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Recent Submissions

Chhetri, Maya , Drábek, Pavel , Shivaji, Ratnashingham
Influence of singular weights on the asymptotic behavior of positive solutions for classes of quasilinear equations

Main objective of this paper is to study positive decaying solutions for a class of quasilinear problems with weights. We consider one dimensional problems on an interval which may be finite or infinite. In particular, when the interval is infinite, unlike the known cases in&#...

Khandouch, Younes , Aassif, El Houcein , Agounad, Said , Maze, Gérard
Development of an artificial neural network model for estimating the radius ratio of a one-layered cylindrical shell

The results obtained from previous studies on the acoustic scattering of a plane wave by an elastic cylindrical shell, show that the acoustic resonances of the shell are related to its physical and geometrical properties. In order to estimate the radius ratio of an ...

Kumar, Nirmal , Haviar, Stanislav , Rezek, Jiří , Baroch, Pavel , Zeman, Petr
Tuning Stoichiometry and Structure of Pd-WO3−x Thin Films for Hydrogen Gas Sensing by High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering

By tuning the deposition parameters of reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering, specifically the pulse length, we were able to prepare WO3−x films with various stoichiometry and structure. Subsequently, the films were annealed in air at moderate temperature (350 °C). We demonstrate ...

Brůha, Petr , Mouček, Roman , Volf, Petr , Šimečková, Lenka , Šťáva, Oto
On Architecture of BodyInNumbers Exercise and Wellness Health Strategy Framework

They are many risk factors decreasing overall human physical and cognitive performance and increasing incidence of chronic diseases. It is very beneficial for any society to map, discuss and cope with these factors. This can be supported and evaluated by designing, developing, testing&#...

Chhetri, Maya , Girg, Petr , Hollifield, Elliott
Existence of positive solutions for fractional Laplacian equations: theory and numerical experiments

We consider a class of nonlinear fractional Laplacian problems satisfying the homogeneous Dirichlet condition on the exterior of a bounded domain. We prove the existence of positive weak solution for classes of sublinear nonlinearities including logistic type. A method of sub- and super...