Katedra politologie a mezinárodních vztahů / Department of Politics and International Relations


Recent Submissions

Naxera, Vladimír , Krčál, Petr
„Ostrovy deviace“ v populistické rétorice Miloše Zemana

Tanil, Gamze , Jurek, Petr
Policies on renewable energy at the European and national level of governance: Assessing policy adaptation in the Czech Republic

Cabadová Waisová, Šárka
Co víme o šíření expertního vědění v mezinárodní politice? Případ vědění o lidské bezpečnosti a epistémická infrastruktura jako nový objekt mezinárodní politiky

The current analysis concentrate on how expert knowledge is diffused in international politics. To find an answer the case study on expert knowledge about human security is offered. The text traces the development and the diffusion of the expert knowledge on human security, trace&#...

Cabadová Waisová, Šárka
China's strategy vis-a-vis Taiwan's diplomatic friends: Is Beijing using dollar diplomacy?

The article responds to the argument that Beijing has been using economic incentives to cause recipient nations to switch their diplomatic allegiances, which ultimately means breaking off ties with Taiwan and recognizing the PRC. It can be concluded that the empiricaldata confirm China’...

Avanesova, Maria
Činnost Ruské pravoslavné církve v Abcházii a Jižní Osetii: v souladu s pozicí ruského státu nebo vrozporusní?

The purpose of this text is to attempt to provide a basic outline of the Russian Orthodox Church’s activities in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), which is considered to be the largest autocephaly Orthodox Church in the world, is active not on...