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Kunešová, Marie , Zajíc, Zbyněk , Radová, Vlasta
Experiments with segmentation in an online speaker diarization system

In offline speaker diarization systems, particularly those aimed at telephone speech, the accuracy of the initial segmentation of a conversation is often a secondary concern. Imprecise segment boundaries are typically corrected during resegmentation, which is performed as the final&...

Čečrdle, Jiří
Whirl flutter optimisation-based solution of twin turboprop aircraft using a full-span model

parts as a propeller or a gas-turbine engine rotor. The proposed optimisation-based analytical procedure is used to determine the critical values of the engine attachment stiffness parameters for the preselected flutter speed. For the half-span model, two design variables are used.&#x...

Lašová, Zuzana , Zemčík, Robert
Determination of group velocity of propagation of Lamb waves in aluminium plate using piezoelectric transducers

A prior knowledge of group velocities of Lamb wave modes is a key for analysis of time signals in guidedwave based structural health monitoring. The identification of multiple wave modes may be complicated due to dependency of group velocity on frequency (dispersion). These&...

Madasu, Krishna Prasad , Gurdatta, Manpreet Kaur
Rotary oscillations of a micropolar fluid sphere in a bounded medium

The present study examines the axisymmetric rotary oscillation of a micropolar fluid sphere in concentric spherical cavity filled with Newtonian viscous fluid. A continuity of velocity components and stress together with the spin vorticity relation are used at the interface between&#x...

Drábek, Pavel , Robinson, Stephen
Convergence to higher-energy stationary solutions of a bistable equation with nonsmooth reaction term