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Zenkin, Sergei
Reaktivní magnetronové naprašování tenkých vrstev s unikálními vlastnostmi

Early transition metals and their oxides and nitrides are widely used in industrial applications due to their high hardness, thermal stability, transparency (in the case of oxides and some nitrides) and other unique combinations of properties. This PhD thesis is dedicated to ...

Papež, Václav
Archetypový přístup k modelování dat a metadat z oblasti elektroencefalografie a evokovaných potenciálů

Currently, there is no common data standard in the experimental electroencephalography/event-related potential (EEG/ERP) domain. Existing standardization efforts are mainly based on the conventional approaches and use generic data formats and containers (e.g. HDF5, odML) popular in the research c...

Srbová, Hana
Analýza jednosměrového vláknového kompozitu z hlediska mikromechaniky

Aim of this dissertation was to analyze influence of spatial distribution of fibers in the unidirectional carbon fiber composite on overall behavior of the material. The dependency of homogenized material properties of a composite lamina on its degree of irregularity are investigated, p...

Ptáček, Ladislav
Automatická identifikace a verifikace ptáků

Our thesis deals with automatic recognition and identification of bird individuals. The first goal of the thesis is the design and evaluation of new methods and algorithms for automatic bird individual identification using live recordings, without their pre-processing. An automated system us...

Lobaz, Petr
Počítačem generovaná obrazová holografie

Holography is a lensless imaging method capable of producing ultra-realistic 3-D images. In addition, it has many technical applications, for example in microscopy or non-destructive testing. Holography is a two-step process. It consists of hologram recording and hologram reconstruction.&...