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Recent Submissions

Fehér, Marek
Aproximativní přístup k prediktivnímu řízení systémů s dynamikou dvojitého integrátoru

The predictive control is currently one of the most popular control strategies. The main benefits of the predictive control include the ability to satisfy the constraints with less effort than in case of other strategies. On the other hand, the predictive control hardly manages...

Kost, Oliver
Odhad vlastností šumů v dynamických modelech

The thesis deals with the estimation of noise properties of the state space model. The thesis presents four basic approaches to the estimation of~the~noise properties, where the special attention is devoted to the estimation using correlation methods. Also, the detailed ways of calculat...

Gruber, Ivan , Krňoul, Zdeněk , Hrúz, Marek , Kanis, Jakub , Boháček, Matyáš
Mutual Support of Data Modalities in the Task of Sign Language Recognition

This paper presents a method for automatic sign language recognition that was utilized in the CVPR 2021 ChaLearn Challenge (RGB track). Our method is composed of several approaches combined in an ensemble scheme to perform isolated sign-gesture recognition. We combine modalities of vide...

Joly, Alexis , Goëau, Hervé , Cole, Elijah , Kahl, Stefan , Picek, Lukáš , Glotin, Hervé , Deneu, Benjamin , Servajean, Maximillien , Lorieul, Titouan , Vellinga, Willem-Pier , Bonnet, Pierre , Durso, Andrew M. , de Castañeda, Rafael Ruiz , Eggel, Ivan , Müller, Henning
LifeCLEF 2021 Teaser: Biodiversity Identification and Prediction Challenges

Building accurate knowledge of the identity, the geographic distribution and the evolution of species is essential for the sustainable development of humanity, as well as for biodiversity conservation. However, the difficulty of identifying plants and animals in the field is hindering the&#x...

Picek, Lukáš , Durso, Andrew M. , Bolon, Isabelle , de Castañeda, Rafael Ruiz
Overview of SnakeCLEF 2021: Automatic snake species identification with country-level focus

A robust and accurate AI-driven system as an assistance tool for snake species identification has vast potential to help lower deaths and disabilities caused by snakebites. With that in mind, we prepared the SnakeCLEF 2021: Automatic Snake Species Identification Challenge with Country-Level&...