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Hříšná, Tereza
Rizwan Manawi (2019): Beyond the Mosque: Diverse Spaces of Muslim Worship. London: I.B. Taurus. 168 s. ISBN 978-1-78831-527-2.

Haws, Jonathan A. , Schmidt, Isabell , Benedetti, Michael M. , Cascalheira, Joao , Cascalheira, Joao M. , Bicho, Nuno , Bicho, Nuno F. , Weniger, Gerd-Christian , Carvalho, Milena C. , Zinsious, Brandon K. , Ellis, Maria G. , Friedl, Lukáš
Human Occupation during the Late Pleniglacial at Lapa do Picareiro (Portugal)

During Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 2, abrupt climate changes created highly variable paleoenvironments inhabited by human populations across the Iberian Peninsula. Pollen and sedimentary analyses from deep-sea cores off Portugal provide records of regional-scale paleoenvironmental responses to the climate&#...

Kotěrová, Anežka , Králík, Vlastimil , Rmoutilová, Rebeka , Friedl, Lukáš , Růžička, Pavel , Velemínská, Jana , Marchal, Francois , Brůžek, Jaroslav
Impact of 3D surface scanning protocols on the Os coxae digital data: Implications for sex and age-at-death assessment

The 3D imaging technologies have become of paramount importance for example in disciplines such as forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology, where they are being used more and more frequently. There are several new possibilities that they offer; for instance, the easier and faster shari...

Benedetti, Michael M. , Haws, Jonathan A. , Bicho, Nuno F. , Friedl, Lukáš , Ellwood, Brooks B.
Late Pleistocene site formation and paleoclimate at Lapa do Picareiro, Portugal

The cave site of Lapa do Picareiro, Portugal contains a deep (~10 m) sedimentary sequence representing much of the Middle and Upper Paleolithic, with abundant animal bones, lithic/bone/shell artifacts, and charcoal/ash in hearths. A deposition model based on 49 radiocarbon ages...

Fatková, Gabriela
Marie FRITZOVÁ, Život za zdí. Sociální identita řeckokatolické komunity v Bajt Sáhúr, Plzeň 2017.