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Ptáček, Ladislav
Automatická identifikace a verifikace ptáků

Our thesis deals with automatic recognition and identification of bird individuals. The first goal of the thesis is the design and evaluation of new methods and algorithms for automatic bird individual identification using live recordings, without their pre-processing. An automated system us...

Jiřík, Miroslav
Obrazová analýza parenchymatózních orgánů a jejich cévní struktury

Blood flow is important for understanding the processes inside parenchymatous organs. The main goal of this thesis is the creation of geometric models of these organs and their blood-vessel structure with respect to the modeling of blood flow. We introduce a method for parenchyma&#...

Skorkovská, Lucie
Vyhledávání informací v řeči a využití slepé zpětné vazby

With the rapid development of the computer technology the ever increasing amount of information is stored in the form of multimedia databases, widely available through the Internet. Browsing such a large database manually is not possible, therefore a rapid development in the area o...

Ryba, Tomáš
Automatická lokalizace a klasifikace jaterních lézí

Computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) systems are widely used in technical and me\-di\-cal fields. Using the CAD systems in medicine allows the application of image processing methods as well as the methods of artificial intelligence. The purpose of the systems is to assists doctors....

Kunešová, Marie , Zajíc, Zbyněk , Radová, Vlasta
Experiments with segmentation in an online speaker diarization system

In offline speaker diarization systems, particularly those aimed at telephone speech, the accuracy of the initial segmentation of a conversation is often a secondary concern. Imprecise segment boundaries are typically corrected during resegmentation, which is performed as the final&...