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Papež, Václav
Archetypový přístup k modelování dat a metadat z oblasti elektroencefalografie a evokovaných potenciálů

Currently, there is no common data standard in the experimental electroencephalography/event-related potential (EEG/ERP) domain. Existing standardization efforts are mainly based on the conventional approaches and use generic data formats and containers (e.g. HDF5, odML) popular in the research c...

Lobaz, Petr
Počítačem generovaná obrazová holografie

Holography is a lensless imaging method capable of producing ultra-realistic 3-D images. In addition, it has many technical applications, for example in microscopy or non-destructive testing. Holography is a two-step process. It consists of hologram recording and hologram reconstruction. Digital...

Maňák, Martin
Využití výpočetní geometrie pro modelování a vizualizaci proteinů

Modeling and visualization of protein models help domain experts to better understand the function of these bio-molecules. The geometric model is just a collection of partially overlapping spheres representing individual atoms. The inspection of this model with a spherical collision-avoiding prob...

Přibil, Jiří , Přibilová, Anna , Matoušek, Jindřich
GMM classification of text-to-speech synthesis: identification of original speaker’s voice

This paper describes two experiments. The first one deals with evaluation of synthetic speech quality by reverse identification of original speakers whose voices had been used for several Czech text-to-speech (TTS) systems. The second experiment was aimed at evaluation of the influence ...

Dostálek, Libor
Autentizace a autorizace v mobilních sítích