the second section of the Austrian Lloyd, was founded by representatives of the insurance companies, banks and private entities in Trieste in 1836. The aim of this company was to develop transport to Mediterranean ports and later to remote overseas ports. The...

Chocholatý, Michal
„Ta těla byla svlečená a nahá…,“ vzpomíná bývalý vězeň koncentračního tábora Majdanek Zdzisław Badio

Chocholatý, Michal
WIENERT, Annika. Das Lager vorstellen. Die Architektur der nationalsozialistischen Vernichtungslager. NeofelisVerlag: Berlin, 2015. 301 s. ISBN 978-3-95808- 013-3.

Boček, Martin
Die Nordroute der Auswanderer aus der Habsburgermonarchie

Inhabitants of the Habsburg Monarchy began to dominate in the number of immigrants heading to the United States of America after year 1883. The largest number of emigrants were heading through the North German ports, because the journey to the north of Germany was not dif...

Skřivan jr., Aleš
On the character of the foreign trade of the People’s republic of China in the period 1949–1969

Foreign trade was one of the first areas of the Chinese economy which passed completely under the state control after the establishment of the Communist regime in China. The Beijing government started to build a new institutional model inspired by the Soviet experience. Like i...

Rašková, Eva
The National association of Northern Bohemia: a few remarks concerning its foundation, organization, and activities

The paper deals with the foundation, organization and activity of the national protective association, which existed in the northern border regions of Bohemia in the period of 1885–1948. It was the National Association of Northern Bohemia (NANB) and it protected the so-called “border&#x...

Chocholatý, Michal
Rozhovor s Wojciechem Mazurkem

Krištofová, Veronika
Japonská expedice na Tchaj-wan v roce 1874

This study describes the Japanese expedition to Taiwan in 1874. The expedition was a part of Japan’s transformation from a traditional and conservative Asian state to one supporting a programme of modernization, leading it to become a rapidly prosperous state that was ...

Pásztorová, Barbora
Metternich a šlesvicko-holštýnská otázka

The aim of this study is to analyze the development of the Schleswig-Holstein question, especially during the 1840s, and to outline Austrian Chancellor Metternich’s attitude on the issue. Metternich began to pay attention to the Schleswig-Holstein question after July 8, 1846...

Lhoták, Jan
Poddanské městečko jako urbánní a agrární jeviště: (Janovice nad Úhlavou v raném novověku)

The paper deals with a legal position of the inhabitants of a servile town of Janovice nad Úhlavou in the early modern times. It analyses the difference to its rural surroundings. Janovice obtained some of the features typical for towns (the right for trade, ...

Chocholatý, Michal
Vzpoury v táborech smrti Treblinka a Sobibor

The death camps Treblinka and Sobibor represented an important tool for realization of so called Operation Reinhard/t, which was established with the goal of destroying European Jews and confiscating their property. This operation was carried out mainly in three camps: Belz...

Lebedová, Eliška
The opening of Japan

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 71