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Recent Submissions

Hruda, Lukáš
Detekce symetrie v geometrických modelech

Symmetry is a common property of real world objects as well as of artificially created geometric models. The knowledge about symmetry of a given object can be useful in many applications in computer graphics and geometry processing, such as compression, object alignment, symmetric ...

Weiss, Nils
Testování zabezpečení v sítích pro bezpečnostně kritické aplikace

The evolution of cars from mechanical systems to rolling computers creates new requirements for safety and security engineering. Nowadays, every vehicle contains a safety-critical real-time communication network to fulfill its function. Especially the increasing connectivity of automotive systems enlarged&...

Včelák, Petr
Rozsáhlé informační systémy - standardizace metadat

The dissertation thesis deals with the standardization of metadata in the combination of information systems and multidisciplinary data-oriented medical research. Metadata standardization in the thesis does not only consist of a suitable, unambiguous, and comprehensible description based on ontologies ...

Ettler, Tomáš
Detekce a vyhodnocení vysokorychlostního videozáznamu hlasivkové štěrbiny

This work summarizes the results of the study of vocal cords evaluation based on data extracted from recordings taken by a laryngoscopic system, specifically by Laryngeal High-Speed Videoendoscopy (LHSV). The main goal of this work is to process images contained in the recorded LHS...

Skala, Václav
Critical Points Properties of Ordinary Differential Equations as a Projection of Implicit Functions Using Spatio-Temporal Taylor Expansion

This contribution describes a new approach to formulation of ODE and PDE critical points using implicit formulation as t-variant scalar function using the Taylor expansion. A general condition for the critical points is derived and specified for t invariant case. It is expected, th...