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Recent Submissions

Pozzobon, Enrico , Renner, Sebastian , Mottok, Jürgen , Matoušek, Václav
An optimized Bitsliced Masked Adder for ARM Thumb-2 Controllers

The modular addition is used as a non-linear operation in ARX ciphers because it achieves the requirement of introducing non-linearity in a cryptographic primitive while only taking one clock cycle to execute on most modern architectures. This makes ARX ciphers especially fast in s...

Přibáň, Pavel , Steinberger, Josef
Czech Dataset for Cross-lingual Subjectivity Classification

In this paper, we introduce a new Czech subjectivity dataset of 10k manually annotated subjective and objective sentences from movie reviews and descriptions. Our prime motivation is to provide a reliable dataset that can be used with the existing English dataset as a benchmark...

Otta, Maxmilián
Towards a health software supporting platform for wearable devices

The number of broadly available wearable devices like smart watches or fitness bands keeps growing, as well as their performance and number of provided features related to user’s health. This was the reason for our decision to bring the SmartCGMS (Smart Continuous Glucose Monitorin...

Mourycová, Eliška , Váša, Libor
Geometry Compression of Triangle Meshes using a Reference Shape

Triangle mesh compression is an established area, however, some of its special cases are yet to be investigated. This paper deals with lossy geometry compression of manifold triangle meshes based on the EdgeBreaker algorithm using a reference shape known to both the encoder and...

Úbl, Martin , Koutný, Tomáš , Della Cioppa, Antonio , De Falco, Ivanoe , Tarantino, Ernesto , Scafuri, Umberto
Distributed Assessment of Virtual Insulin-Pump Settings Using SmartCGMS and DMMS.R for Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is a heterogeneous group of diseases that share a common trait of elevated blood glucose levels. Insulin lowers this level by promoting glucose utilization, thus avoiding short- and long-term organ damage due to the elevated blood glucose level. A patient with diabetes use...