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Boček, Martin , Kozák, Vratislav
Po kolejích do nového světa: Emigrace z habsburské monarchie tzv. Jižní cestou

The study deals with the issue of emigration from the Habsburg monarchy in connection with the use of railways as a means of transport. Specifically, it focuses on the analysis of large-scale emigration from the Habsburg monarchy and the construction of a railway connection fr...

Kodet, Roman
The Importance of Geography and Natural Conditions for Japan’s Pre-Modern History

Modern scholars consider Japan as a separate civilization different from its continental counterparts. This fact is contributed mostly to the special conditions in which its society developed. The geographical and natural conditions of Japanese Islands influenced the shape of the its pre-mod...

Lhoták, Jan
Výdaje českých královských měst na stavovské povstání: Sušice 1618–1619

This paper uses the example of a specific town to look at ways to calculate the costs related to the Bohemian Revolt of 1618–1620 can be cal culated. Basic information is first summarised, and an analysis is then given using the example of the Royal Town ...

Kodet, Roman
The World of Japanese Chronicles. War Stories in the Japanese Historiography

The Japanese historiography had an early beginning. Its tradition started with the chronicles Kojiki and Nihongi compiled for the Imperial Court in Kyoto in the 8th century. There were created a lot of other historical works – official histories, biographies, diaries etc.&#...

Martínek, Daniel
Austria and the Papal States in the Context of the Italian Liberal-national Movement, 1838–1848

The aim of the study is to analyse Austro-papal relations in the period 1838–1848 in the context of the Italian liberal-national movement. The reactionary, backward, absolutist regime of the papal government had often been the cause of the crises in the Papal States&#x...

Klik, Jan
Dina Esfandiary, Ariane Tabatabai: Triple Axis: Iran’s Relations with Russia and China

Novotný, Lukáš
A Bund der Landwirte és a Deutsche christlichsoziale Volkspartei az 1918–1938-as években. Adalék a politikai aktivizmus történetéhez az első Csehszlovák Köztársaságban

Novotný, Lukáš , Tóth, Andrej
The Censorship Praxis and the Press Law in the First Czechoslovak Republic and the German and Hungarian Minorities

This study will examine the question of censorship and press law in the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938) and their relationship with the German and Hungarian minorities. Through research of published and unpublished sources, the authors will demonstrate that the new state adopted ...

Donátková, Zuzana
Futurism and the Birth of Fascism

This study analyses selected aspects of the Italian Futurist movement’s political agenda, its involvement in interventionist campaigns for Italy to join the First World War, and its subsequent role in the forming of the Fascist movement. The Intervento, the nine-month period...

Martínek, Daniel
Revoluce v Itálii 1831 a rakouská vojenská intervence

Lhoták, Jan
Slasti a strasti kontribučního úředníka. Vymezení a socio-ekonomická pozice daňových výběrčích v 18. a prvé polovině 19. století

Lhoták, Jan
Dějepisné dílo Jana Helblinga z Hirzenfeldu v kontextu tvorby městských monografií poloviny 19. století

Šedivý, Miroslav
The Role of Geopolitics in the Italian Risorgimento during the 1840s: An Introductory Survey

The article's goal is to introduce the thesis that not only the constitutional and socio-economic agendas of states but also international affairs strongly influence the formation of various human communities and their political programmes, and that this interaction was often no less...

Šedivý, Miroslav
Od Vídeňského kongresu k první světové válce: kontinuita versus diskontinuita dějin mezinárodních vztahů dlouhého 19. století

The article asserts that it is very difficult to understand the development of relations between European countries and nations from 1815 to 1914 without an appreciation of the strong but hitherto overlooked perception of diplomatic affairs by people who, regardless of their nationality...

Pásztorová, Barbora
Rakouská anexe Krakova v roce 1846: Příspěvek k dějinám rakousko-německých vztahů v době předbřeznové

The main aim of this study is to analyse Austria’s annexation of Cracow in November 1846 and its influence on the development of Austrian-German relations in the second half of the 1840s. The decision to end the independent ...

Fischerová, Eva
Rozvoj spolkové aktivity v Předlitavsku od druhé poloviny 19. století s důrazem na vznik a působení Národní jednoty pro východní Moravu

The paper deals with foundation, organization and activity of the national protective association, which existed in the eastern Moravia in the period of 1885-1948. It was the National Association of Eastern Moravia and it protected the so-called "border guards" against the growing&...

Civínová, Pavlína
Cesta k Paktu čtyř velmocí, 1933

When the Great War came to an end, Europe was opened to various possibilities how to keep and ensure the peace. The concept of the collective security and disarmament won, despite of wishes and ideas of some politicians. Not every country was to keen to disarm its&#x...

Kodet, Roman
Zrod a vývoj japonského imperialismu

Japanese imperialism was an important factor of the policy in the Far East in the first half of the 20th century. Due to its victories in the First Sino-Japanese War and the Russo-Japanese war, Japan obtained a considerable empire on the Asian mainland. In this step ...

Kumar, Vikas , Wang, Meng , Kumari, Archana , Akkaranggoon, Supalak , Garza-Reyes, Jose Arturo , Neutzling, Daiane , Tupa, Jiří
Exploring short food supply chains from triple bottom line lens: A comprehensive systematic review

Shipping in the Habsburg Monarchy is closely related to the two Austrian shipping overseas companies, on of which was Austro-Americana. This shipping company was founded in the late 19th century, but quickly settled with other shipping companies on the European continent, despite the&#x...

Šedivý, Miroslav
Vliv rakouské anexe Krakova v roce 1846 na vývoj italského národního hnutí

The article deals with the interaction between the functioning of the European states system and the development of European society in the 19th century, a process that has scarcely been analysed by historians and political scientists until now. Using the example of Au...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 93