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Červená, Michaela , Zeman, Petr , Houška, Jiří , Šímová, Veronika , Procházka, Michal , Čerstvý, Radomír , Haviar, Stanislav , Vlček, Jaroslav
Enhancement of high-temperature oxidation resistance and thermal stability of hard and optically transparent Hf–B–Si–C–N films by Y or Ho addition

Hard and optically transparent amorphous Hf7B10Si32C2N44, Hf6B12Si29Y2C2N45 and Hf5B13Si25Ho3C2N48 films were prepared and examined for the oxidation resistance in air and thermal stability in inert gasses up to 1600 °C. A thermal evolution of their structure, hardness and optical properties was&...

Bárta, Tomáš , Vlček, Jaroslav , Houška, Jiří , Haviar, Stanislav , Čerstvý, Radomír , Szelwicka, Jolanta , Fahland, Matthias , Fahlteich, John
Pulsed Magnetron Sputtering of Strongly Thermochromic VO2-Based Coatings with a Transition Temperature of 22 °C onto Ultrathin Flexible Glass

The reversible semiconductor-to-metal transition of vanadium dioxide (VO2) makes VO2-based coatings a promising candidate for thermochromic smart windows, reducing the energy consumption of buildings. This paper deals with maximizing the application potential of these coatings in terms of their perfor...

Shen, Yi , Jiang, Jiechao , Zeman, Petr , Červená, Michaela , Šímová, Veronika , Vlček, Jaroslav , Meletis, Efstathios I.
Microstructure of High Temperature Oxidation Resistant Hf6B10Si31C2N50 and Hf7B10Si32C2N44 Films

High-temperature oxidation resistant amorphous Hf6B10Si31C2N50 and Hf7B10Si32C2N44 films were deposited by reactive pulsed dc magnetron sputtering. To investigate the oxidation mechanism, the films were annealed up to 1500 °C in air. The evolved microstructures were studied by X-ray diffraction and&#x...

Procházka, Michal , Vlček, Jaroslav , Houška, Jiří , Haviar, Stanislav , Čerstvý, Radomír , Veltruská, Kateřina
Multifunctional MoOx and MoOxNy films with 2.5 < x < 3.0 and y < 0.2 prepared using controlled reactive deep oscillation magnetron sputtering

Reactive deep oscillation magnetron sputtering with a pulsed reactive gas flow control and to-substrate reactive gas injection into the high-density plasma in front of the sputtered Mo target was used for a low-temperature (< 120 °C) preparation of MoOx and MoOxNy films with 2.5...

Kumar, Nirmal , Haviar, Stanislav , Rezek, Jiří , Baroch, Pavel , Zeman, Petr
Tuning Stoichiometry and Structure of Pd-WO3−x Thin Films for Hydrogen Gas Sensing by High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering

By tuning the deposition parameters of reactive high-power impulse magnetron sputtering, specifically the pulse length, we were able to prepare WO3−x films with various stoichiometry and structure. Subsequently, the films were annealed in air at moderate temperature (350 °C). We demonstrate ...