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Recent Submissions

Koláříková, Dagmar
À propos des formations néologiques construites sur la base d’un nom propre

Fenclová, Marie , Horová, Helena
Titres des articles en sciences humaines : sens et structures

Koláříková, Dagmar
Nové výpůjčky z cizích jazyků ve francouzských slovnících

This article discusses borrowed words from foreign languages included in the French dictionaries. The quantitative analysis is based on two corpora, each containing new borrowed words finding their way into five successive editions (2015-2019) of the two dictionaries (Le Petit Larousse and&#...

Koláříková, Dagmar
À propos de la productivité lexicale actuelle du formant « cyber »

Divišová, Lucie
Jazyková invence v české a francouzské konkrétní poezii

were also identified, all of which were connected to the idea of exploitation of the poor and vulnerable segments of society. The victims of the poverty business include not only the clients of poverty entrepreneurs but also other people who were categorized according to their...