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Recent Submissions

Dostálek, Libor , Šafařík, Jiří
Multi-factor authentication modelling

Context. Currently, institutions and companies face massive cyber-attacks. Attacks are always focused on some authentication weakness that is part of a particular authentication protocol. In the event of an attack, it is necessary to respond flexibly to the weakening of authentication mechan...

Mochura, Pavel , Mautner, Pavel
Classification of Hand Movement in EEG using ERD/ERS and Multilayer Perceptron

Continuous EEG activity in the measured subjects includes different patterns depending on what activity the subject performed. ERD and ERS are examples of such patterns related to movement, for example of a hand, finger or foot. This article deals with the detection of motion b...

Pražák, Ondřej , Přibáň, Pavel , Taylor, Stephen
UWB @ DIACR-Ita: Lexical Semantic Change Detection with CCA and Orthogonal Transformation

In this paper, we describe our method for detection of lexical semantic change (i.e.,word sense changes over time) for the DIACR-Ita shared task, where we ranked 1st. We examine semantic differences between specific words in two Italian corpora, chosen from different time periods. ...

Mayo, Michael , Koutný, Tomáš
Neural Multi-class Classification Approach to Blood Glucose Level Forecasting with Prediction Uncertainty Visualisation

A machine learning-based method for blood glucose level prediction thirty and sixty minutes in advance based on highly multiclass classification (as opposed to the more traditional regression approach) is proposed. An advantage of this approach is the possibility of modelling and visualising...

Skala, Václav , Šmolík, Michal
A New Formulation of Plücker Coordinates Using Projective Representation,

This contribution presents a new formulation of Plücker coordinates using geometric algebra and standard linear algebra with projective representation. The Plücker coordinates are usually used for a line representation in space, which is given by two points. However, the line can be als...