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Recent Submissions

Tihelková, Alice
An Heir to Disraeli or Cameron? A Critical Look at Boris Johnson´s Rhetoric of One Nation Conservatism

For almost three decades, Britainʼs Conservatives struggled to shed the image of a socially divisive party, spawned by the legacy of Thatcherism. When Boris Johnson became the Partyʼs leader in 2019, he offered a different vision: that of One Nation Conservatism, a paternalistic an...

Mišterová, Ivona
“And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain, to tell my story”: The Reception of Hamlet in Pilsen Theatres

Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most widely discussed and popular plays. Its reception history is as long as its stage history. It also found its way to Pilsen theatres. The aim of this article is to trace the reception of the productions of Hamlet that have been ...

Quinn Novotná, Veronika , Dunková, Jiřina
The Role of English Literature in Teaching Englishes: Moving Towards Educating Transcultural Communicators.

With the globalization of English, multilingual speakers of other languages have started to influence it linguistically and culturally, potentially challenging its established norms and standards. This paper first addresses terminological issues related to the area of Global Englishes and English ...

Tihelková, Alice , Quinn Novotná, Veronika
From Property-Owning Democracy to Generation Rent? Analysing Theresa May’s Housing Rhetoric from the Perspective of the Discourse Historical Approach

Since the 1920s, British Conservatives pursued the concept of property ‑owning democracy, with home ownership viewed as a guarantor of social stability and personal autonomy. However, recent increases in housing costs have made the “British Dream” of home ‑ownership more elusive than ev...

Mišterová, Ivona
Who Is Afraid of William Shakespeare? Shakespeare for Young Adults

Works of classic literature have often attracted the attention of adaptors, particularly in the field of children and youth culture. Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets are no exception. There have been both many Shakespeare adaptations intended for young people and studies on these adaptat...