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De, Sangita
Design Approach to Unified Service API Modeling for Semantic Interoperability of Cross-enterprise Vehicle Applications

Fiala, Dalibor , Král, Pavel , Dostal, Martin
Are Papers Asking Questions Cited More Frequently in Computer Science?

In this article, we test the hypothesis that computer science papers asking questions (i.e., those with a question mark at the end of their title) are cited more frequently than those that do not have this property. To this end, we analyze a data set of almost t...

Hruda, Lukáš
Symmetry Detection in Geometric Models

Symmetry occurs very commonly in real world objects as well as in artificially createdgeometric models. The knowledge about symmetry of a given object can be very useful inmany applications in computer graphics and geometry processing, such as compression,object alignment, symmetric editing ...

Sido, Jakub
Natural Language Generation

Computational systems use natural language for communication with humans moreoften in the last years. This work summarises state-of-the-art approaches in thefield of generative models, especially in the text domain. It offers a complex study ofspecific problems known from this domain and rel...

Pražák, Ondřej
Cross-Lingual Methods for SemanticRepresentations

Salamon, Jaromír
Influencing an artificial conversational entity by information fusion

The dissertation thesis proposes a new method of using an artificial conversationalenti(later also dialogue system or chatbot) influenced by information or informationfusion. This new method could potentially serve various purposes of use like fitnessand well-being support, mental health support,...

Přibáň, Pavel
Multilingual Sentiment Analysis

Natural language processing (NLP) became an essential part of the artificial in-telligence field that is used daily in industry and by millions of people. Sentimentanalysis as a part of NLP is no exception. Most of research in sentiment anal...

Weiss, Nills
Security Testing in Safety-Critical Networks

Pozzobon, Enrico
Hardware Side-ChannelAttacks on Safety Critical Devices

Pícha, Petr
Detecting software development process patterns in project data

Project Management (PM) and Software Process Improvement (SPI) are complex activities demanding decisions which are not clear-cut even when using a defined pro- cess based on best practices proven as beneficial to product quality and project suc- cess. This is due to s...

Szkandera, Jakub
Motion planning for geometric models in data visualization

A finding of path is an important task in many research areas and it is a common problem solved in a wide range of applications. New problems of finding path appear and complex problems persist, such as a real-time plan- ning of paths for huge crow...

Martínek, Jiří
Deep Neural Networks for Selected Natural Language Processing Tasks

This report presents research in several tasks of the natural language processing, namely optical character recognition, text categorization and dialogue act recognition. The report is focused on modern deep neural network classifiers, which are first introduced theoretically with the support of&...

Krejzl, Peter
Stance detection and summarization in social networks

During recent years, there have been a lot of research in the area of Natural Language Processing (NLP) related to the sentiment analysis. Stance detection goes even further and tries to detect whether the author of the text is in favor or against a given target. The...

Prantl, Martin
Shape characteristics of geometrical objects and their use in computer graphics

Shape characteristics play an important part in computer graphics. They help us to better understand various properties of geometrical objects. One of the most important shape characteristics is curvature. However, the curvature itself is not always enough and other characteristics&#...

Ettler, Tomáš
Detekce a hodnocení videozáznamu pohybu hlasivek z vysokorychlostní kamery

This work summarizes problematic about image segmentation used on laryngoscopical data taken from High Speed Video. There are described most used published method of automatic segmentation and also a new method is introduced. Descriptions of preprocessing and postprocessing methods are also...

Prokop, Tomáš
Heterogeneous Medical Data Processing

Electroencephalography (EEG) is a popular technique used for example in diagnostics of diseases, sleep monitoring and neurorehabilitations. Due to increasing mobility and decreasing price of EEG measuring devices EEG and ERP (event related potential) techniques have become more widespread also in...

Dostálek, Libor
Autentizace a autorizace v mobilních sítích

Šmolík, Michal
Visualization methods for large n-dimensional and t-variant data: technical report no. DCSE/TR-2016-06

This work focuses on vector field visualization and approximation or interpolation. We summarize the knowledge about vector fields and its critical points as they are the most important property of all vector fields. Next, we present the interpolation and approximation techniques together&#x...

Majdišová, Zuzana
Interpolation and approximation methods for large geometric datasets: DCSE/TR-2016-05

A surface reconstruction of large scattered datasets using interpolation or approximation methods is often a task in many engineering problems. Several techniques have been developed for the surface reconstruction, but they mostly require the conversion of a scattered dataset to ...

Svoboda, Lukáš
Distributional semantics using neural networks: technical report no. DCSE/TR-2016-04

During recent years, neural networks show crucial improvement in catching semantics of words or sentences. They also show improves in Language modeling, which is crucial for many tasks among Natural Language Processing (NLP). One of the most used architectures of Artificia...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 116