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Vařeka, Lukáš
Metody pro klasifikaci signálu a jejich využití na návrh rozhraní mozek-počítač

The aim of the thesis was to evaluate neural networks for classification of brain reactions to stimuli in P300-based brain-computer interfaces. Several neural network classification algorithms were proposed and compared with traditionally used classifiers in this field. The algorithms tested incl...

Puchr, Ivan

Complex industrial processes are usually controlled by advanced control systems. The control system guarantees basic functioning of the process, but a part of responsibility for the setting of several parameters is left to operators. As the settings of these parameters can substantially ...

Hercig, Tomáš
Aspekty analýzy sentimentu

Sentiment analysis is a sub-field of natural language processing. Generally, it deals with an automatic extraction and analysis of sentiments, opinions, emotions, and beliefs expressed in written text. Sentiment analysis has become a mainstream research field since the early 20...

Matějka, Luboš
Dynamické směrování v distribuovaných souborových systémech

The thesis describes new distributed file system KIVFS, its modules and attributes. Further, the thesis deals with the problem of interconnecting of distributed file system and mobile devices. Based on found limitations as are restricted data and energy sources or unstable and various&#...

Papež, Václav
Archetypový přístup k modelování dat a metadat z oblasti elektroencefalografie a evokovaných potenciálů

Currently, there is no common data standard in the experimental electroencephalography/event-related potential (EEG/ERP) domain. Existing standardization efforts are mainly based on the conventional approaches and use generic data formats and containers (e.g. HDF5, odML) popular in the research c...