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Recent Submissions

Zákravský, Jiří , Kobierecki, Michał Marcin , Štulajter, Ivan
Sports Diplomacy Research in Poland, Czechia and Slovakia. Emerging Field of Study?

Sport is a complex phenomenon that academics across many social sciences are focusing on. The interest in sports has been observable for a long time by historians, anthropologists and sociologists. Scientists in the field of international relations are no exception. A typical way s...

Naxera, Vladimír
Sudetoněmecký landsmanšaft nebo podpora migrace? Německo jako zdroj ohrožení v rétorice Miloše Zemana

This paper is supposed to be a contribution to contemporary discussion about creating “the others” as a populist strategy. One can say that the role of the most important “the others” in modern Czech history has been played by the Germans (as a nation) and/or by ...

Avanesová, Maria
The Belarusian Orthodox Church and Its Role in the Belarusian Regime

This text, conceived as an interpretative case study, deals with the role that the Belarusian Orthodox Church plays in the contemporary Belarusian regime. In light of the fact that the Belarusian Orthodox Church is an exarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church, the author will a...

Zákravský, Jiří
The UAE Tour, cycling stars, and Twitter: Tweeting as part of promoting the host country

Using the example of the 2019 inaugural UAE Tour, this study demonstrates how cycling stars indirectly promote countries hosting globally watched sporting events through their Twitter accounts. This study presents a qualitative and quantitative content analysis of the Twitter activity of sel...

Avanesova, Maria
Ruská pravoslavná církev a ochrana křesťanů jako směr zahraniční politiky Ruské federace

The Russian Orthodox Church has become a significant actor in Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. This text is dedicated to its role in Russiaʼs foreign policy, specifically to the topic of the Russian interest in problems and protection of Christians, which is one...