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Recent Submissions

Bulín, Martin , Šmídl, Luboš , Švec, Jan
Towards network simplification for low-cost devices by removing synapses

The deployment of robust neural network based models on low-cost devices touches the problem with hardware constraints like limited memory footprint and computing power. This work presents a general method for a rapid reduction of parameters (80–90%) in a trained (DNN ...

Jiřík, Miroslav , Lukeš, Vladimír , Železný, Miloš , Liška, Václav
Multiscale Graph-Cut for 3D Segmentation of Compact Objects

The article is a step forward towards improving image segmentation using a popular method called Graph-Cut. We focus on optimizing the algorithm for processing data, in which the target object occupies only a small portion of the total volume. We propose a twostep procedure. A...

Tůmová, Olga , Tůma, František
Kontrola výroby a regulační diagramy

Control diagrams belong to the group of preventive tools of quality control. In general, Shewhart control diagrams are used to control production quality but have limited validity in the real world. Therefore, we should also use other procedures that allow effective control of prod...

Ajgl, Jiří , Straka, Ondřej
Decentralised estimation with correlation limited by optimal processing of independent data

Decentralised estimation aims at providing the best combination of multiple estimates. Since the exact solutions are expensive in terms of computation and communication requirements, the mean square error optimality is traded for the bound optimality. Fusion under unknown correlations has been&#x...

Radtke, Susanne , Noack, Benjamin , Hanebeck, Uve D. , Straka, Ondřej
Reconstruction of Cross-Correlations with Constant Number of Deterministic Samples

Optimal fusion of estimates that are computed in a distributed fashion is a challenging task. In general, the sensor nodes cannot keep track of the cross-correlations required to fuse estimates optimally. In this paper, a novel technique is presented that provides the means to ...