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Recent Submissions

Železný, Jan
More than just hedging? The reactions of Cambodia and Vietnam to the power struggle between the United States and China in times of Obama's “pivot to Asia”

Southeast Asia is a major theater in the superpower rivalry between China and the United States. The states in this region face the challenge how to react to this intensified strategic competition. Some authors suggest a concept of hedging as the main behavioral response of&#x...

Drulák, Petr
Menschenrechte als Gefahr für die Außenpolitik

The idea of human rights is undeniably an achievement. After the terrible atrocities that the tyrannical dictatorships of the 20th century inflicted on their citizens, it can hardly be denied that every human being is entitled to the protection of his or her life, dignity,...

Maškarinec, Pavel , Naxera, Vladimír
The Pirates of Czechia: the Curse of Preferential Vote

In the 2017 Czech parliamentary election, the Czech Pirate Party succeed unprecedentedly, compared to most of the Pirate parties across Europe. However, while the Pirate-led alliance PirSTAN won 15.62% of the votes in the 2021 Parliamentary Election, the number of Pirate MPs dropped...

Sychra, Zdeněk
Traum, Alptraum, Realität. Die tschechische Europapolitik

Hlaváček, Pavel , Šanc, David
Mongolian hedging strategy

The aim of this text was to evaluate Mongolian foreign policy by applying the hedging strategy. We have arrived at the conclusion that the way Mongolia strives to secure itself against insecurities and risks in the fast-changing environment of East Asia corresponds to main pri...