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Recent Submissions

Mišterová, Ivona
Who Is Afraid of William Shakespeare? Shakespeare for Young Adults

Works of classic literature have often attracted the attention of adaptors, particularly in the field of children and youth culture. Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets are no exception. There have been both many Shakespeare adaptations intended for young people and studies on these adaptat...

Mišterová, Ivona
Mission (im)possible? Cross-gendered Shakespeare on Czech stages after 1989

This essay examines the theatrical practice of cross-gender casting with a focus on three selected productions of "Romeo and Juliet" staged by the Petr Bezruč Theatre in Ostrava (2011, director Anna Petrželková), the NaHraně Theatre in Prague (2012, director Jan Frič), and the...

Tihelka, Daniel , Matoušek, Jindřich , Tihelková, Alice
How Much End-to-End is Tacotron 2 End-to-End TTS System

In recent years, the concept of end-to-end text-to-speech synthesis has begun to attract the attention of researchers. The motivation is simple – replacing the individual modules that TTS traditionally built on with a powerful deep neural network simplifies the architecture of the entir...

Tihelková, Alice
Brick and Mortar Dreams and Nightmares: a Historical Look at the Role of Home Ownership in Britain

Abstract The nationwide preoccupation with the “property ladder” and the high premium placed on owning one’s own home have traditionally set Britain apart from other European countries, where renting has been a popular living choice carrying few negative social connotations. The view of...

Kohout, Jiří , Pešková, Michaela , Skopečková, Eva , Voltrová, Michaela
Zur Wahrnehmung der kommunikativen Kompetenz durch Lehramtsstudierende