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Moník, Martin , Drozd, Jiří , Pankowská, Anna
The Šenov-Salaš 1 and 4 Upper Palaeolithic sites and settlement and procurement strategies in the Aurignacian of the Moravian Gate

Techno-typological analysis of two chipped stone assemblages from Šenov-Salaš 1 and 4 in the Moravian Gate (Czech Republic) indicates they belong to the Aurignacian. The two assemblages, preferentially made of Baltic (erratic) flints, comprise few distinctive tool types, though. A statistical...

Kapusta, Jan
The pilgrimage to the living mountains: representationalism, animism, and the Maya

In this paper, I provide an ethnography of the Maya New Year’s pilgrimage and sacrifice ritual, in which a delicate relatedness between people and animate mountains is enacted and expressed. Moreover, I discuss some of the recent attempts to challenge representationalist approaches in&#...

Galeta, Patrik , Galetová, Martina , Sablin, Mikhail , Germonpré, Mietje
Morphological differences between putative Paleolithic dogs and wolves: A commentary to Janssens et al. (2021)

Janssens et al. (2021, doi: 10.1002/ar.24624) recently commented on our article (Galeta et al., 2021, doi: 10.1002/ar.24500) regarding the morphological differences between putative Paleolithic dog and Pleistocene wolf crania. The authors argued that these differences reflect the normal populatio...

Lozoviuk, Petr , Shevchenko, Kirill
„Russkij Mir“ – nadnacionální integrační projekt či projev postsovětského imperialismu?

The aim of this study is to outline the creation of the idea of the Russkij Mir (Russian Peace) as a significant Russian integration project through a historical sketch and ethno-cultural argumentation. Moreover, this study points out the formation of this idea of current soci...

Hirt, Tomáš
Teoretická úskalí etnografického filmu v kontextu (vizuální) antropologie a československého národopisu

The article presents an effort to map the development and context of a reserved attitude of ethnographic film theorists towards documentary cinematography and film theory. It also presents a critical reflection regarding the visual-anthropological tradition of ethnographic filmmaking from the pos...

Lozoviuk, Petr
Sto let od narození Georga Richarda Schroubka

The paper is dedicated to the life and work of Georg Richard Schroubek - the last ethnographer of the German language born in the Czech lands.

Lozoviuk, Petr
Veselka v Šumici. Komunitní aktivita zanikajícího světa české enklávy (část 1)

The focus of the study is Šumice - one of the Czech villages in the Romanian Banat. The historical and cultural realities of this locality are presented in the text from the perspective of description and interpretation of a traditional wedding ceremony.

Lozoviuk, Petr , Shevchenko, Kirill
Istorija i kul'tura drevněj Rusi v sovremennoj češskoj istoriografii

Lozoviuk, Petr
Tančit se bude, i když není svátek! Explicitní a implicitní sdělení v české socialistické kinematografii

The article presents a semiotic-ethnological analysis of two Czechoslovak feature films (“Zítra se bude tančit všude”, 1952; “V pátek není svátek”, 1979) which were made and also are set in the period of so-called real socialism. At a more general level, the article attempts t...

Lozoviuk, Petr
H. Glenn Penny. Im Schatten Humboldts. Eine tragische Geschichte der deutschen Ethnologie

The text is dedicated to the work of the American historian H. Glenn Penny, which focused on the international significance of German ethnomuseology.

Rüther, Patrick Leopold , Husic, Immanuel Mirnes , Bangsgaard, Pernille , Gregersen, Kristian Murphy , Pantmann, Pernille , Carvalho, Milena , Godinho, Ricardo Miguel , Friedl, Lukáš , Cascalheira, João , Taurozzi, Alberto John , Schjellerup Jørkov, Marie Louise , Benedetti, Michael M. , Haws, Jonathan , Bicho, Nuno , Welker, Frido , Cappellini, Enrico , Olsen, Jesper Velgaard
SPIN enables high throughput species identification of archaeological bone by proteomics

Species determination based on genetic evidence is an indispensable tool in archaeology, forensics, ecology, and food authentication. Most available analytical approaches involve compromises with regard to the number of detectable species, high cost due to low throughput, or a labor-intensive man...

Kupka, Petr
Gang in translation: Official and vernacular representations of a “Roma” drug gang in Czechia

This study focuses on the social construction of gangs in Czechia. Although the country is not usually associated with the activities of street gangs, the adoption of gang representations is evident in this context, including the use of the gang label itself. In order to ...

Klik, Jan
Hijrah of Our Time: Islamic Concept of Religious Emigration in Contemporary Salafism

This study presents a comparison of the religious-legal concept of the hijrah in the approach of schools of Salafism, which are the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and the Muhammad al-Albani’s and his disciples’ teachings. The first, theoretical section of the submitted m...

Fanta, Václav , Beneš, Jaromír , Zouhar, Jan , Rakava, Volha , Šitnerová, Ivana , Janečková Molnárová, Kristina , Šmejda, Ladislav , Sklenička, Petr
Ecological and historical factors behind the spatial structure of the historical field patterns in the Czech Republic

Historical field systems are an essential part of the traditional cultural landscape of societies with primarily agricultural subsistence. They embody many functions and values, as they affect the productional, ecological and hydrological functioning of the landscape, its cultural values, the way...

Janovský, Martin , Horák, Jan , Ackermann, Oren , Tavger, Aharon , Cassuto, Deborah , Šmejda, Ladislav , Hejcman, Michal , Anker, Yaakov , Shai, Itzhaq
The contribution of POSL and PXRF to the discussion on sedimentary and site formation processes in archaeological contexts of the southern Levant and the interpretation of biblical strata at Tel Burna

Site formation processes at ancient tells in the southern Levant have been the focus of several micromorphological studies, contributing to the differentiation of anthropogenic remains from long-term natural sedimentation, occurring post-abandonment. This paper discusses how the study of sedimentary p...

Kupka, Petr , Petruželka, Benjamin , Walach, Václav
Illicit drug use and exposure in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Czechia: policy representations and evidence

This study examines the lifetime prevalence of illicit drug use and illicit drug exposure in disadvantaged (“Roma”) and more affluent neighborhoods in Czechia. The results of a survey among populations of both types of neighborhoods suggest no statistically significant difference between the...

Carvalho, Milena , Jones, Emily Lena , Ellis, Grace , Cascalheira, Joao , Bicho, Nuno , Meiggs, David , Benedetti, Michael , Friedl, Lukáš , Haws, Jonathan
Neanderthal palaeoecology in the late Middle Palaeolithic of western Iberia: a stable isotope analysis of ungulate teeth from Lapa do Picareiro (Portugal)

Adaptation to Late Pleistocene climate change is an oft-cited potential contributor to Neanderthal disappearance in Eurasia. Accordingly, research on Neanderthal behaviour – including subsistence strategies, mobility, lithic technology, raw material procurement and demography – often focuses on linking cha...

Creţan, Remus , Kupka, Petr , Powell, Ryan , Walach, Václav
EVERYDAY ROMA STIGMATIZATION: Racialized Urban Encounters, Collective Histories and Fragmented Habitus

Roma discrimination and stigmatization in Europe are well-documented, with urban scholars emphasizing pervasive prejudices and stereotypes alongside negative policy outcomes. However, the focus on Roma marginality has tended to centre on punitive state and urban governance to the neglect of every...

Walach, Václav , Kalibová, Klára , Petruželka, Benjamin , Kupka, Petr
Návrhy policistů na zlepšení postihování trestných činů z nenávisti

This study presents eighteen proposals to improve the prosecution of hate crimes which have been identified in qualitative interviews with specialized police officers. After describing the role of the police in the hate crime prosecution, the research methodology is outlined. The proposals&#...

Walach, Václav , Kupka, Petr , Brendzová, Alice
“The Landlord Treads on Them, so Everything’s Fine”: Exploitation and Forced Mobility in Substandard Private Rental Housing in Czechia

OBJECTIVES: This study explores the representation of the private landlords’ practices that may contribute to housing insecurity and forced mobility in Czech segregated areas. THEORETICAL BASE: Following debate on the “poverty business”, the study uses literature on Roma marginalization, sociology...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 211