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Recent Submissions

Hirt, Tomáš
Teoretická úskalí etnografického filmu v kontextu (vizuální) antropologie a československého národopisu

The article presents an effort to map the development and context of a reserved attitude of ethnographic film theorists towards documentary cinematography and film theory. It also presents a critical reflection regarding the visual-anthropological tradition of ethnographic filmmaking from the pos...

Bouhmid maruškin, Katarína
Tourism and Terrorism in Egypt

This thesis deals with the phenomenon of terrorism in tourism, precisely in Egypt. The thesis is based on the research within the field of anthropology of tourism and anthropology of terrorism. Using the ethnographic method, it researches the influence of the terrorist attack, know...

Kopp, Tereza
Dopadne to tak na půl. Etnografie dospívání marginalizovaných dívek ve věku osobní odpovědnosti.

The doctoral thesis develops the theme of structural barriers and efforts of emancipation of young marginalized girls. The process of striving for vertical social mobility is traced in both directions, in the sense that the researcher focuses both on external and internal causes of...

Lozoviuk, Petr
Sto let od narození Georga Richarda Schroubka

The paper is dedicated to the life and work of Georg Richard Schroubek - the last ethnographer of the German language born in the Czech lands.

Lozoviuk, Petr
Veselka v Šumici. Komunitní aktivita zanikajícího světa české enklávy (část 1)

The focus of the study is Šumice - one of the Czech villages in the Romanian Banat. The historical and cultural realities of this locality are presented in the text from the perspective of description and interpretation of a traditional wedding ceremony.