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Raisová, Eva
Angloamerické drama na plzeňských scénách. MIŠTEROVÁ , Ivona (2013): Plzeň : Západočeská univerzita v Plzni.

Mišterová, Ivona
Madijó? Madi Ágerikum: jazyk jako nositel kulturních hodnot v románu Arundhatí Royové Bůh maličkostí

The article explores multilingualism used in the novel by the Anglo-Indian writer Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things (1997). Language in the novel becomes a communication link between characters from different castes, whom, on the one hand, frees from traditional social&...

Tihelková, Alice
Recent Changes in the Role and Status of the British Middle Class

Mišterová, Ivona
The Reception of Anglo-American Drama on Pilsen’s Stages during the Great War

Mišterová, Ivona
The Reception of the Presence of the U.S. Army in Pilsen in 1945 in Local Periodicals